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The Vixen Thinks: Let's Stop Using "Banter" As An Excuse To Be Nasty To Your "Friends"

I've always been a sensitive soul and the words spoken to me have always had a large impact. While this is great when kind words reach my ears, the opposite situation is not so great. Over the past few years "banter" has become incredibly popular, but unfortunately, more often than not, banter is actually used as a way to be downright horrible to people.

Recent Beauty Buys

Last week, I was faced with a problem I have not had in a long time. I needed a new foundation and primer. I've been using the Arbonne Primer and Arbonne Foundation for a period of three years now. Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic products and part of me wishes I had just repurchased again, but the £6 delivery fee for a foundation and primer just wasn't appealing and I'm not sure Arbonne is something I want to support any more. So, it was time to hunt something new down.

Operation Supervixen: August Goals

It was May the last time I decided to sit down and set myself some monthly goals to achieve in a move towards becoming the best version of myself. Unfortunately, I completed failed in hitting those goals and until now, I haven't really thought about my Operation Supervixen project. Although generally I am in a much better place these days than I have been the past few years, I am still struggling when it comes to energy, motivation and organisation. This is why I haven't really been blogging regularly and why, eight months into 2016, I'm panicking because I feel like I haven't achieved anything. (I actually have achieved a lot, but that's a post for another day.)