Ah, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. One of these most hyped products I have ever seen on beauty blogs! Previously to purchasing this, I was always loyal to the Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer. As far as I was concerned, it did the trick beautifully, and every time I dared stray away to something cheaper (I'm looking at you, Natural Collection concealer...), I ended up regretting it because the quality was always much poorer than the Rimmel one and I'd end up buying a new Rimmel one anyway. However, like every product I read about enough times, when I got through yet another bullet of Rimmel concealer, I decided it was time to try the Collection one. I am so glad I did.

The short story is that this concealer is nothing short of amazing. First of all, it's costs just over £4 which is excellent. A tube of it will last you months. It's great for covering both bags under yours eyes and blemishes. The coverage is amazing, without being too heavy for your delicate under eye area, it effectively conceals your dark shadows and it doesn't cling to spots in a way that actually makes them more noticeable as some concealers have a tendency to do. It really is lasting perfection because not only does it do all this, but it does all this all day. It fades a little by the end of a shift at work for me, but not in a way that makes me feel horrific when I catch sight in the mirror. The coverage of this product is so great that I need less foundation/BB Cream and powder which is another great benefit.

My one worry about this concealer is the doe foot applicator. I do worry about how hygienic it is and I do have a slight suspicion that some spots I've had recently would have cleared a lot faster if I wasn't dabbing this concealer on them day after day. However, with the price point in mind and just how good this concealer actually is, I feel this is only a minor point. The packaging is also rather cheap - as you can see from my photos, all the writing rubs off the tube! In all honesty though, I'm here to discuss how well the actual product works, not the writing on the packaging.

I also feel I should mention that since I started using this, I think I have accidentally stumbled upon a concealer I like even more than this one (oh yeah, it's possible!) but, this new concealer is a good £14 more expensive than the Collection one and for this reason, the Collection concealer is one I am going to come back to time and time again.

What do you think of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer?