Outfit Details:
Jacket: Missguided
Top: Topshop
Disco Pants: eBay
Boots: eBay
Ring: Temporary Secretary

Makeup Details:

One thing I will say now is: get used to seeing my disco pants. I'm being really incredibly lazy with my style at the moment and it means my disco pants are getting a serious amount of wear. In fact, I tore them the other day and need to stitch them back together I've been wearing them so much! Definitely going to be buying a backup pair and another pair in a different colour at some point. Anyway, back to this specific outfit. This is what I wore for my Benefit makeover and as I mentioned in that post, I had to be up really early that morning. My aim was to go for an outfit I could literally just throw on with ease but I also wanted to look reasonably put together as I always feel silly with a full face of makeup on and then scruffy clothes! This green Topshop pussy bow number is excellent for that. It's really easy to style and looks great with a skirt or shorts, but it also looks great with disco pants or leggings meaning it's a favourite choice of mine for when I want to look chic with minimum effort. Sadly, I accidentally tumbled dried this top so it isn't in the best condition it has been, but it's still wearable thankfully. It just means the pussy bow isn't as fabulous as it used to be. 

I feel like I haven't given my new(ish) Missguided jacket enough air time yet. It's amazing. Missguided posted a picture of it on their Instagram before it was released onto the site and from that moment I knew I had to have it. When it eventually arrived on the site, it was slightly more expensive than I could justify so I crossed my fingers and hoped it would still be there when I was feeling more frivolous. As you can see, it was. The one thing I will say about this jacket is: size up if you buy one. I'm pretty tiny in all honesty, and Missguided clothes are usually slightly on the large side for me but this jacket doesn't fasten very easily! Other than this though, it's perfect. I love the floral tapestry print and the leather sleeves set it off really nicely. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get a lot of wear out of it, but I'm proving myself wrong as usual and to be honest, I like it that much that I'd rather own it and only wear it rarely than never own it at all. 

Do you like statement jackets?