Well well, what a week it has been for me! It got off to an amazing start as my sister Eve and I headed to Leeds on the bus to visit the new Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre. Apart from being highly unsuitably dressed meaning I was freezing all day, we had a superb time. Amazingly enough, I managed to stick to my new resolution of being much more responsible and careful with my money but my wishlist is admittedly a lot larger now. May have to start doing monthly wishlist posts again as I did on my old blog! Claire's Accessories is an unexpected gold mine for great jewelry (and not so great pictured above) and some cute little pieces in La Senza caught my eye. I tried on a sadly unflattering dress in Internacionale and decided it was probably a very good think for bank balance that Victoria's Secret isn't open yet. Our original plan was to go to Yo Sushi or Wagamamas for lunch as we don't have these two in Wakefield, but people were queuing out the door for Yo Sushi and Wagamamas was packed. In all honesty I only like EMPTY Wagamamas due to the seating arrangements. So not into communal eating. We obviously then ended up in Nando's which wasn't disappointing. I prayed I'd have room for dessert but I never, ever do.

My week only got better from there. On Wednesday I had a job interview and I was successful. It's the first job I've applied for since university ended that had actually made me excited. I'm also terrified because I now have a lot more responsibility but this is going to be a challenging and rewarding experience for me and I'm glad I've finally ticked career problems off my list of worries!

As usual, the photos I took are mainly of little treats. One day I arrived home from work to find a packet of some of my favourite chocolate on my bed and my favourite treat of the week was my new phone case finally arriving. My last one was incredible (read about it here) but as someone who drops her phone at least 5 times a day, it didn't last very long at all. I was scared that getting a sensible case would be boring, but my new one arrived and it's so pretty. I'm not disappointed at all.

So, that was my week! What was yours like?