For months on end, my life seemed so repetitive and dull. I had no direction, I was utterly miserable and I completely stopped doing weekly roundup style posts when I launched this blog because besides blogging, I really had nothing else to talk about! Fast forward to now, and literally everything in my life is changing. I have direction again, I'm going out a lot more, I'm getting more confident and I'm generally a lot happier. In fact, I'm having so much fun again that I didn't even have time to Instagram some of my most favourites parts of the past week ;) Besides all the fun pictured above, I've also had the most delicious meal at a tapas bar (next time, I'm taking photographs so I can review it properly!) and a rather, well, it was my most mental night out since I've been a student let's put it that way!

Now for the things which I have a visual aid for. The first four pictures are all taken at one of my favourite eating establishments in Leeds The World: Fuji Hero. Featuring amazingly sized portions at good value for money prices of delicious Japanese food - what's not to like? I'm a little set in my routine there now because the spiced chicken men is the good of GODS and I don't want to try anything else because I never want to miss an opportunity to have this in my stomach. I alternate between having ebi (prawn) gyoza and chicken gyoza though. I'm not a big beer lover, but recently I've been starting to like it a bit more, and for some reason, I'll always have Asahi at Fuji Hero. The green tea is free upon request with every meal, so naturally I ordered mine and drank my sisters as well. If you're ever in Leeds, go check it out, I beg you. Their yaki soba is to die for as well, but as I've said, I'm in a committed relationship with spiced chicken men.

Next up: my super amazing Easter egg! While I'd spied Malteser Bunny Easter eggs in Sainsbury's and was praying someone would get me one of those, I was certainly not disappointed to see this. Even if Lion Bars weren't one of my favourites, just the incredible design of this box would have made my day. Except - the rest of my day was bloody amazing. After having lunch at my dad's and spending some time with my youngest siblings and stepmum, my dad dropped me off at the train station and I went on a little adventure. I saw some pretty scenes on my journey - snowy hills and gorgeous sunsets and I also ate lots of crap, which is pretty much standard whenever I travel anywhere. I had four days off work and I'd been feeling pretty burnt out recently and rather uninspired, so I decided to take myself off on a mini break. It was exactly what I needed, although sad to leave, I left feeling so much more refreshed and absolutely inspired about life again.

While on my mini break, I forgot to pack foundation and had to buy more, oops! I decided on Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation (review day!) which conveniently was on a 3 for 2 offer with the rest of the Rimmel range so I may have accidentally become the proud new owner of two Apocalips, Luna and Nude Eclipse - hence the cheeky lipstick stain on my can of Monster! The rest of my pictures are pretty standard for me: I just love to eat! Whether it's my healthier Graze box or a dirty McDonalds breakfast, I'm pretty damn happy.

Have you had a good week? Do you like seeing Instagram posts or should I just retire them again?

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