Products Used (all Benefit, of course): 
Boing Concealer
Ooh La Lift
Hello Flawless Foundation
Hervana Blush
They're Real Mascara

So, for Christmas, my amazing stepmum not only treated me to some Benefit goodies, but she also sent me for a makeover too! I was so excited when I realised this and a few weeks ago, it was finally time for it to happen. Now, before Christmas, I'd never had my own Benefit products before and while I knew how much I liked the ones I received for Christmas, I wasn't prepared for just how much of a Benefit fan girl this makeover was going to leave me. In case you were wondering, the items I received for Christmas were the Sugarlicious Cheek and Lip Kit and the Porefect Radiance Kit, reviews of which will be coming soon.

On arrival to the Benefit counter in Debenhams, I was greeted straight away and asked to take a seat. My makeup artist asked me what products I already owned and whether there was anything specific I was wanting to try out that day. I mentioned I had been eyeing up the Hervana blush for a while now and she said she could use it on me but she didn't have any in stock to sell me, which made me a bit sad, as I'd had my heart set on it, but hey, I will own it one day!

After asking what my skin type was (oily), my makeover began. She started with an application of The Porefessional over my T Zone and chin where my oiliness is at its worst. I have yet to use my own Porefessional so I was really excited to finally see this product in use. It is nothing like the other face primers I've used and was pleasantly surprised to see it certainly does minimise pores hugely and it created a great canvas for the rest of my makeup. After the Porefessional, it was time to apply the Hello Flawless foundation. Now, over Spring and Summer I decided that I hated liquid foundations with a passion and started using mineral foundations religiously. This meant I wasn't really expecting anything much from this foundation, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. It gave full coverage yet still left me with a lovely dewy finish, and shock horror, it was still there when I went to remove my makeup at the end of the day.

After primer and foundation, she applied two products: the Boi-ing concealer and a product called Ooh La Lift, something intended to brighten my eye area. Obviously the concealer was applied to my blemishes and under my eyes, but she also added the Ooh La Lift to my eyes. I loved these products. I had to get up for an appointment very early that morning and I'd headed straight to my makeover afterwards and these too completely disguised the fact that I'd had a rough night and early morning. The last few steps were as follows: she set my base with Hello Flawless Powder on my T Zone. She then added a wash of Hervana to my cheeks, which, I was delighted with, it's still on my wishlist! Finally, she added a lick of They're Real Mascara to my eyelashes.

I ended up buying the Boi-ing Concealer and the Ooh La Lift eye brightener she used on me because I literally couldn't believe the difference they made and I can't stop thinking about the other products now. I've always been someone who believes that mascara is all the same stuff in different bottles but after seeing They're Real in use, I can tell you: believe the hype. I am definitely going to pick this up when I pick up Hervana, and probably a few more things too! To top my trip off, I got a free cute Porefessional makeup bag with my purchases, it's pictured above. 

So, that's how I became a total Benefit convert. What do you think of Benefit?