Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Vixen Thinks: Why Are We So Concerned By Decisions That Don't Affect Us?

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This past fortnight or so, I've noticed a huge amount of criticism on my Facebook timeline and Twitter feed. People suddenly seem to be going crazy about the things other people, people they have never met and probably never will do, choose to do. From Kim Kardashian's arse, to Zoella accepting an offer to appear on Band Aid 30, people just seem to be getting so angry about the things other people are deciding to do.

Today, I want to speak specifically about Kim Kardashian's cover on Paper magazine. I am sure that I do not need to link you to the images in question, pretty much everyone has seen them by now. Just in case though, basically, Kim K has appeared in a magazine, naked, very oiled up and emphasising her generous derriere. Besides a shot from behind, there's also a full frontal naked pic knocking around as well.

Admittedly, I was shocked to check my Twitter at work that day just to see fanny and boobs. I never go on Tumblr at work because I know it's NSFW, but it was quite a shock to see that much nudity on a morning on a site that is generally quite safe for me to look at during work hours. Beyond this though, Kim Kardashian posing naked for a magazine literally doesn't affect me in any way.

And yet, it seems to have personally outraged the people I'm friends with on Facebook or follow on Twitter! I've seen comments like "She has enough money, why would she do this?" or "She's a mother now, she has no business doing a photoshoot like this!" 

In short, there's a whole lot of female sexuality policing going on here. God fordid a gorgeous woman wants to show herself off.

If a woman wants to choose to pose nude, if she wants to get paid for it, then she has every right to go for it. It doesn't matter if she's a mother (pretty damn sure KK is not the first mother to pose naked you know) and it doesn't matter if she's already rich, other people's financial sitautions are not your goddamn business. I'm sick of the idea that people with lots of money who continue to earn more money are inherently bad.

Of course, there were genuine concerns about the photoshoot floating around. Obviously the photographs in question were Photoshopped and I do support conversations about the impact this has on the public. I've also seen some worrying articles about the racial connotations of the photoshoot. In my opinion, these are the valid opinions about Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine.

What's not valid, is slamming Kim because she chose to do something you wouldn't do, because she doesn't meet your definition of morality, because oh, boohoo, she earns more money than you ever will.

This issue of Paper Magazine literally does not affect you, if you don't like it, close the page when it shows up on your social media feed, go look at something else, look at media you do like. Don't sit there spouting off about stuff that only makes you angry because you choose to let it make you angry!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Liquid Concealer [PRODUCT REVIEW]

A few months ago, I was running low on my favourite Arbonne concealer and in a moment of madness, decided to be sensible with my money. Instead of spending money I didn't have on repurchasing the Arbonne concealer, I went and spent a Superdrug giftcard on the Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Concealer.

I went into the store intending to buy the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer as I had already used it and knew it would work, but sadly, it was sold out completely, not even in just my shade! I had a wander round, noticed this, decided it looked similar, swatched it on my hand to further confirm this belief and went home with it.

So, how does it actually perform? Well, you might notice I haven't bothered to include any photographs in this post, because there isn't actually much to show!

It's not an inherently bad concealer. The shade works well with my skin, I am a fan of the packaging and it does conceal to an extent, it just doesn't give the coverage I expect from something meant to conceal and its lasting power isn't too fantastic.

All in all, if you are after a good concealer, I recommend going for the Arbonne one, or, if you're on a bit of stricter budget, the Collection one is fantastic too. Benefit Boi-ing is another one I have enjoyed in the past as well.

I do hear great things about Makeup Revolution. I swatched a few of the eyeshadow palettes in store and they were super pigmented with a huge variety of pretty and wearable shades. Maybe that's the area they should concentrate on rather than the basics like concealer!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Autumn Panic Uniform

Outfit Details:
Jumper: Missguided 
Shirt: Missguided
Jeans: Primark
Boots: New Look

Makeup Details:
Face: Arbonne Primer, Arbonne Foundation, Makeup Revolution Concealer 
Cheeks: Arbonne Bronzer and Sheer Glow Highlighter
Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Strike, Stash and Poison, Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude, Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara 
Brows: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Rewind from Vice 2, Maybelline Brow Drama 
Lips: MUA Power Pout in Crazy in Love

A few weeks ago, when suddenly all the beautiful sunshine and warm weather was replaced by heavy rain, howling wind and freezing temperatures, I began to panic. Suddenly all those clothes I have loved wearing to work didn't seem appropriate anymore. The walk to work, to anywhere, just leaving the house became quite terrifying. I really don't like the cold.

As a result, I panicked and all ideas of style left the window. Suddenly all I cared about was being comfy and warm and that's how I ended up wearing the above outfit to work about three times within a week. Trousers. Check. Massive Jumper. Check. Shirt with beauitfully collar detailing so I don't feel completely sartorially challenged. Check.

I apologise to those of you who regularly wear jeans and jumpers and look abaolustely fabulous while doing so, but for me, personally, I just never feel quite so stylish or put together when I have to resort to this.

Thankfully, my lovely khaki shirt and jumper gave me a great opportunity to play around with the lesser used eyeshadows in my beloved Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette. I don't know why my camera is so useless at picking up the subtle shade differences in my eye makeup looks, but there you go. In real life, I was very pleased with my green/gold autum leaves inspired look.

Do you panic when it gets colder?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Motivation Monday: JFDI

original image here. 
Do you want to know what my new motto is?

It's JFDI.

Or: just fucking do it. 

At the beginning of the year, when I was all fresh faced and eager for "the best year of my life", I was planning out my year, writing down my mottos, and right at the top of the list, it said: "JFDI: Just Fucking Do It." I was going to repeat this to myself over and over and over again and I was going to get stuff done.

After having some interesting conversations this evening, the phrase popped back into my head and I realised it's a phrase that I can use to help push me into doing things. Although over these past few weeks I've been getting more and more productive and heading back to where I want to be, there are still some things I'm scared of doing, things I don't get done. 

Do you know what I need to do? JFDI.

How about you?

Been putting off doing your dishes cos it's a rubbish job despite how nice you'll feel once it's done? JFDI.

Been meaning to ask for a pay rise at work? JFDI.

Been intending to call that friend you never see anymore for catch up? JFDI.

Been saying you're going to shake your diet up and add more nutrition? JFDI.

Been putting off going to the gym? JFDI.

Just in case you've not got it yet: just fucking do it! 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

This Instavixen Is Currently...#17

Wow. So this week, I took all of one Instagram photos! To be honest though, the lack of pictures pretty much sums up the lack of things I have done this week! Last weekend, I went out on Saturday night to Frankie and Benny's in Basingstoke and about halfway through the meal, realised I wasn't feeling very good at all. By the time we got home, I was in major panic mode because every year since 2009 I've had real flu roundabout this time of year and I thought it was happening this year too. Thankfully, it ended up being just a particularly nasty cold, but even so, it has really knocked me out for the week. I had a full day off work, a work from home day and any plans for being productive or eating well just went out of the window!

Thankfully, now it's Sunday I'm feeling majorly better. After giving myself the gift of a lovely lie in, I got up, did Leonie Dawson's Best Day Ever Meditation (see sidebar links on right) and started my new exercise plan. Since then, I've been majorly productive. I have finally got round to cleaning my entire house from top to bottom, I had a really productive video chat with a new friend and I've got myself back into the swing of preparing proper meals again. 

Here's to hoping the cold is gone for good and I can carry on my successes from today over next week as well!


Reading: Storm of Swords Part One. I stayed up until 2am this morning reading it because it's so good, even if Jon and Ygritte make me weep. I'll definitely have finished it within the next few days. I've also been trying to start reading non-fiction alongside my novel of choice at the moment too, but sadly The Chimp Paradox has been very neglected this week.

Watching: American Horror Story Coven, which is my favourite series so far and I've finally taken up Buffy and Charmed again after taking a few weeks off. I'm on season four of both and have just watched the funniest episode of Buffy so far - one involving an interesting roommate! 

Listening To: Marina and the Diamonds' new track Froot. I did my budget for December a few days ago and realised I am in a much more dire situation financially than I initially realised and I'm having to be so tough on myself, meaning I haven't even pre-ordered Marina's new album much to my dismay. So, listening to Froot, which is available on YouTube, on repeat. 

Craving: Sugary goodness. Give me flapjack, give me cake, give me chocolate, give me strawberry fizzy laces, please

Looking Forward To: Getting back on my feet this week, a media lunch in London, organising the work Christmas party, seeing a special someone

Lusting After: The Arbonne Nutrition set. After being so ill last week, I need the good stuff back in my life! I've yet to try the new Fizz Sticks and want to so badly, plus the Anti-Oxidant and Immunity Boosters are a seasonal essential. 

Aiming Towards: Falling back into the 6am wakeup routine, keeping up my new workout programme, starting the next GoT book, getting all my case studies finished at work (rock n roll week guys!) 

What have you been up to this week? 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Arbonne Festive Collection 2014

Arbonne Products are sold entirely through a network of Independent Consultants. I am an Independent Consultant. If this review interests you and you decide to make a purchase, please use my Arbonne ID when asked for your consultant's ID: 441132670. Alternatively, you can use my Arbonne website. Although I am building a business with Arbonne, my opinions of these products are entirely my own and 100% honest. I could never build a business with a company I didn't wholeheartedly believe in. To read more about Arbonne, click here.

The release of the Arbonne Festive Collection this year has been something I have eagerly been anticipating since I renewed my membership back in August. When October finally arrived and I could grab my Consultant I Want It All Pack, you can bet I took that chance right away.

Since then, I've managed to have a play around with some of the products and gather my thoughts on them. As usual I am overwhelmed by the quality of these products, right down to their beautiful packaging. Although I've done a video, I thought I'd do a proper blog post to accompany the video to give everyone a proper detailed look at what's on offer.

Scents of Renewal Aromatherapy Set

Shea Butter Hand Lotion Trio 

Sugar Melon Bath and Body Gift Set 

Arbonne Baby Care (ABC) Day and Night Bathtime Set

Pampermint Hand and Foot Duo 

Twinkle and Shine Sparkling Citrus Giftset 

Merrimint Hand Wash and Lotion 

Arbonne Pure Vibrance Deluxe Shampoo and Conditioner and Arbonne Pure Vibrance Styling Set 

Star of Wonder Gift Set 

It's a Long Story Mascara in Purple, Sheer Glow Highlighter in Bronze, Sugar Plum Baked Eyeshadow Palette, Victoria Lake Palette, Kiss at Midnight Lip Conditioner Trio 

Inside the palettes 
The products I have got the most use out of so far has to be the cosmetics, which are definitely my favourite part of the collection this year! The Victoria Lake Palette is a stunner and great for creating a full makeup look, with four eyeshadows, a cheek colour and a lipstick. Each product is highly pigmented and has brilliant lasting power.

A special mention has to go to the Sunset lipstick that comes with the palette, as it immediately became one of my favourite lipsticks ever. Not only is the deep berry colour perfection, but it lasts all day and is so moisturising.

Similarly, I love the Sugar Plum Baked Eyeshadow Palette. I really love Arbonne palettes because they take me away from the types of colours I normally use and they're on a par with my beloved Urban Decay palettes.

I love that the purple mascara and the highlighter are brand new colours of my old favourite products and they work just as well as the originals. I'm amazed at how much I love the look of purple mascara and I imagine you will be seeing it a lot over the coming weeks!

As for the Kiss at Midnight lip gloss! Never have I used such high quality lip products. They give lovely, sheer colour, great on its own and even better layered over appropriate lipsticks. The thing that surprised me most however, is how smooth they make my lips! They completely hide any nasty lines and leave them feeling very hydrated.

I've also had great use out of the giant size Pure Vibrance shampoo and conditioner, naturally, and the Merrimint handwash and lotion went straight to my bathroom. I had my first bath with the aromatherapy set a few nights ago and man, I felt amazing afterwards. The Pure Vibrance hair spray has also become a daily essential for keeping my fringe and flyaway hair in check.

I've yet to experience the rest of the products yet, but I have no doubt I will love them!

If you're interested, these beauties are selling out fast this year, so act quickly! As usual, you are free to email me if you have any questions! :)

Friday, 14 November 2014

Operation Supervixen: GET ORGANISED

Operation Supervixen is my own personal transformation programme. In July 2014, I decided I was utterly fed up of being miserable, unwell and feeling like I wasn't reaching my full potential in life. To combat this, I decided I was going to radically transform my diet, maintain an exercise routine and centre my leisure activities around personal development. To keep me accountable and help others in the process, I started Operation Supervixen.

There is one skill that is more important than any other when it comes to transforming your life, and that's organisation. When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. 

How can you reach your goals if you don't have them written down to remind you of them? How can you eat healthily if you haven't planned your meals and all you've got is a freezer full of chips? How can you run a business without any structure? How can you fit "you" time in with your busy lifestyle if you don't make the effort to schedule it in?

When I am unorganised, my life gets chaotic. When I embrace my persnickety side and plan my life down to a T, I become wonder woman

Here are just a few ways I am bringing organisation into my life to help me reach my own personal goals:
  • I write my goals down. If they are huge, I break them down into manageable chunks
  • I regularly review my goals 
  • I have daily To Do Lists that contain literally everything I must do that day - I include alllll the mundane stuff like cooking my tea and washing up afterwards, not just because it ensures I don't forget, but because I can see everything that needs doing at a glance and it means I can plan my time accurately
  • Using timings on your To Do List. In the past, I've struggled with my To Do Lists because I've made them insanely huge. When I started adding realistic time frames for each task, for example, breakfast from 8.30-9.00am, I was able to make lists I actually had a chance of completing and it has made me feel so much better about myself 
  • Use apps! I cannot imagine my life without Wunderlist and Evernote. I use Wunderlist for my daily To Do Lists, as well as having different lists for things I know I need to tackle at some point but it's not urgent. As for Evernote, it might as well be my life. I keep my health diary in there, blog post ideas, essential information regarding my home, I keep track of the things I've been doing in there. There's no excuse to be unorganised when technology is practically begging to help you
  • Back to that health diary I just mentioned...every day I record the hours I have slept, the food I have eaten, the drinks I have drunk, how I have been feeling physically and how I have been feeling mentally. Since doing so, I've found patterns that are helping me craft the lifestyle that fits me best 
  • Meal planning is something I adopted in university and I am so glad I did because back then I was rolling around in money, now I'm not and can't afford to waste money on food! Not only does meal planning save me money by not buying any unnecessary rubbish, but it prepares you to be healthy. If I only plan healthy meals, I only buy healthy food and therefore I can only eat healthily! It means I'm never caught unawares and resort to getting a takeaway
Of course, it's impossible to be 100% organised all the time, as I have learnt this week. A nasty, nasty cold (honestly, I'm just so glad it wasn't proper flu....) has really set me back this week and it doesn't matter how carefully curated your To Do List is when illness hits. You need to rest. I also find that if you expect everything to go to plan and leave yourself with no leeway whatsoever, you're setting yourself up for stress.

However, my biggest tip for organisation is one that I am totally aiming at myself...

It's great if you've got to the stage where you've written all these plans down and you're feeling super duper organised but all the To Do Lists in the world are NOT going to make a difference if you don't bloody stick to them!