So, in January, I finally got to upgrade my phone contract. Although in August I'd ended up buying a new phone anyway as I lost my phone on holiday, I decided I wanted something even fancier, so I chose the Samsung Galaxy SIII. A bit silly really, because I have baby hands and this is a huuuuuuge phone, but I love this phone so much, it's amazing! Totally worth how ridiculous it looks in my tiny hands. However, one of the most exciting parts of getting a new phone for me is accessorizing it! I've been lusting after cases in the DisegnoShop Etsy Store for a long time, but knowing I was getting a new phone in January, I held off ordering one until I had the new phone. I actually wanted to buy three, but I decided to be sensible and simply pick just one case. I'm super happy with this case - it's just so ridiculous and girly. It makes me happy every time I look at it.

It took quite a while to arrive, but this I didn't mind because I'm sure it came from some obscure corner of the world. I have a feeling it might have been made to order as well. I think it took about 3/4 weeks in total so it could have been a lot worse. When it arrived, it was packaged really well. Lots of protective bubble wrap and the case itself was place inside a little drawstring organza bag which is always a lovely little touch in my opinion. The case is great quality. It fits my phone perfectly and everything is glued on securely. I will mention though that you really shouldn't drop your phone while this case is on it! I dropped mine outside while I was in town and the bow fell off. It was easily fixable but I suppose it's worth mentioning these cases are for aesthetics rather than practicality and care does need to be exercised when you're using a case like this.

I love this case so much, that I will be buying another two at some point, this one and this one. They're just too pleasing to my eyes to pass up! I also bought this lovely macaroon dust plug to bling my phone up with as well. Sadly, I'm a bit silly and I've managed to lose it already so it isn't pictured! I'm hoping it's just under my bed rather than stuck in the safe at work or on a bus somewhere! It's seriously so cute though and really finishes my phone off nicely.

I love accessorizing and customising everything I own. How about you?