Outfit Details:
Jumper: eBay
Disco Pants: eBay
Shoes: eBay
Camera Ring: Temporary Secretary
Bunny Ring: H+M
Pearl Necklace: Matalan
Rose Quartz Necklace: Handmade Gift
Bracelets: (not really pictured...) one from a random gift shop and the rest from Primark

Makeup Details:

Models Own Boogie Nights and E.L.F Party Purple

Man, the quality of these photographs bugs me so sorry if they bug you too! Basically, it's so cold at the minute that I refuse to go outside to take my photographs, meaning light is bad, and I was also a little bit lazy with these and didn't take the time to check they were properly focused, sorry about that. Regardless though, I wanted to share this outfit because I absolutely love it. OK, I say that about everything I wear on this blog but yeah, I admire my own wardrobe ok?! I didn't actually realised how eBay-centric this post was until I started writing down where everything came from but that's not really a problem is it? I love eBay and I get so many goodies off there it's untrue. In fact, I'm gonna be doing an eBay haul video once my very last item arrives from China.

Back the outfit. I am so happy with this jumper. I saw LLYMLRS wearing the black one on her blog and went to have a nosy at it on eBay. When I discovered they came in pink as well, I realised I was definitely having one. When it arrived, I was even happier. Pictures do not do this jumper justice at all, it looks amazing in real life and it's nowhere near as shapeless as I thought it would be. In fact, I quite like the way it fits me. I'm also finally the proud owner of some charcoal disco pants at last! Again, another eBay bargain because American Apparel prices are just way off putting. I've been wearing these to death since I bought them and I can confirm now they'll be appearing on the blog as much as my black ones. In fact, this week I've been forcing myself to wear some of my dresses because since I started wearing jeans and disco pants, I seem to have forgotten what a skirt or dress is. As for the shoes, they were a spur of the moment decision. I realised I've had these shoes for months on end now but they made my feet bleed so badly the first time I wore them that I haven't actually worn them since. It's a shame really, because I have a huge amount of adoration for these shoes. I think they're absolutely fantastic and I've been trying to give them more outings recently, after making sure my feet are suitably wrapped in tights and plasters.

To finish off the outfit, I thought some cute little accessories were key. I love my rose quartz necklace, my grandma made it for me for one of my birthdays or Christmas, I forget which! I added the pearls to give it something extra and my bunny ring is one of my most worn because being from the kids section, it actually fits me which most of my rings really don't. As for my nails, I'm fully aware they don't match my outfit at all, but I've been desperate to get my Models Own reviews up on the blog for ages, so I've been working my way through my collection and getting pictures of all of them in use. 

As for what I did in this outfit, it's just another comfy Sunday outfit! What do you think?