When I see high street shops bring out their own makeup line, I am always a little dubious. I have it in my head that their lines are never very good and they should probably just stick to clothes instead. When Topshop makeup was first released, I regarded it with this very opinion and promptly forgot about it. And then I started reading beauty blogs. A few reviews into Topshop lipstick, and I decided it was about time I dropped my prejudices and gave Topshop makeup a go. For Christmas I received a Topshop giftcard and to me, it was obvious what I should spend that on. I bought two of the "Lips" products in the shades Macaroon and Brighton Rock. Brighton Rock is a very bright pink while Macaroon is a coral/orange toned pink.

Admittedly, these lipsticks aren't the best I've used but I do really like them. I find their formula to be quite drying so lip balm is a must and they aren't as long lasting as I'd like them to be. I'd say they last an hour or two at most. They are however, very pigmented so the colour payoff is fabulous. One swipe of each is more than enough. To be honest, I don't think either of these colours suit me as much as some others in my collection do but I love them both so much that I wear them anyway. When I first bought them, they were so different from any colours I already owned.

Macaroon is probably my most worn of the two just because the colour is a little bit more wearable and suitable for every day and work wear. It works really well with peachy shades of blusher and eyeshadow. I initially shied away from Brighton Rock because in my head it was just too much and I couldn't pull it off. However, when I spend money on something I hate it to go to waste so I've been forcing myself to give Brighton Rock a go recently. I've ended up really liking it, not quite as much as Secret Party which I will be reviewing in due course, but it's definitely a good one to go for when I'm wearing bright shades of pink.

Overall, price wise, I think these are reasonably good lipsticks. I think Topshop's colour range is very good without being full of totally unwearable shades and although the forumla isn't perfect, I never expected it to be and therefore don't mind. In fact, I must like this lipsticks a fair amount, because I've since purchased another colour: Inhibition. I love that one.

What do you think of the Topshop makeup range?