I'm an absolute sucker for tiny little kits full of sample sized products. I never like to own just one thing from one brand, I like having lots of different things from lots of different brands. I'd say it's for comparison purposes but in all honesty, it's probably just greed! So, when I read the 5739396th review saying that I needed Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish in my life, Liz Earle being a brand I had never tried before, I was delighted to see the little section called "Travel and Try Me Kits" on the website. Obviously, I chose the Young Skin Try Me Kit over anything else. Although aimed at teenagers and I'm now well into my 21st year, my skin still looks and feels very much like it did throughout my teenage years. It's oily and highly blemish prone, so I think products aimed at teenage skin are quite effective for me. In this lovely little kit which was just over £20, I received the cult favourite Cleanse and Polish with a muslin cloth, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer, a Skin Repair Light Moisturiser and a Deep Cleansing mask with sponges for removal. All this came in a lovely little bag and I even received an extra free sample size Cleanse and Polish.

I found this to be a great little introduction to the Liz Earle brand and I'm so happy I purchased this. It came beautifully packaged which is something I always appreciate. It also comes with a handy guide on how to use the products inside which is good, because I'm still not 100% what toner is actually supposed to do so it's handy having a guide telling me at which stage to use it. The first step of the Liz Earle routine is to remove makeup and cleanse your face with the Cleanse and Polish. I know I'm not the first person to say this and I know I won't be the last, but oh my gosh, how amazing is this product? First off all, I am absolutely head over heels for the smell of it. It makes me feel so calm and safe, I really like it. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly, but it's something I want to smell time and time again. Secondly, it's super gentle yet still manages to remove every trace of makeup. The clothes give just the right amount of gentle exfoliation and it makes makeup removal an easy and actually enjoyable task.

The second step of the Liz Earle routine is to tone using the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, which comes in a handy little spray bottle in this particular kit. As mentioned, I'm not sure what this product is actually supposed to do, but nevertheless, I enjoy using it. This too smells divine, and it's lovely and refreshing to spray on your face, with a pleasant cooling sensation.

Finally, you apply the Skin Repair moisturiser. I'm not really a big moisturiser girl at all, but this one is pretty nice. It's light and doesn't leave my skin feeling terribly oily as I find most moisturisers do so it gets thumbs up from me. It also doesn't break me out and yet again, it smells very good.

One a week, I like to use a face mask as part of my weekly pamper night, and I absolutely adore the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask. It's a clay mask and you guessed it, it smells good. The condition it leaves me skin in is great. Straight away it looks brighter and my skin just feels so normal when I take it off, I really love it. The next day I've always got significantly clearer skin and it's always a breeze to apply makeup. After the Cleanse and Polish, this was my favourite product in the kit.

Overall, this is definitely something I would recommend to people with a similar skin type to mine and a desire to shake up their skin care routine. While I'm still undecided about whether I will buy full size tonic, moisturiser and face masks yet, I know that a full size Cleanse and Polish will definitely work its way into my life at some point.

What do you think of Liz Earle?