I try my very best to keep the tone of The Glitter Vixen as positive as possible, but I'm also well aware of the fact that I do not in fact love every product I use and that I distrust bloggers who never, ever give a negative review. So today, I'm gonna be totally honest and say I really don't love this product: the V05 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir. Although I mentioned it in my hair care routine video, I've since just finished my third bottle of this and believe I have well and truly made up my mind about this product now. This isn't to say it's a completely bad product; the reason I purchased this is that I'd seen so many positive reviews of it! I'm imagining that this is just a case of a product disagreeing with me personally. It should probably also be taken  into account that I did buy 3 bottles of this before I decided it wasn't for me...

My first gripe with this product is how messy it is. Although you apply it in the shower, I always found it really difficult to coat my hair in it evenly. It says to apply directly to hair which I find difficult but it's also way too runny to pour into your hands and then work it through your hair that way. This meant while some of hair ended up covered in oil, some of the bits that needed it most just didn't. Upon rinsing the oil out, I'd find some parts of my hair would be left feeling relatively soft, but not any softer than conditioner leaves it. It also claims to double the strength of hair, but considering my hairdresser is still refusing to colour my hair for me and my mum was horrified while combing my hair this morning (she was cutting my fringe for me) that parts of it fall out when you comb it. So it's definitely not getting any stronger!

I want to try and say one positive about this product so here goes: they've recently rebranded the bottle and it's now got a pink design on which is much nicer than the blue design in my opinion and probably why I did buy two more bottles of it after my first. It also smells pretty good too, which if you've read this blog for any period of time now, you know that smelling good is a pre-requisite for anything I buy. Sadly, my positive feelings end there. Maybe there's a technique to this I'm just missing, or maybe my hair is too far gone for something like this to save it, who knows! All I know is I will not be buying any more now!

Have you tried the V05 Moisture Soak Elixir? What do you think of it?