So a few weeks ago, these beauties finally arrived for me. I am beyond pleased with these dresses and every time I walk into my bedroom and see them hanging on the wall, I feel delighted to own such beautiful pieces. I've been describing myself as a modern day Marie Antionette for a while now - always intending to take my style in a direction that reflects this - but never quite managing it because the lure of things like disco pants lures me in. However, Spring and Summer finally seem to be arriving now and I feel it's a perfect time to let go of my skull/stud/disco pant loving for a little bit and finally embrace something a little bit girlier - something that fits in with that modern day Marie Antoinette look I'm so fond of.

The dress on the left ties in so perfectly with the look I want to achieve. It's unlike any other dresses I own and the first time I put it on, I knew I'd made the right choice. While I've yet to wear it properly, it feels so special that I want the occasion to be special. The weather needs to be right too of course! It's incredibly well made with a good lining so that it isn't see through as I feared it could be. The dress on the right is incredible too. Again, it's high quality and just so pretty. I've decided to save this one for a specific occasion. I'm going on a date the night before my birthday so I want to wear this then!

Sadly I think the Pinkoholic store itself is a little lacking. While I think the range of products is fantastic and I do find myself tempted to order again one day, it's different from your usual website and in all honesty, this makes shopping with Pinkoholic a bit of a pain. First of all, it takes forever for your order to arrive. While this is clearly explained all over the website, I often receive items from eBay posted from places like China around a week after placing my order and believe this could somehow be worked around. That being said - if I've been told I have to wait, I will wait. But my order took even longer to arrive than it said it would! When I contacted them about this - they weren't exactly quick in their response and I didn't feel it was professional at all either. I also ordered a coat from them but when they did get back to me, this coat was out of stock and they sent a refund. I'm wondering when they were planning on telling me this as I contacted them about a month after I placed my order...

So, I'm delighted with the items I received yet not so pleased with the customer service. Have you bought from Pinkoholic before? Can you point me in the direction of any similar stores perhaps?