V05 Plump Me Up Dry Shampoo [Product Review]

Dry shampoo is a funny one for me. I'd much rather just wash my hair every single day but apparently that's bad for your hair which makes dry shampoo a bit of a necessity for me. I've tried a few different brands here and there, but I never like any of them as much as I like Batiste. It just seems to work so much better than any others I have tried!

However, Batiste doesn't come cheaply and when other brands are on offer, I am always convinced to stray away from it despite the usually inevitable disappointment. Last time I was in need of dry shampoo, I spotted this V05 stuff on offer for less than half price. Sucked in by this and the lovely pink packaging, Batiste was forgotten and the V05 came home with me.

While I still think Batiste is probably the brand that works best for my hair, I am very impressed with this V05 dry shampoo. In fact, it's half price in Superdrug at the moment and I've run out so I'm probably going to be repurchasing during my shift tomorrow! Providing I remember to shake the can vigorously before use and I spray from quite a distance, this does a great job at controlling any oil in my hair, making it look fresh enough to survive another day. My favourite thing about this dry shampoo is how much volume it adds though. "Plump Me Up" is a great name for this product because that's exactly what it does. It smells pretty nice too.

What brand of dry shampoo are you loyal to, if any?

Models Own Mirrorball Collection (Boogie Nights, Dancing Queen and Hot Stuff) [Product Review]

The delivery of my first ever Models Own order a few months ago was a very exciting moment for me. I've always, always bitten my nails and it saddens me to look down at my hands as I type this and notice I've managed to bite them all off again. Because I've always bitten my nails, it means nail polish was a world I never really delved into. However, around my birthday last year in May I decided it was time to grow up once and for all and stop doing it. Although as you can probably tell from what I've just said, I still have little mishaps where I have to start over again, generally, I have improved so much on the nail biting front and it means I've finally had a good reason to expand my polish collection and have fun experimenting with different nail looks. Glitters are my very favourite kind of polish so when I saw the Mirrorball collection for the first time, I just knew at least some of its polishes were going to have to make its way into my new collection.

Generally, these polishes are great. As to be expected with glitter polishes, they are quite fiddly to apply. I've found the best method is to just dab the glitter on rather than try to use stroke to brush it on. It also takes so long to dry and a few coats are needed depending on how obvious you want the glitter to be. Although a bit annoying, I've never used a glitter nail polish where this isn't the case so it doesn't bother me too much. These polishes look so good that they're worth a bit of time and patience. Also, once it's on, it stays on.

First up, we'll talk about Boogie Nights. After pink, purple is my favourite colour, and like pink, I enjoy a variety of shades of purple. Naturally, I had to pick up this purple glitter polish then. It's got a various chunks of glitter in it, some small, some large in pinks, purples, blues and silvers. I think it really looks amazing over my purple E.L.F polish and the few days this manicure lasted on me, I was always really pleased to see my hands.

Dancing Queen ended up being the unexpected favourite of the three. When I used it over a minty green polish by E.L.F, I was reminded of mermaids and I really loved having my nails like this. This one contains lots of bluey green particles of glitter and it's really quite stunning.

Lastly, I had to get Hot Stuff. Although I still love it, it's actually my least favourite of the three. This one seems to take even longer than the other two to dry and as a result, I always end up messing it up when I apply my top coat because it wasn't ready for it. You can probably tell from the pictures above. It also seems to have less glitter than the other two I bought from this collection. However, it's made up of mainly pink and silver chunks of glitter and it looks great over a variety of other polishes in my collection.

Have you got any Models Own polishes?

In the Rose Garden

Outfit Details:
Jumper: eBay
Disco Pants: eBay
Shoes: eBay
Camera Ring: Temporary Secretary
Bunny Ring: H+M
Pearl Necklace: Matalan
Rose Quartz Necklace: Handmade Gift
Bracelets: (not really pictured...) one from a random gift shop and the rest from Primark

Makeup Details:

Models Own Boogie Nights and E.L.F Party Purple

Man, the quality of these photographs bugs me so sorry if they bug you too! Basically, it's so cold at the minute that I refuse to go outside to take my photographs, meaning light is bad, and I was also a little bit lazy with these and didn't take the time to check they were properly focused, sorry about that. Regardless though, I wanted to share this outfit because I absolutely love it. OK, I say that about everything I wear on this blog but yeah, I admire my own wardrobe ok?! I didn't actually realised how eBay-centric this post was until I started writing down where everything came from but that's not really a problem is it? I love eBay and I get so many goodies off there it's untrue. In fact, I'm gonna be doing an eBay haul video once my very last item arrives from China.

Back the outfit. I am so happy with this jumper. I saw LLYMLRS wearing the black one on her blog and went to have a nosy at it on eBay. When I discovered they came in pink as well, I realised I was definitely having one. When it arrived, I was even happier. Pictures do not do this jumper justice at all, it looks amazing in real life and it's nowhere near as shapeless as I thought it would be. In fact, I quite like the way it fits me. I'm also finally the proud owner of some charcoal disco pants at last! Again, another eBay bargain because American Apparel prices are just way off putting. I've been wearing these to death since I bought them and I can confirm now they'll be appearing on the blog as much as my black ones. In fact, this week I've been forcing myself to wear some of my dresses because since I started wearing jeans and disco pants, I seem to have forgotten what a skirt or dress is. As for the shoes, they were a spur of the moment decision. I realised I've had these shoes for months on end now but they made my feet bleed so badly the first time I wore them that I haven't actually worn them since. It's a shame really, because I have a huge amount of adoration for these shoes. I think they're absolutely fantastic and I've been trying to give them more outings recently, after making sure my feet are suitably wrapped in tights and plasters.

To finish off the outfit, I thought some cute little accessories were key. I love my rose quartz necklace, my grandma made it for me for one of my birthdays or Christmas, I forget which! I added the pearls to give it something extra and my bunny ring is one of my most worn because being from the kids section, it actually fits me which most of my rings really don't. As for my nails, I'm fully aware they don't match my outfit at all, but I've been desperate to get my Models Own reviews up on the blog for ages, so I've been working my way through my collection and getting pictures of all of them in use. 

As for what I did in this outfit, it's just another comfy Sunday outfit! What do you think? 

Pretties in the Post: DisegnoShop on Etsy

So, in January, I finally got to upgrade my phone contract. Although in August I'd ended up buying a new phone anyway as I lost my phone on holiday, I decided I wanted something even fancier, so I chose the Samsung Galaxy SIII. A bit silly really, because I have baby hands and this is a huuuuuuge phone, but I love this phone so much, it's amazing! Totally worth how ridiculous it looks in my tiny hands. However, one of the most exciting parts of getting a new phone for me is accessorizing it! I've been lusting after cases in the DisegnoShop Etsy Store for a long time, but knowing I was getting a new phone in January, I held off ordering one until I had the new phone. I actually wanted to buy three, but I decided to be sensible and simply pick just one case. I'm super happy with this case - it's just so ridiculous and girly. It makes me happy every time I look at it.

It took quite a while to arrive, but this I didn't mind because I'm sure it came from some obscure corner of the world. I have a feeling it might have been made to order as well. I think it took about 3/4 weeks in total so it could have been a lot worse. When it arrived, it was packaged really well. Lots of protective bubble wrap and the case itself was place inside a little drawstring organza bag which is always a lovely little touch in my opinion. The case is great quality. It fits my phone perfectly and everything is glued on securely. I will mention though that you really shouldn't drop your phone while this case is on it! I dropped mine outside while I was in town and the bow fell off. It was easily fixable but I suppose it's worth mentioning these cases are for aesthetics rather than practicality and care does need to be exercised when you're using a case like this.

I love this case so much, that I will be buying another two at some point, this one and this one. They're just too pleasing to my eyes to pass up! I also bought this lovely macaroon dust plug to bling my phone up with as well. Sadly, I'm a bit silly and I've managed to lose it already so it isn't pictured! I'm hoping it's just under my bed rather than stuck in the safe at work or on a bus somewhere! It's seriously so cute though and really finishes my phone off nicely.

I love accessorizing and customising everything I own. How about you?

The Vixen Thinks: Love, Gossip Girl, Relationships and Me

The Vixen Thinks is an almost weekly feature on this blog. Posts vary in topic, I'll talk about anything I have an opinion on! From blogging to relationships and anything beyond. If there's anything you'd like me to write about, feel free to get in touch: theglittervixen(at)gmail(dot)com! Thank you! 

Having recently had my heart broken, I've been thinking about relationships a lot recently. One thing in particular that I've noticed is that we tend to like the most damaging, horrible relationships best. In real life, we stay in relationships that we know are never going to work. We get ourselves into relationships because we believe anyone is better than being single. We go back to people who have hurt us terribly and call it love. In fiction, we ship characters who are horrible to each other. On TV we see couples who are forever getting together just to split up just to get back together again. I've realised, I so very rarely see a healthy relationship. I can think of a handful of couples I know in real life that I would describe as healthy and loving relationships but when I think about the couples I like most on TV or in films, none of them really provide a good model for my own relationships.

In part, this blog post was inspired by this article. For those who are too lazy to click through, it's titled "You Are Not Blair Waldorf" and it's all about Chuck and Blair's relationship in Gossip Girl. The general consensus is that they are not in fact a great love story, they are two people who cause each other horrible pain and you absolutely should not model your own REAL LIFE relationships on them. Reading this really hit home for me. I love Chuck and Blair. They were always my favourite couple in Gossip Girl from the very first time they coupled, and I was rooting for them to succeed right until the end. I used to get genuinely angry whenever they slept with someone else and when Blair got married to Louie I could barely carry on watching. I cried and cried and cried throughout the last episode, I was so goddamn pleased for them. But when you actually think about it, their relationship is hardly the epitome of romance. In fact it's horribly destructive and I don't want to post any spoilers, but in the final episode of Gossip Girl, what happens, happens for entirely the wrong reasons. After reading this article, it got me thinking. Why do I love Blair and Chuck so much? Why was it so important to me that their relationship succeeded? The more I think about this, the more I realise why. If Chuck and Blair's relationship can pull through all that, so can mine. I had to begun to use Chuck and Blair's deeply troubled relationship to justify my own not so perfect relationships. When I first started watching Gossip Girl, I was in a relationship with someone totally and utterly and completely wrong for me. Yet when he said the words "Marry me" I nodded away and let him hack my Facebook page and change my relationship status to "Engaged". Hey, Chuck and Blair are much worse than us right?! By the time I finished watching Gossip Girl, my relationship with the boy I thought was "the one" was starting to fall apart and the ending of Gossip Girl made me feel like there was hope for us. Of course, that hope was unfounded.

The fact that other people have written about this shows me I am not alone when it comes to romanticising relationships that are incredibly unhealthy. Just look at Twilight for example. Millions of women idolise the idea of a Bella and Edward relationship - a relationship that just happens to meet all the criteria of an abusive relationship! My own personal experiences have taught me that we use fictional relationships, or even the relationships of people we know in real life, as models for our own or a basis for comparison. When we see other people's relationships going wrong, we decide it is ok that our own relationship is going wrong. It doesn't take a genius to see that this really needs to stop happening. Rather than using other people as an excuse for your own shortcomings, when you feel like your relationship is failing, examine why, and get yourself out of there! I know, I know, that's easier said than done. It took me nearly a year after deciding I wanted one of my relationships to end to actually end it. But, even if you can't end it, stop deceiving yourself that your dysfunctional relationship is normal. Don't say it's ok because so and so's relationship is like this too, work out where you're going wrong and do something to fix it.

I think part of the problem comes from the fact that relationships are such a public thing now. Facebook means we all know who is single and who is not. In the blogging world, there's the ever present question of "do I mention my relationship on my blog?". I've realised in the event I do get a new boyfriend, he won't be someone I speak about online because I've realised I like my relationships to be sacred and private, and I truly believe they work better that way. When everyone thinks they know your business, they also think they have a right to comment on it and I personally think relationship advice from other people besides yourself and your own gut is hugely damaging. Particularly when said advice comes from people who have never been in a relationship! At the end of the day, the only people who really know your relationship are you and your partner. Only you know how you really feel about certain situations and only you can decide whether it's better or worse for you to stay or leave. Each and every relationship is unique and we should never, ever compare our relationships to the relationships of other people, particularly fictional relationships which are purposely crafted to be as dramatic as possible to reign in the most viewers possible.

I also believe that so many people wouldn't remain in unhealthy relationships or even get into them in the first place, if we didn't live in a society that is obsessed with finding a life partner. But that's another post for another day! What do you think about my position on relationships?

E.L.F Studio Blushers (Gotta Glow and Twinkle Pink) [Product Review]

I don't know when or how or why it happened, but suddenly, one day, I went from being a girl who owned a  mere two cheek products and never used them for anything other than nights out (and even then didn't always bother!) to a girl absolutely obsessed with cheek products. There are now more cheek products on my wishlist than anything else and I have an ever growing collection of blushers and highlighters. Although I've tried cream/liquid highlighters and blushers, and I'm starting to like them a little more than I used to now, my true love still lies with powders and today, I want to talk about two of my favourites. (You know, until I buy more in March)

The short story is that I think the E.L.F Studio Blushers I have are great. Now, onto the long story. In general, both blushers are quite long wearing, I tend to get around four hours wear from them before they need touching up. They are £3.75 which is an absolute bargain. I love the packaging, it's sturdy, it's cute and ever so slightly reminiscent of NARS. They are wonderfully pigmented. They are easy to apply and reasonably soft powders. The one drawback is there is a huge amount of fallout with these powders but really, for less than FOUR POUNDS and the fact that it's easy to pick powder back up again, this really isn't too much of an issue for me. Just thought I'd mention it because I know fallout winds some people up!

Let's get more specific. Twinkle Pink is, as the name suggests, a sparkly pink shade. Upon first opening the product, I was a little alarmed that it was going to be too glittery, even for me. However, on testing out the product, I realised the sparkles look a lot less sparkly when actually on the skin and whenever I wear this product properly now, I never feel like it's too much or anything like that. It's just a lovely, fresh, reasonably bright pink colour that complements some of my brighter lipsticks like Topshop Secret Party and Brighton Rock. It's a very buildable colour too. You can use the tiniest amount for a very subtle flush or really pile it on, either looks good, it just depends what you prefer!

I purchased Gotta Glow because NARS Albatross is on my wishlist/gonna buy ONE DAY list but this looked like it could be a dupe or something to keep me going in the meantime. I think when I do finally get my hands on Albatross, I will do a comparison post. Anyway, I digress, I'm here to talk about E.L.F today, not NARS! Gotta Glow is amazing, hence its appearance in my January Products of the Month video. Obviously, this is intended to be a highlighter and not an actual blusher despite appearing in the E.L.F Blusher range. I use this on my cheekbones and anywhere else on my face I feel like highlighting that day and I loooooove it. Although I'm not adverse to glittery products at all (my blog is called The Glitter Vixen for a reason...) I know glitter puts a lot of people off so I'm pleased to report this product is not glittery at all. In fact, it's just lives up to its name and makes you glow. It's a lovely shade that complements all the blushers in my collection and although I love the E.L.F Shimmer Palette which was my go to travel highlighter for a while, I was so happy to replace it with this one instead. 

I've got an E.L.F haul planned for March when my spending ban in over, and I will be picking up another shade of the E.L.F Studio Blusher when that occurs! I haven't really made a dint in the Twinkle Pink yet so I won't repurchase that, however, I might have to pick up a back up of Gotta Glow.

What do you think of the E.L.F Studio Blushers?

Tres Cool

Outfit Details: 
Jumper: H+M
Disco Pants: eBay
Doc Martens: Oxfam

Makeup Details: 
Face: Loreal Lumi Magique Primer, No7 BB Cream, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Benefit Boi-ing Concealer, Loreal Lumi Magique Concealer Pen
Cheeks: E.L.F Studio Blushers in Gotta Glow and Twinkle Pink
Eyes: Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner, Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner in Nude, Rimmel ScandalEyes  Mascara
Lips: Topshop Lip Crayon Secret Party
Nails: Barry M Gelly in Pomegranate, Models Own Hot Stuff

I feel like I put absolutely minimal effort into my outfits recently. Yet I always really love the results and I wear the outfits I've been putting together recently over and over and over again. I'm really embracing these kinds of pinks at the minute, partly because I want to use this bag a lot more often, and partly because I'm still obsessed with Topshop's Lip Crayon in Secret Party. I'm enjoying the results of this a lot and this outfit in particular gained me a lot of compliments. Who'd have thought a pair of boots, trousers and a jumper could be so effective? Although, now that I think of it, lots of compliments involved the word cool, so I'm wondering if people were playing on the jumper now...

You may notice I have wavy hair in this picture. I've become very bored of my hair recently. I constantly wear it up for work because it's long enough to wind me up now, but then on days off, I always have it down and almost straight. I've had a colour AND style changed planned for months, but it is requiring a lot of saving up and I need my February Spending Ban to be over first as well. So, in the mean time, I've been trying out different styles. Or, I've been trying to perfect beachy waves so I can take a break from flyaway straightish blow dried hair from time to time. I'm not so sure how I feel about this. I might just go back to straightening and slight, slight, slight backcombing. 

Good stuff happened while wearing this outfit. I first wore it to visit Eureka with my stepmum and baby siblings. For those of you that might not know, Eureka is a children's museum and it is truly amazing, even aged 21. I must admit though, when we got to the tunnel of lights I was so shocked, because I had remembered it being huge in my head yet this time round, it was literally a few steps long. It was such a great day. The next time I wore it was for a little outing to a lovely little pub with my mum and her boyfriend. We spent the night criticising the Bible until I looked up and noticed a vicar sat opposite us. We also stayed for the pub quiz without actually participating in it which was amusing. Quizzes normally make me competitive and frustrated at my lack of knowledge, so it was quite relaxing to watch everyone else looked confused instead. That's why these pictures are taken inside, in the dark - I didn't want the outfit or my nails to go to waste but by the time I had time to take the photos, I was tipsy, tired and it was dark!

Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Hello everyone! I have something a little bit different from the norm for you today and that's a review of one of my favourite Christmas presents, my Kindle Fire HD. This is actually my most requested (read: only requested post haha) so I'm glad I'm finally getting round to this. So, this was my Christmas present, meaning I've had it for nearly two months now. Personally, I think technology reviews are tricky to do, as what is amazing at first, may turn out to be not so amazing after a year. Therefore, this is more of a selection  of my preliminary thoughts rather than a full blown review. Two months though, is more than enough to know that this little gadget has changed my life and I would not ever want to be without it now.

First of all, I am amazed by the speed of this tablet. Before I got my new laptop, it was actually much quicker to browse the internet and use social networking apps than it was on my old laptop. For some reason, I had it in  my head that using the internet on my Kindle would be like using the internet on my phone: slow and labourious and annoying. It really, really isn't though. It's so simple and fast and when it comes to simple browsing, such as reading blogs or perusing online shops, I really have no preference between my Kindle or laptop as they're both just as effective as each other for this purpose. The overall functionality of the Kindle is great, the touch screen has just the right amount of responsiveness and it's incredibly quick and easy to navigate. No instructions needed!

Although I've yet to read a full book on my Kindle Fire (so many print books to get through, oh my gosh!), I have had a little nosy at all my downloads and the ease and quality of the books has vastly improved since I had my old Kindle Keyboard. The Kindle Fire is also great for reading PDF files. I download a lot of ebooks written by bloggers I like, such as Gala Darling's Love and Sequins, and reading these on my Kindle Fire is an amazing experience. It's in colour, I can zoom in if I need to, and I simply swipe my finger across the screen to turn pages. I love it!

I'm also amazed by the variety of games available for my Kindle Fire. Although I've yet to play many of them, I downloaded loads the other day as I just got pulled into a black hole of ones that looked interesting. I used to always play Diner Dash on my laptop when our internet went down and was delighted to find it for free for Kindle Fire. From there I discovered loads of cool looking games including some hidden object games which I'd never really thought of as something I could do away from my laptop. The best thing about the games is, I've noticed so many that are either free or cost less than a pound, which is always a bonus.

The thing I have ended up using my Kindle for most however, is actually watching TV! Now, before my Kindle arrived, I never really set aside time for watching TV, in fact, I hated it a little bit. I had my set favourites and I would watch them while they were on but I wouldn't seek out anything new and I wouldn't go near films unless I was with someone else who wanted to watch something with me. Enter my free LoveFilm trial with my Kindle Fire HD, and everything changed. Although initially frustrated that the short list of films and TV shows that sounded interesting were not available on LoveFilm instant, I soon found there were plenty of other things to interest me on there! I've just finished season two of Heroes which is bloody incredible and while some may think this is embarrassing to admit, I've been loving working my way through every episode of Jonathon Creek as well. I've also watched a number of films on there, most recently, Sleeping Beauty (not the Disney version!) which admittedly left me a little disturbed. I digress though, watching films and TV on my Kindle is actually a great experience. The sound quality is beyond incredible, everything streams so, so, so quickly and the small screen doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as I thought it would. In fact, when I was harassed by a LoveFilm representative in town one day, I quite happily signed up to 3 months of LoveFilm for the price of one...

Now, I suppose the thing you're all wanting to know if you blog yourselves is: how good is the Kindle Fire HD for blogging? The answer to this question: I don't actually know. The funny thing about this is I actually initially wanted to get myself a tablet so that I could blog on the go. I spend a ridiculous amount of time travelling and I really wanted something on which I could write up blog posts on the move or while I was away from home. Yet, I've never actually got round to using my Kindle for blogging! I haven't even downloaded any apps or anything intended to help me with blogging, yikes! Obviously, editing my photographs and formatting posts is definitely something that has to be reserved for my very well equipped laptop, but I imagine blogging from my Kindle wouldn't be too difficult if I had pre-edited photographs that were formatted and saved as drafts. I could then log onto Blogger from my Kindle and write the post from there. However, this is only speculation. I've decided that in around six months or so, when I've really had chance to get to grips with my tablet, I may do a follow up post of this review, and I will talk about blogging in more depth from there.

One final note: my sexy pink case is from an eBay seller. Admittedly, I much much much preferred some of the cases I found on Etsy or even the official Amazon cases, but I decided that a case for my Kindle wasn't something I wanted to splurge on. This one I bought looks quite cool anyway, and it's protective, but a little wonky - for example, the case obscures the webcam a little! For the price though, it was a bargain and I love the little stand for when I'm watching things on it.

Phew! That was a long one! Do you have a Kindle Fire? Do you want one? Let me know!

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask [Product Review]

Hello everyone, bringing you another Lush review this week seeing as my last one was quite popular! Today I'm talking about one of their face masks, called Brazened Honey. Lush Face Masks are unlike any others that I have used before in that they are fresh and need to be kept refrigerated. This initially made me a little bit concerned about buying them as I like to hide away all my skin care where none of my family can see it but in the end, no one touched this so it's all good!

Onto the face mask itself. Sadly, as first, I was hugely put off. Why? I hate the way this smells! However, this ended up being an advantage because the smell is largely why I believe no one bothered to steal this despite its prominent place in the fridge. Because this didn't come cheap, I decided to ignore the smell and use it anyway, and boy am I glad I did! I was attracted to this particular face mask because the website describes it as a great product for skin that is in need of some serious TLC, which mine certainly was at the time I bought this and was trying out a whole new skin care routine for myself.

I also feel like it's worth mentioning that it's a bit of a pain to apply. Because it's so cold it doesn't spread out as easily I wish it would. That aside though, this face mask seriously rejuvenated my skin. It's lightly exfoliating and I'd remove it to reveal fresh brightened skin. The morning after, my skin would be bright, clearer and feel great to touch. Although I have run out of this now, I used it once a week for a while and it has definitely been one of my skin care saviours.

I probably won't repurchase this particular face mask again unless my skin gets to a stage where it's in dire need of some help again, but it has definitely made me curious about other Lush face masks. I'm considering Catastrophe Cosmetic or Cosmetic Warrior.

Do you have any Lush recommendations?

Harajuku Inspirations

Outfit Details: 
Headband: New Look
Jumper: Missguided
Blouse: Missguided
Jeans: H+M
Doc Martens: super lucky eBay find
Bag: Missguided
Bunny Ring: H+M
Camera Ring: Temporary Secretary

Makeup Details:
Face:  No7 BB Cream, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Benefit Sugarbomb, Benefit High Beam
Eyes: E.L.F Shimmer Palette, PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette
Lips: I was so sure I wore Topshop's Macaroon this day, however, Topshop Macaroon is NOT this colour...it could be E.L.F Matte Lip Colour in Coral on second thoughts.

So, I felt ever so slightly Harajuku when I wore this outfit. I think swap my casual jeans for a big pink tutu and I would have been dead on! Something about my lovely floral headband, the gorgeous pastel hues and obsession with doll like makeup at the moment just reminded me so much of Harajuku fashions I used to spend hours staring at online. I adore this outfit. I used to hate trousers with a passion, but I'm fully embracing them now and I love wearing them. I've finally managed to realise I can still look cute and put together without the need for a skirt or dress and I think this outfit is a classic example of that. 

Collars are one of my true loves in life, so I feel the need to fit them into as many outfits as possible. Winter is great for this because I've realised I love pairing my pretty collared shirts underneath my growing jumper collection. This jumper is an absolute gem from Missguided. Admittedly, it wasn't the colour I was expecting when it arrived but I fell in love anyway and I have been getting a lot of wear out of it. This is actually a very Missguided centered post now I think about it. In fact, I think every outfit post on this blog features some Missguided. I think they must be one of my favourites...(I took some photographs today that break the pattern though!)

My pink Doc Martens don't get nearly enough wear. I have two pairs of them, a black pair and this pair but they both butcher my feet so much. It's alright if I have the foresight to put plasters on beforehand and I don't need to do too much walking, but generally, I always come home with wrecked feet and a desire never to wear them again. It's sad, because I look at my outfits where I wear them and I just love them so much. I'm glad I've managed to incorporate my black Doc Martens into my daily life a bit more often now, but my pink ones are still horrible. Maybe I should just persevere!

This was yet another Sunday outfit worn to visit my Dad's house. I actually live for Sunday's at the minute. Nothing beats a day spent with your family.

Do you own Doc Martens? How long did it take you to break them in?

The Vixen Thinks: Criticism in the Blogging World

The Vixen Thinks is an almost weekly feature on this blog. Posts vary in topic, I'll talk about anything I have an opinion on! From blogging to relationships and anything beyond. If there's anything you'd like me to write about, feel free to get in touch: theglittervixen(at)gmail(dot)com! Thank you! 

One thing I've noticed recently, is some bloggers having really awful attitudes towards other bloggers. I understand that not everyone can like every blog, but some of the snide comments I've seen have actually been ridiculous. There's a blog that isn't to your particular taste, and then there's being downright petty. I hate to point fingers or name names, so it's difficult for me to start mentioning specific examples without causing more drama myself but I do feel this is an issue that needs addressing. At the end of the day, if there is something that certain bloggers do that really winds you up, if you really hate reading certain blogs, then just stop. The beauty of blogs is you can pick and choose which ones you read. If certain habits or certain types of post just grate on you, then it's simple, don't read the blogs that annoy you!

First of all, I've seen a lot of people complaining about bloggers who are making money from their blogs. They complain about ads. They complain about market affiliating. This particular thing sounds like jealousy to me. I think a lot of people see blogging as an easy way to make money, but in fact, it's actually seriously hard work. I blog for fun, not money, and the amount of effort I put into this blog far outweighs the effort I put into stuff where I do get paid. Yet, because people perceive blogging as "easy money" it means a certain bitterness seems to have developed towards those bloggers that do indeed make, or try to make, money from blogging. I also think it's important to note that bloggers are people too, they have to make money somehow, and why shouldn't they try to make money from something that is a seriously enjoyable activity!

The next complaint I often see is generally people just criticising the way bloggers in general behave. I've seen digs about where bloggers choose to take product photos, how much makeup they wear, how much food they supposedly eat based entirely on their Instagram profiles and it all seems so ridiculous to me. Bloggers are certainly the new celebrity of our modern age because they only thing that I can compare to this ridiculous scrutiny and criticism is the attention that "real" celebrities get. Why does it matter if someone else likes to eat a lot of junk food? Why does it matter if someone else takes a product photograph on some rumpled bed sheets? Why are we so affected by the behaviour of other people? At the end of the day, I read blogs because I love how diverse they are. Compared with magazines, they're so personal, honest and the best written ones give you a glimpse into a life that otherwise you'd be completely unaware of. If I don't like a blog, I move on, nothing said about it. If there's something that another blogger does that I really don't like, I make sure I never do it here on my own blog.

As I said in the beginning: if you don't like something, you don't have to read it. The blogosphere is uncomprehendingly huge these days, so of course, we can't like everyone in it, and that's fine. What I'm saying is, maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself because none of the criticism I ever see is valid or fair. Actually, I take that back, there's one thing I do agree with: if CAPTCHA is enabled on your comments, turn that shit off! Isn't anybody with time for that...

What about you? Are you tired of seeing people's petty comments towards people they've never met, and never will?

Lush Ocean Salt [Product Review]

Today, I'm happy bring a full review of the Lush Ocean Salt to you, which I mentioned in my January Products of the Month video. Lush Ocean Salt is a wonderful facial scrub by lush. It contains lots of lovely ingredients, such as avocados and lime. It removes dead skin and reveals a layer of fresh bright new skin, cleansing and purifying at the same time and it smells fantastic while doing so.

Before I get onto the good stuff, I'll mention a few negatives. First of all, the price point can be quite off putting when there are many cheaper face exfoliators out there. Secondly, it really, really, isn't suitable for sensitive skin. It's very abrasive, and can leave even the hardiest of skin feeling a little sore, so I wouldn't even risk it if you've ever had any problems with any skin care products.

Hooray for you if that last paragraph didn't scare you off! I personally love Lush Ocean Salt. I currently use it on a daily basis although at some point, I want to cut down to every other day and eventually maybe even just once a week. It's a great cleanser and exfoliator. I know of no dirt or makeup that can survive a use of this. The impact that this has had on my skin is really quite incredible. To begin with, it was bringing every thing to the surface and I was very spotty for a few weeks. Eventually though this calmed down, and providing I keep my skin care routine up, my skin has been relatively clear since I started using this product and only continues to improve. It keeps my skin bright and fresh and soft, and is surprisingly not drying at all.

Overall, if you've got tough skin and you're looking for a great new step in your skincare routine, this a product worth checking out. Along with a handful of other products, my skin has completely transformed since I started using this product and I'm honestly so happy with the results.

What do you think of Ocean Salt? Have you used any other Lush skincare?


Outfit Details:
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Top: Missguided
Disco Pants: eBay
Boots: eBay
Bag: New Look
Sequin Beret: H+M

Makeup Details:
Lips: Topshop Secret Party Lip Crayon

I love pink so much. All shades of it, from soft subtle baby pink to vibrant hot pinks such as the pink this outfit is centered around. Pink and black was pretty much the only colour combination I was wore for a good few years aged around 15. Every time I come back to it, I feel a little bit nostalgic, although I think I wear it with a bit more class these days! Blouses like this one are perfect for tucking into my disco pants, I love the way it looks. Such a simple outfit but I love the final effect. My favourite part of this particular outfit is the colour co-ordination, I love matching my shirt to my bag to my lipstick, and had I not been embracing bear nails during January, I would have had matching nails with this look too. I feel like this New Look bag, this Missguided shirt and Topshop lippy were a match made in heaven. The New Look bag is a favourite, I don't get nearly enough use out of it but I always get compliments whenever I do.

I wore this outfit for a little jaunt into town a few weeks ago, nothing too exciting! I'd wear this outfit for a variety of occasions though. I have no fear of being overdressed and with heels this could quite easily be dressed right up too.

Bit of a short one today, but I wanted to share one of my favourite looks at the moment! Are you a pink person?

Frugal February

In January, I decided that come February, I was going on a strict spending ban. There were numerous reasons behind this: the first was that in March, I was meant to be going away for a weekend where huge amounts of shopping and extravagant meals were on the cards, so I wanted to save up for that. However, that has been cancelled now but I'm still seeing the value in giving up spending this month. First of all, I want to prove to myself that I can. As you can see from the photographs above, I have no qualms about dropping huge amounts of money and I do so often. I hate to admit this, but I get very stroppy when I don't get things I want and I have very little self control when it comes to seeing things and buying them imminently. By taking February off, I'm hoping to teach myself that it isn't the end of the world if I don't buy everything I want. I also hope that by not buying anything new for a month, I'll be able to get proper, real use out of everything I already do own. The backlog of products I have to review for the blog is ridiculous now, and I'm hoping to actually make a dent in that list now I'm going to refrain from purchases. I've also bought silly things recently, like two foundations, and I used one of them for a day or two before ignoring it completely for the second one I bought. Teaching myself restraint like this means I won't have 3 foundations and 2 BB creams on the go as I do now! (Side note: I realise by beauty blogger standards, this is actually pretty minimal, but I still think it's pretty stupid.)

So, what am I actually allowed to spend money on this month and what can I definitely not do? I will not be buying anything non-essential. That means no more clothes, no more makeup, no more skincare, no more haircare, no books, no ebooks, nothing that I don't need, and considering I currently live at home and the only bills I pay currently are my phone bill and my direct debit for my contact lenses, that leaves me with very little to buy that is actually essential. Of course, if I run out of something like my medication, or deodorant etc, I'm allowed to purchase this, but my point is, when I'm at work and I swatch products during quieter times or eye up what other people are buying, I will recognise I do not need these things, I just want them, and my life will not be dramatically affected if I don't buy these things. I've also decided I'm still allowed to spend money on things such as going out with friends. This is simply because I'm at a time in my life where closing myself off from the world is going to have horribly adverse effects, so I'd class spending money on a night out as essential at this time!

At the time of the decision to not spend during February, I wasn't aware that "Frugal February" was such a thing! However, since then, I've noticed other bloggers and people on Twitter referencing Frugal February and I did a quick Google search to discover that plenty of people participate in this every year. The reasons behind it being that February is the shortest month, and therefore, the most likely month in which people will succeed with their spending bans and that it's a good time of year to recover after the financially crippling time that is Christmas and New Year. It is quite heartening to know that other avid shoppers like myself are undergoing this radical behaviour change this month too.

I will admit, I did slip up yesterday. I was at work and I was eyeing up the Essie stand as it was a very slow morning, when a sparkling polish caught my eye. I'd wanted Essie's Leading Lady months ago but I thought we had sold out of it by the time I could afford it. However, lucky me, found 3 of them hiding at the back of the stand in the wrong place. Knowing they definitely weren't going to last until my spending ban was over, and knowing I have staff discount, I decided just this once, I was gonna ignore the fact that it was February. Considering the circumstances, I don't think this is as bad as a slip could have been and I'm determined not to do it again now! It'll be interesting to see where I stand by the end of February. I want to be successful and I hope it helps me change my attitude towards shopping a little bit. I already have a plan of what I'm going to purchase when March comes rolling around, but hey, maybe I won't want it so much by then, but then again, maybe I'll want it even more, we'll see!

Are you participating in Frugal February? Is this something you'd ever do?