The Vixen Loves is a new feature here on The Glitter Vixen. Sometimes, I use products that I really love and think other people deserve to know about but sometimes, these products don't always warrant a full review. The Vixen Loves is a way for me to share products I love without the expectation of full and in depth reviews.

Hello everyone! Today I am attempting to blog from my Kindle Fire HD for the very first time, so please bare with me if this post is a little off format or there are any silly little typos. The Vixen Loves is a feature I started last week and it's just a way for me to showcase my favourite products in a new way rather than simply giving everything a rave review. Sometimes products don't always warrant a full review or, in today's case, it isn't just the product pictured that I want to talk about.

Now it's no secret that I was super impressed with the Benefit They're Real mascara when I tried it out. It really is an incredible mascara. Despite this though, I do not consider They're Real to be an "essential" item to own and I highly doubt I will be checking out any more high end mascaras any time soon. This is because there is one thing I believe the high street does brilliantly and that is mascara.

I don't hoard mascara. I only ever have one at a time because that's all I ever need. I'd much rather have one mascara so that I can have lots of more interesting items instead like lipstick and blusher. Yes, mascara is essential but let's be honest, it's hardly the most interesting product out there! My current mascara of choice is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara. Although occasionally clumpy, this mascara is great. It lengthens and thickens my lashes giving great volume and it lasts all day. Despite its amazing lasting power, it isn't hard to remove. What more do you want in a mascara? 

The best thing is, Rimmel is not alone in producing mascaras that are great and easily available on the high street. I am not loyal to any mascara, I never ever buy the same one twice in a row. With the exception of Natural Collection mascaras, I've yet to buy a mascara that has disappointed me. Other mascaras that stand out in my memory are the original Rimmel Volume Flash, Maybelline Falsies Black Drama and the No7 Intense Volume mascara. I seem to remember often stealing a Bourjois one off my mum as a teenager as well!

So then: mascara: definitely NOT something you need to splurge  on.