The delivery of my first ever Models Own order a few months ago was a very exciting moment for me. I've always, always bitten my nails and it saddens me to look down at my hands as I type this and notice I've managed to bite them all off again. Because I've always bitten my nails, it means nail polish was a world I never really delved into. However, around my birthday last year in May I decided it was time to grow up once and for all and stop doing it. Although as you can probably tell from what I've just said, I still have little mishaps where I have to start over again, generally, I have improved so much on the nail biting front and it means I've finally had a good reason to expand my polish collection and have fun experimenting with different nail looks. Glitters are my very favourite kind of polish so when I saw the Mirrorball collection for the first time, I just knew at least some of its polishes were going to have to make its way into my new collection.

Generally, these polishes are great. As to be expected with glitter polishes, they are quite fiddly to apply. I've found the best method is to just dab the glitter on rather than try to use stroke to brush it on. It also takes so long to dry and a few coats are needed depending on how obvious you want the glitter to be. Although a bit annoying, I've never used a glitter nail polish where this isn't the case so it doesn't bother me too much. These polishes look so good that they're worth a bit of time and patience. Also, once it's on, it stays on.

First up, we'll talk about Boogie Nights. After pink, purple is my favourite colour, and like pink, I enjoy a variety of shades of purple. Naturally, I had to pick up this purple glitter polish then. It's got a various chunks of glitter in it, some small, some large in pinks, purples, blues and silvers. I think it really looks amazing over my purple E.L.F polish and the few days this manicure lasted on me, I was always really pleased to see my hands.

Dancing Queen ended up being the unexpected favourite of the three. When I used it over a minty green polish by E.L.F, I was reminded of mermaids and I really loved having my nails like this. This one contains lots of bluey green particles of glitter and it's really quite stunning.

Lastly, I had to get Hot Stuff. Although I still love it, it's actually my least favourite of the three. This one seems to take even longer than the other two to dry and as a result, I always end up messing it up when I apply my top coat because it wasn't ready for it. You can probably tell from the pictures above. It also seems to have less glitter than the other two I bought from this collection. However, it's made up of mainly pink and silver chunks of glitter and it looks great over a variety of other polishes in my collection.

Have you got any Models Own polishes?