The E.L.F Personal Blend Foundation is a slightly more expensive foundation from the E.L.F Mineral range. It features four different shades of their signature mineral foundations in one little pot with handy little compartments so that no shades get mixed together. The idea is to build your own perfect custom shade each day that it is perfect for your skin tone. I have the shade light, which features the shades porcelain, fair, light and beige. It's £8 and it's an absolute bargain.

This is hands down my favourite foundation I have tried so far. I absolutely adore it. It gives surprisingly good coverage to say it's only a powder; without sitting on your face or feeling like a second skin as I find many liquid foundations do, this sinks into skin beautifully, evening out your skin tone and covering many flaws. Because you can customise the shade you get, it's always perfect for my skin tone providing I'm careful with the darker tones in the pot and you get a fair amount of product to use too. The lasting power of this foundation is fairly good too, I can get around 4-6 hours out of it before it needs touching up.

Like everything, this product isn't perfect. Due to the nature of lose powder, it's very messy! I like that the compartments mean that the shades don't get mixed up but it's also quite fiddly to actually get to the product and as I said, it creates mess! This is a minor issue for me and it doesn't detract from the quality of the product itself. I don't think there's any way to avoid the fact that loose powders are never going to be the tidiest of products. At £8, you can't expect miracles and to say that for a while, I was convinced I was going to have to spend a significantly larger portion of money than £8 to find the perfect foundation, I not only love this product for me, but would recommend it to others too.

I've fallen a little out of love with the E.L.F Personal Blend Foundation recently, simply because I've been favouring my much thicker BB cream during this horrible wintery weather! However, I can feel my love rekindling itself now I've written about it so no doubt this product will be gracing my face every day again soon.

What do you think of mineral products?