Today, I'm happy bring a full review of the Lush Ocean Salt to you, which I mentioned in my January Products of the Month video. Lush Ocean Salt is a wonderful facial scrub by lush. It contains lots of lovely ingredients, such as avocados and lime. It removes dead skin and reveals a layer of fresh bright new skin, cleansing and purifying at the same time and it smells fantastic while doing so.

Before I get onto the good stuff, I'll mention a few negatives. First of all, the price point can be quite off putting when there are many cheaper face exfoliators out there. Secondly, it really, really, isn't suitable for sensitive skin. It's very abrasive, and can leave even the hardiest of skin feeling a little sore, so I wouldn't even risk it if you've ever had any problems with any skin care products.

Hooray for you if that last paragraph didn't scare you off! I personally love Lush Ocean Salt. I currently use it on a daily basis although at some point, I want to cut down to every other day and eventually maybe even just once a week. It's a great cleanser and exfoliator. I know of no dirt or makeup that can survive a use of this. The impact that this has had on my skin is really quite incredible. To begin with, it was bringing every thing to the surface and I was very spotty for a few weeks. Eventually though this calmed down, and providing I keep my skin care routine up, my skin has been relatively clear since I started using this product and only continues to improve. It keeps my skin bright and fresh and soft, and is surprisingly not drying at all.

Overall, if you've got tough skin and you're looking for a great new step in your skincare routine, this a product worth checking out. Along with a handful of other products, my skin has completely transformed since I started using this product and I'm honestly so happy with the results.

What do you think of Ocean Salt? Have you used any other Lush skincare?