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Blogging has certainly created an interesting culture, a culture that many would describe as a culture of bragging. I see bloggers accused of bragging because in the interests of full disclosure, they state that the items in their latest outfit post were given to them for free. I've seen it called bragging when people are able to buy more than one lipstick to review on their blog. I've seen bloggers who are too scared to talk about what they got for Christmas out of a fear of seeming like they are bragging. The thing is, I really think this is ridiculous. You'll never see me accusing anyone of bragging, especially not a blogger who simply wishes to be honest and provide enough content for their readers! In fact, when I see other bloggers complaining about other bloggers or people commenting on the blogs of others saying things like "God, how do you afford all this? I wish us normal people could afford all this". I just think to myself "shut up." To me, accusing people of boasting and bragging just smacks of jealousy. 

I am not a well known blogger. At most I get 100 page views a day. I do not get contacted by PR people and the only free stuff I ever get is when I make the most of a special offer. I buy all my clothes with my own money and bar some makeup I get on birthdays or Christmas, I buy all my own makeup too. Yet I don't sit here hating on other bloggers because some of them do get stuff for free. It's a fact of life that some people out there will seem to have it better than you do, and I am quite aware of this fact and I accept it. It annoys me that if bloggers did not have disclaimers, if they did not disclose when they didn't pay for an item, everyone would get all up in arms about it! I find it laughable that if said bloggers didn't "spend so much money buying so much stuff" you'd complain they never posted! It's really quite hypocritical.

At the end of the day, if you can afford an internet connection, you're a lot better off than the majority of people on this planet. In the Western world, it's largely about what you choose to afford. (Actually, you choose everything that happens in your life anyway but I'll save that for a separate post!) I, as a blogger, choose to manage my money in a way that means I can afford ridiculous hauls now and then because that's how I like to do things. I imagine other bloggers do things in much the same way! I see other bloggers get asked how they afford things on places like Tumblr, and they always respond with things in pretty much the same way: "I go to work". Yeah guys, it really is that simple. There's no need to act so scathing when they Instagram a picture of their latest buys. It makes you look bitter and jealous, which is silly really, because I'm sure if you gave up having that Starbucks every day or cut down on your electricity bills, you could probably afford a new NARS blusher too.

Now I know that some of the things I've said in that last paragraph will piss a lot of people off, the truth hurts baby ;) But seriously, that aside, if you really can't afford high end makeup or to regularly restock your wardrobe, there's absolutely no need to hate on other people who can. I was unemployed for over three months last Summer and it sucked, it really did, but I never left hateful comments on the blogs of other people who could afford things. What would be the point? Spreading negativity like that doesn't make you any richer and it doesn't make you feel any better either. Now: my situation has changed and I regularly treat myself to little bits and pieces, and yes, I talk about the bits and pieces on here and even Instagram pictures of my new treats. Am I bragging? You might think so, and you can call it what you want, but the way I see it, is I'm just reminding myself of how lucky I am. I am telling the world how grateful I am for the things I have and the opportunities I get. When I see other people doing the same, I see it as them expressing gratitude rather than bragging and because I feel that way, other people don't annoy me. It's great to express your gratitude!

My final point is: I carefully construct the image I present on the internet. I edit certain parts of my life out so that the internet never actually sees things that are in reality, a huge part of my life. In general: I hide it when bad things are going on in my life. I've put that in bold because it's really important. Because I deliberately construct a certain image of myself to broadcast online, you can be very sure that other people do too! Us bloggers seem to have charmed lives because that's what we want you to think. Yeah, I might post pictures of all the things I buy and all the great food I eat, but what you don't see are the days where I don't eat great food. You don't see the days where I spend all day in bed. You don't see the days where I am actually very, very unhappy with my life and myself. This applies to other bloggers; it might seem like all they do is eat at Nando's and buy new cosmetics, because that's all they choose to share on the internet! It doesn't mean that they don't have financial worries or that they're really happy all the time, not at all. Those of you who criticise them would do good to remember this. I know that like being a celebrity, choosing to blog means opening yourself up the judgments of other people, but this doesn't make it right to expect everyone to live up to your personal criteria of how a blogger should present themselves.

Do you have any opinions on this subject?