It has been a relatively normal week in the life of The Glitter Vixen. In between shifts at work, I've just been doing what I do best! Trying out new products, using my old favourite products, fondly remembering past times which is what the top three Instagram photos are all about! Underneath that, things get a little less familiar. My diet has been absolutely appalling this year; I've made absolutely no effort to get any fruit or veg and especially since I changed jobs and have had to get a half hour bus ride most days and therefore, am constantly in Greggs buying yum yums, flapjack and cookies - my body is really not thanking me for it. I feel like I have to stress this: I am not concerned about my weight. In fact, I'm bloody delighted that I've put on a fair amount of weight recently. What I am concerned about however is the fact that I am constantly exhausted and my face is now so spotty that it resembles the Pacific Ring of Fire. I am perfectly capable of eating healthily and when I do I even seriously enjoy it, I've just been so lazy and self indulgent recently. So, this week, I've actively been trying to change that. Pictured above is a prawn and salmon rice salad and it was delicious and the perfect move towards cutting all those cheesy chips and sugary lovelies out of my life for a bit! Although, I did have a cheeky trip to Nando's today and although I've been saying all week I will order salad, I had my pitta bread and that delicious caramel cheesecake pictured above for dessert. Ah well, I believe in being good to myself and sometimes that means indulging in a good bit of cake!

I've also started painting my nails again. I refrained for a while because I'd manage to bite them all off and I decided I was just going to leave them alone, using on my Nail Envy on them for a while so they could improve a bit. While they're still not as long as I like them, they are vastly improved and I couldn't wait any longer to try out some of the polishes I hadn't used before. This week I've used Barry M's Peach Melba which I have fallen in love with, I finally got round to photographing Models Own in Blizzard so I can finally get my post about the Wonderland collection up and then today, I opted for the lovely Barry M Gelly in Pomegranate and decided to use Essie Leading Lady for an accent nail. I adore having pretty nails and I think I'm going to use my pictures from this week as inspiration to NOT bite them off again!

Besides painting my nails, we've been getting creative in my house. While I've been doing nice normal activities like dyeing clothes (hey, is my clothing line ACTUALLY happening, we'll see ;)) my sister has been taking samples of her DNA and leaving them in the fridge...always a bit strange to open your fridge to see this but her idol is Kathy Reichs and she is shortly going to study forensic anthropology at university. In fact - it's her collection of Kathy Reichs books I'm working my way through now! I love Bones the TV series as well but I have to view the books as separate entities completely. Although I do adore Bones, I think Tempe is just a LOT more believable in the books. 

So, that's my week, how has yours been?