I'm forever chopping and changing my hair care routine and what products I use on my hair. Although the condition of it is beginning to improve after 3 years of bleaching it almost to death, it's still not as great as it could be. My goal is to find some affordable products that perform so well they can bring hair back to life. One range of products I tried in my quest to find my hair care saviour was the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Range. I purchased the shampoo, conditioner and deep treatment masque but there is also a heat protection spray available in the range too. Now, did these products live up to my expectations? Read on and find out...

Initially, I was very pleased with this range. After using the shampoo and conditioner together, my hair would feel smooth and silky. It would be easy to style and although it didn't completely eliminate frizz, on days where I had washed my hair, my hair would look significantly healthier. The deep masque treatment didn't disappoint either; I experimented with this, leaving it on for the 3-5 minutes it recommended on the pack to leaving it on for around 15-30 minutes. Although it worked great after 5 minutes, I found my hair always looked and felt its absolute best if I left it on for much longer. Slowly, I could feel my hair coming back to life. It was soft again and although still quite thin, it wasn't breaking off as much.

But then, I took a trip to the hairdressers. I've been wanting to change my hair colour for the longest time. I've put multiple home dyes over it, yet none of them have taken in the way that I want them to. Eventually I resigned myself to visiting a hairdresser, who said she'd do a strand test first to determine what was going on with my hair. My hairdresser then proceeded to completely shatter the illusion that my hair was better again. The reason the dye is not taking to my hair is because it is so, so, so damaged and it's going to need a lot more help yet. After this, I got annoyed at all my hair care, it clearly wasn't working as well as I originally thought! I needed something different, something better if I was ever going to get the hair I want.

Don't let this put you off the Keratin Smooth Range though. You must keep in mind that my hair is absolutely wrecked from years of bleaching and heat styling. It's going to take a lot to repair it, and using this range for a month or so was hardly going to be the thing that I needed. I can feel that it is a good range though. As it did leave my hair feeling so silky, I imagine if your hair is in reasonable condition, it just needs a little extra help every now and then, this could definitely work for you. It is quite a heavy shampoo though, so I'd recommend caution if your hair is quite fine. If, like me, you are suffering from severely damaged hair, then I'm afraid to say, don't expect miracles from this!