Hot cloth cleansers are all the rage in the beauty blogging world. Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish is a product of cult status and perhaps the most well known hot cloth cleanser of them all. However, it's quite a pricey product and while absolutely worth the money, I'm aware that myself and many other people out there can't really afford to fork out for it every time they run out. Not to mention, as far as I am aware, I need to either order Cleanse and Polish online, or hop on a bus to Leeds if I want to repurchase - not exactly ideal! So, the search began for another cleanser that would do the trick. Being quite the ambassador for Superdrug products, having been a fan of their own brands things since I realised how affordable they were in my student years, I was delighted to discover Superdrug actually do two different hot cloth cleansers. One is aimed at those with dry skin so obviously I overlooked this one, but the Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser sounded like it was right up my street!

I will not beat around the bush here. This is an absolutely brilliant product. At £6.99 regular price and usually on a half price offer for £2.99/3.99 it absolutely cannot be beaten value for money wise. The main thing I look for in a cleanser is the ability to remove all my makeup including eye makeup with no pain or harsh tugging and pulling at my skin. This hot cloth cleanser does absolutely that although on occasion I do feel it stings my eyes a little. The trick here is to be extra gentle and not apply cleanser directly around the eye area.   After using this product, all my makeup is removed without a trace.

I suppose the big question with a product like this is: does it leave me with brighter skin? I'm unsure of this one if I'm honest. My skin is going through an absolutely awful stage at the minute. No matter what skin care I use nothing wants to shift my blemishes and my scarring is worse than ever. This makes it hard for me to see if any products are actually making me look more radiant. Now, just because my skin is appalling please do not dismiss this product. My skin is bad because my diet has been incredibly poor recently and it is in desperate need of some shaking up and cutting out all the absolute rubbish I consume. Not to mention, I've actually been quite lazy with my whole skin care routine recently meaning a few nights have occurred where I've fallen asleep with my face on. That never helps. This aside - when my skin does decide to clear up a little, it is looking significantly better underneath those horrible spots and that could very well be the result of this product.

Now the biggest question of all: does this product live up to Liz Earle? As far as product performance goes: yes it does. They both remove my makeup with the same effectiveness. Yet, I will be perfectly honest and say I do prefer Liz Earle. This is simply because I absolutely adore the way Liz Earle's cleanser smells. Don't get me wrong, this Superdrug alternative smells fantastic too, but Liz Earle wins my nose over.

I will repurchase this when I have worked my way through my stash of cleansers (stay tuned for some more Lush reviews!) and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants a cheaper alternative for a hot cloth cleanser.