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I've not been feeling my absolute best this week, which has meant when I'm not at work, I've been spending a lot of time in bed with my thoughts. I often find myself musing on little thoughts that could become a post idea for my Vixen Thinks series, and this week, a little nudging thought has returned to me so often that I've scrapped today's planned Vixen Thinks post to talk about this instead: why do we accept less than the best? Initially, this was in relation to the products we buy: why do we spend so much money on products that aren't that great? Clothes that fall apart? But it soon led to the wider world: so many people seem to accept less than the best in all aspects of their life. Is it any wonder that we seem to be a very miserable generation?

My thinking on this matter was originally prompted by the Rimmel Apocalips. One of the most hyped up products of 2013 so far in the blogosphere, I was initially uninterested by these. However, having to sell them everyday at work, being in constant contact with them, made me very, very curious and I have ended up purchasing two shades. I'll be doing a full review in due time, but so far, I think these products are very lacking. In fact, I think a lot of products in my collection are lacking. There are absolutely no beauty products in my collection that are perfect, I have many that I love, and many that are certainly very good, but I have concerns with every single one and considering just how much makeup and skincare seems to cost these days, I'm wondering why the quality of all our products doesn't seem to match up with their price. My best example of this is foundation. Even my very favourite foundations do not last on skin for longer than four hours when ideally, I think foundation should be something that lasts all day. In all honesty, I'd like to have the kind of makeup where the only thing that ever needs touching up is my lipstick. Yet, despite this, I continue to throw money at beauty companies, paying more than I want to, for products that don't do what they claim to.

Of course, as long as poor suckers like me are willing to continue paying for these not so great cosmetics, the cosmetics companies are going to continue making them and nothing will ever change. Buy buying these products, we're sending the message that we're happy with the quality of them. At the same time though, I know I'll never stop shopping. Even though I think they're lacking, I'm still going to add two more shades to my Apocalips collection. I will still do ridiculous E.L.F Hauls because quite frankly, I enjoy all the choice I have when it comes to makeup. As annoying as it is that I will arrive at work with a perfect face of makeup, just to finish looking like I've been out the night before and not removed my makeup, I'd rather have all my different blushers and lipsticks and eyeshadows to choose from each day so I need not wear the same face everyday. As great at it would be to have one primer, one foundation, one concealer, one powder, one blush, one highlighter, one eyeshadow etc that did the job perfectly, I think I'd just get bored with it.

So, I've established that when it comes to accepting less than the best when we buy our makeup, it's a compromise because at least we get a huge amount of choice. But what about those of us that accept less than the best in our every day lives? I'm talking to those of us who stays in jobs that don't light them up, relationships that are emotionally damaging or let their families dictate how they live their life even though they'd be much happier doing things their way. Up until recently, I was very set in my beliefs that some things are just the way they are, you don't fight against it, you just accept it. It's no surprise then, that up until recently, I was pretty miserable and very unhappy with my life. When I realised that actually, I didn't have to do a certain job, I didn't have to put up with so called friends who never, ever put any effort in with me among other things, things got better and things got better past. To sum it up, I stopped accepting less than the best.

I find the attitude that we're all supposed to suffer or make sacrifices or be unhappy for someone else's benefit because it's just the way things are quite ridiculous now. When we accept less than the best, we choose to bring unhappiness and dissatisfaction into our lives and that is something I believe we absolutely should not be doing. From now on, I'm not accepting less than the best in my life. I'm lucky enough to have a job I like sorted, and I've cut out anyone who doesn't show me the same respect I show them from my life. While I'll still be buying over hyped makeup or clothes from Topshop that fall apart after a week making their price tag beyond unbelievable, when it comes to things like my relationship, my friendships, my quality of living, nothing but the best will do.

How about you, are you ready to stop accepting less than the best?