Today's Instavixen post is a little different from usual. My week hasn't been particularly bad, I just haven't been on Instagram a lot and there's not much of interest to talk about. While I'm delighted to be doing new training at work and other such things, I doubt any of you care that I found this or that easier than I thought it would be. Although the parts where I absolutely FAIL at locking doors or have to go on tip toes to shut the shutters is quite amusing, admittedly. Even so, I've been feeling quite home sick recently for a place that was home to me for 3 years recently, and even now, I still feel a lot more at home in Aberystwyth than I do anywhere else. For this reason, today, I'm blogging all about my favourite seaside Welsh town.

A few weeks ago, I went on a mini break and that mini break just happened to be in Aberystwyth. I hadn't been since last year and I was really starting to miss it a lot. Unfortunately it was the Easter holidays so the vast majority of people I actually wanted to see were not there. Even so, it felt so good to be back if a little painful because I know I don't live there anymore and probably never will again. Some of my most treasured memories happened in Aberystwyth, I met some of my favourite people there and while living there, I finally learnt how to be an independent person, I grew brave enough to get out of a horrible relationship and I started finding out who I am really am. I learnt to cook in Aberystwyth. I learnt to appreciate food in Aberystwyth. I learnt my limits with alcohol. I accomplished my dream of living by the sea. I read some of the best books there. I fell in love in Aberystwyth.

Soppy stuff aside, I really think that Aberystwyth is a fantastic place to be a student, and I think my experience as student was absolutely unique compared to people who choose to go elsewhere in the UK for university. Admittedly, I really have issues with the university itself and find it to be absolutely lacking value for those poor students who are now paying £9000 a year to go there, but that's another story for another day. It's Aberystwyth itself that makes the student experience so good. Being such a small town where the population of students seems to dwarf the population of locals makes it ever so different from going to university in a big city. Everyone knows everyone and while at times it's a bit maddening that you can't escape anything or anyone in that town, it's so nice to be able to go out of the house and always see a friendly face no matter where you go. It's so easy to have a close knit group of friends and a large circle of acquaintances - unlike anything I ever had in Wakefield, even while I was in school.

Not to mention, I bloody loved living by the sea. Yes, it is Britain, so the weather was more often absolutely horrible than not, but when Aberystwyth has a good day, oh boy, does it have a GOOD day. My 21st birthday was one of the hottest days, it was SO sunny, I only needed to wear a dress, no tights, no cardi, even when I went out for my meal in the evening! I spent the day on the beach and up Constitution Hill with my boyfriend and it was flipping gorgeous. My mum rang me to say how jealous she was when I put photos up. I spent many a day on the beach by myself, reading the books for my course and jotting down notes. One time, during a driving lesson, my instructor demanded I pull over to look at the see and there were dolphins in the bay!

I love how small the town is. You can get pretty much everywhere on foot and I miss my walk to work being a mere two minutes! On brave days, I could even manage to walk to the supermarket and back instead of catching a bus or lift from someone. While this means we're lacking in some shops I deem essential, it's also nice to have small independent shops to shop in and I imagine it saved me a lot more money than living somewhere like Leeds or Manchester would have done for me. It also meant nights out were a breeze! I rarely, rarely ever got taxis so I saved a fair amount of money from walking home (another bonus being it's such a safe town that I didn't mind walking home on my own at 4am) and there are so many pubs all very close together. Ok, there's only two "nightclubs" so I actually got a bit of a culture shock from Aber's night life - Wakefield is well known for its Westgate Run and has significantly more choice when it comes to the type of night out you want. However, I grew to love Aberystwyth night life, and I still prefer Pier Pressure to anywhere in Wakefield. But then again, how can you not love a nightclub perched precariously over the sea?!

This post could go on and on and on so I'll leave it there. The short of it is I love Aberystwyth and it will always feel like home to me.