The Vixen Loves is a new feature here on The Glitter Vixen. Sometimes, I use products that I really love and think other people deserve to know about but sometimes, these products don't always warrant a full review. The Vixen Loves is a way for me to share products I love without the expectation of full and in depth reviews.

Today I'm talking about a product I'm full of love for! The Superdrug Own Brand Facemasks! I've tried a variety of these now, but I think the four pictured above are my favourites so far and the four I will talk about in depth today. These are all 99p each and quite often on a 4 for 3 offer, which means they are incredible value for money. To add a bit of comedy value to the post, I decided to take a picture of the product in action for you ;)

Generally speaking, these masks are great. They do what I expect them to do and more. They all smell fantastic and I look forward to using them. Initially, the packaging did put me off simply because I find there is definitely more than one application in these sachets (maybe I just have a small face?!) and I didn't want to waste any product. Being a sachet though, it can't be resealed once opened so what's a girl to do? Well, thankfully, inspiration struck me and I noticed I had a collection of empty Lush pots I was going to take for recycling - I picked one up and emptied the sachet into there instead and this way, I didn't end up wasting any product, hooray!

Superfruits Exfoliating Masks - as I expected this mask was the best smelling of the bunch. I love a good exfoliator so I was interested to see what an exfoliating mask would do for me. The beads in this mask are perfect; I like to actually feel I am being exfoliated and this mask does that but it doesn't feel like you're removing layers of skin either. Once wash off, I was left with skin that felt entirely refreshed.

Sugar and Spice Self Heating Masks - I was actually a little wary of this as I've had issues with self heating products before where they're just too hot but this was great. I'd describe it as a gentle warming sensation. This also smells absolutely divine, I could have eaten this. In terms of difference to my skin, I didn't notice as much with this mask, but using it felt totally indulgent and lovely so it got a thumbs up from me!

Cucumber Cooling Clay Masks - I chose this one as sometimes my skin feels a little raw after exfoliating and I thought this would be nice to use afterwards. Although a clay mask and I generally find clay masks to be the best for my skin type, this was the mask I was expecting to like least. I ended up liking it the most! Instantly when it was washed off, I noticed my skin was brighter and it even reduced the size and redness of my spots. I was so pleased.

Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Masks - another mask where I could some almost instant results. After using this, my skin would just feel so pure and my makeup would also apply like a dream the next day and last a little bit longer. It really helped with oil control.

So, these are my thoughts on the Superdrug face masks. Have you used them before? Do you love them as much as I do?