Outfit Details:
Coat: Topshop
Jumper: Topshop
Shirt: Missguided
Disco Pants: eBay
Shoes: eBay
Ring: Next
Bunny Ring: H+M
Earrings: Next
Necklace: a gift
Bag: Missguided

Makeup Details: 
Base: Loreal Lumi Magique Primer, Foundation and Concealer, Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
Cheeks: B. Glowing Shimmer Block in Blush, E.L.F Shimmer Palette
Eyes: B. Complete Eye Palette in English Rose, E.L.F Cream Eyeliner in Plum Purple, Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner in Nude, Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara
Lips: E.L.F Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose

Barry M Berry Ice Cream with Models Own Jack Frost

For those of you who read my old blog, this outfit may be a little bit familiar to you as I have worn one very similar to it before. However, this time I swapped a skirt for my beloved disco pants instead hence the little V2 in the title of this post! I love love love pairing silver/grey colours with lilac pastel purple shades and this outfit is no exception. It makes me sad I have to hide the shirt in this outfit underneath my jumper and coat in order to stay warm. But hey, sometimes a girl has to choose to be comfortable over stylish! Needless to say though, when it gets a bit warmer, this shirt and these disco pants will be getting a lot of outings. I think my little silver pieces of jewelry along with my spiky loafers really complete this look. I do have an amazing silver sequin bag that I'd love to wear this outfit with however, the sequins ruin any clothes they rub against and it's too small for a girl who likes to cart her life around with her in her bag.

I wanna talk about my nails today. This is the last picture I took of them before I had an accident which meant my nails are now very short and not so nice looking. I wish I could photograph Models Own Jack Frost properly because it really is the most stunning polish ever. Sadly, photographs find it very difficult to capture it. I've layered it over a few different polishes so far, but over Barry M's Berry Ice Cream has to be my favourite combination so far. I called them my fairy nails because they were so pretty and sparkly, it made me feel like a fairy, in the same way that Models Own Dancing Queen made me feel like a mermaid.

My makeup too delighted me this day but like my nails, it was refusing to show up on camera. I spoke about my new B. Products in my latest video and as time goes on, I'm starting to like them even more. My favourite has to be the Shimmer Block though, a great multipurpose product. I've been wearing it on both my eyes and cheeks recently and I love the way it looks. It's really pigmented, a super soft powder with just the right amount of shimmer to it. I'm not really a big bronzer girl as I'm very pale, but this is a perfect alternative for me. 

Again, this is just another  Sunday outfit in which I didn't do anything exceptional or worth talking about. Sundays are actually one of my favourite days of the week, but I don't actually do anything that's of interest to other people!

What do you think of lilac and silver?