I don't know when or how or why it happened, but suddenly, one day, I went from being a girl who owned a  mere two cheek products and never used them for anything other than nights out (and even then didn't always bother!) to a girl absolutely obsessed with cheek products. There are now more cheek products on my wishlist than anything else and I have an ever growing collection of blushers and highlighters. Although I've tried cream/liquid highlighters and blushers, and I'm starting to like them a little more than I used to now, my true love still lies with powders and today, I want to talk about two of my favourites. (You know, until I buy more in March)

The short story is that I think the E.L.F Studio Blushers I have are great. Now, onto the long story. In general, both blushers are quite long wearing, I tend to get around four hours wear from them before they need touching up. They are £3.75 which is an absolute bargain. I love the packaging, it's sturdy, it's cute and ever so slightly reminiscent of NARS. They are wonderfully pigmented. They are easy to apply and reasonably soft powders. The one drawback is there is a huge amount of fallout with these powders but really, for less than FOUR POUNDS and the fact that it's easy to pick powder back up again, this really isn't too much of an issue for me. Just thought I'd mention it because I know fallout winds some people up!

Let's get more specific. Twinkle Pink is, as the name suggests, a sparkly pink shade. Upon first opening the product, I was a little alarmed that it was going to be too glittery, even for me. However, on testing out the product, I realised the sparkles look a lot less sparkly when actually on the skin and whenever I wear this product properly now, I never feel like it's too much or anything like that. It's just a lovely, fresh, reasonably bright pink colour that complements some of my brighter lipsticks like Topshop Secret Party and Brighton Rock. It's a very buildable colour too. You can use the tiniest amount for a very subtle flush or really pile it on, either looks good, it just depends what you prefer!

I purchased Gotta Glow because NARS Albatross is on my wishlist/gonna buy ONE DAY list but this looked like it could be a dupe or something to keep me going in the meantime. I think when I do finally get my hands on Albatross, I will do a comparison post. Anyway, I digress, I'm here to talk about E.L.F today, not NARS! Gotta Glow is amazing, hence its appearance in my January Products of the Month video. Obviously, this is intended to be a highlighter and not an actual blusher despite appearing in the E.L.F Blusher range. I use this on my cheekbones and anywhere else on my face I feel like highlighting that day and I loooooove it. Although I'm not adverse to glittery products at all (my blog is called The Glitter Vixen for a reason...) I know glitter puts a lot of people off so I'm pleased to report this product is not glittery at all. In fact, it's just lives up to its name and makes you glow. It's a lovely shade that complements all the blushers in my collection and although I love the E.L.F Shimmer Palette which was my go to travel highlighter for a while, I was so happy to replace it with this one instead. 

I've got an E.L.F haul planned for March when my spending ban in over, and I will be picking up another shade of the E.L.F Studio Blusher when that occurs! I haven't really made a dint in the Twinkle Pink yet so I won't repurchase that, however, I might have to pick up a back up of Gotta Glow.

What do you think of the E.L.F Studio Blushers?