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Lush American Cream [Product Review]

I'm forever losing an eternal war with my hair. As a teenager, I found it so easy to grow my hair. Although it was never THICK, it was much thicker than it is now and it was super soft. I'd cut it when I was bored of it, and grow it when I felt like it.

Then, I discovered bleach.

Multi-Coloured Pastel Co-Ord

If going on holiday isn't the most perfect time to wear pretty pastels and get photographic evidence of doing so, I don't know when is! I purchased this amazing colourful lace two piece last year but haven't had much chance to wear it, that is, until I went to Benidorm.

An Ode to Benidorm

Benidorm, ah Benidorm. I know the reputation you have. As soon as I hit "Buy" on the flights, I found myself hesitant to share my joy on social media. While normally I'd shout from the rooftops about booking a holiday, a holiday abroad on a PLANE, I know the kind of looks people get when you say you're going to Benidorm. Whenever I did mention to people I was going away, I'd say I was going to Spain, only mentioning exactly where when pressed to.

But Benidorm, you do not deserve the negative reputation you have.

What I Read in April

Despite taking a week off work in April to go on a holiday where wi-fi was pretty much non-existent, I still didn't manage to catch up on my 2017 Reading Challenge. I'd originally intended to do a lot of reading while I was in Benidorm but when I arrived, I found myself incredibly reluctant to take my tablet to the beach. However, I did manage to squeeze a few books in last month...

What I Watched in April

For me, April has been a relatively quiet TV month. I like to include only series I have finished in my monthly roundup posts, so really, there should only be two things to write about this month! However, it occurred to me I actually forgot about some things in my last roundup...