Hello everyone! I have something a little bit different from the norm for you today and that's a review of one of my favourite Christmas presents, my Kindle Fire HD. This is actually my most requested (read: only requested post haha) so I'm glad I'm finally getting round to this. So, this was my Christmas present, meaning I've had it for nearly two months now. Personally, I think technology reviews are tricky to do, as what is amazing at first, may turn out to be not so amazing after a year. Therefore, this is more of a selection  of my preliminary thoughts rather than a full blown review. Two months though, is more than enough to know that this little gadget has changed my life and I would not ever want to be without it now.

First of all, I am amazed by the speed of this tablet. Before I got my new laptop, it was actually much quicker to browse the internet and use social networking apps than it was on my old laptop. For some reason, I had it in  my head that using the internet on my Kindle would be like using the internet on my phone: slow and labourious and annoying. It really, really isn't though. It's so simple and fast and when it comes to simple browsing, such as reading blogs or perusing online shops, I really have no preference between my Kindle or laptop as they're both just as effective as each other for this purpose. The overall functionality of the Kindle is great, the touch screen has just the right amount of responsiveness and it's incredibly quick and easy to navigate. No instructions needed!

Although I've yet to read a full book on my Kindle Fire (so many print books to get through, oh my gosh!), I have had a little nosy at all my downloads and the ease and quality of the books has vastly improved since I had my old Kindle Keyboard. The Kindle Fire is also great for reading PDF files. I download a lot of ebooks written by bloggers I like, such as Gala Darling's Love and Sequins, and reading these on my Kindle Fire is an amazing experience. It's in colour, I can zoom in if I need to, and I simply swipe my finger across the screen to turn pages. I love it!

I'm also amazed by the variety of games available for my Kindle Fire. Although I've yet to play many of them, I downloaded loads the other day as I just got pulled into a black hole of ones that looked interesting. I used to always play Diner Dash on my laptop when our internet went down and was delighted to find it for free for Kindle Fire. From there I discovered loads of cool looking games including some hidden object games which I'd never really thought of as something I could do away from my laptop. The best thing about the games is, I've noticed so many that are either free or cost less than a pound, which is always a bonus.

The thing I have ended up using my Kindle for most however, is actually watching TV! Now, before my Kindle arrived, I never really set aside time for watching TV, in fact, I hated it a little bit. I had my set favourites and I would watch them while they were on but I wouldn't seek out anything new and I wouldn't go near films unless I was with someone else who wanted to watch something with me. Enter my free LoveFilm trial with my Kindle Fire HD, and everything changed. Although initially frustrated that the short list of films and TV shows that sounded interesting were not available on LoveFilm instant, I soon found there were plenty of other things to interest me on there! I've just finished season two of Heroes which is bloody incredible and while some may think this is embarrassing to admit, I've been loving working my way through every episode of Jonathon Creek as well. I've also watched a number of films on there, most recently, Sleeping Beauty (not the Disney version!) which admittedly left me a little disturbed. I digress though, watching films and TV on my Kindle is actually a great experience. The sound quality is beyond incredible, everything streams so, so, so quickly and the small screen doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as I thought it would. In fact, when I was harassed by a LoveFilm representative in town one day, I quite happily signed up to 3 months of LoveFilm for the price of one...

Now, I suppose the thing you're all wanting to know if you blog yourselves is: how good is the Kindle Fire HD for blogging? The answer to this question: I don't actually know. The funny thing about this is I actually initially wanted to get myself a tablet so that I could blog on the go. I spend a ridiculous amount of time travelling and I really wanted something on which I could write up blog posts on the move or while I was away from home. Yet, I've never actually got round to using my Kindle for blogging! I haven't even downloaded any apps or anything intended to help me with blogging, yikes! Obviously, editing my photographs and formatting posts is definitely something that has to be reserved for my very well equipped laptop, but I imagine blogging from my Kindle wouldn't be too difficult if I had pre-edited photographs that were formatted and saved as drafts. I could then log onto Blogger from my Kindle and write the post from there. However, this is only speculation. I've decided that in around six months or so, when I've really had chance to get to grips with my tablet, I may do a follow up post of this review, and I will talk about blogging in more depth from there.

One final note: my sexy pink case is from an eBay seller. Admittedly, I much much much preferred some of the cases I found on Etsy or even the official Amazon cases, but I decided that a case for my Kindle wasn't something I wanted to splurge on. This one I bought looks quite cool anyway, and it's protective, but a little wonky - for example, the case obscures the webcam a little! For the price though, it was a bargain and I love the little stand for when I'm watching things on it.

Phew! That was a long one! Do you have a Kindle Fire? Do you want one? Let me know!