As I mentioned in my last blog post, I turned 22 on Saturday. A few days after my 21st birthday, I posted a list of 21 things I wanted to achieve before I turned 22. Revisiting that list today is making me giggle. While I've achieved some things, like going to more gigs again and getting a magazine article published. But most I haven't done - for example, I haven't anywhere near passed my driving test; I've actually stopped having lessons altogether! Some, like getting a degree relevant job, just make me laugh so hard because that is now so irrelevant to my life. Rather than write a blog post about how my 21 Before 22 was an epic fail, I figured I'd rather start fresh with a 22 before 23 list. (OK, the fact that I'm 23 next is rather terrifying!) At beginning of 2013, I actually wrote a list of 100 Things To Do in 2013. That list is actually pretty personal in places and a lot of it is horrifically mundane like dye my hair the colour I've been attempting for nearly a year now. Plus, 100 things in a blog post is just too much. I do like publicly sharing my goals though as it helps motivate me, so today, I'm sharing the 22 things I want to achieve before I turn 23.

1) Pass My Driving Test (seriously this time): in all honesty, I'm fine with not being able to drive. I've been getting myself up and down the country via public transport, alone, since the age of 13. I'm proud of my ability to be able to make sense of complicated travel timetables and do journeys which make most people frown and go "you poor thing" without batting an eyelid. Even being in a long distance relationship doesn't motivate me to want to drive - he can drive to me and like I've just said, I'm not fussed about trains/buses/coaches/hiking/whatever and to be honest, all that is probably cheaper than petrol, road tax and car insurance anyway. Yet one day - I'm going to have children. One day - my boy is going to turn round and say he doesn't want to be solely responsible for driving these children about or doing the shopping or generally just getting us about. Yeah, deep down, I know that despite my indifference towards it, learning to drive is valuable skill. Gonna give you a bit of brutal honesty here - I suffer from anxiety and that is what puts me off learning to drive the most. I've failed my driving test twice and since that very last time I failed, the very last time I was behind the wheel, the thought of driving has terrified me. I had a panic attack when I failed first time and had one during my second test. There is nothing (nothing I'm prepared to talk about online anyway) that causes my anxiety to fly out of control like driving does. Even writing this now I can feel my heart pumping faster. I had to tell my boyfriend to shut up on the way to Chester Zoo because he was encouraging me to learn. But, I've already passed my theory and it will expire in February next year. I've already spent so much money on lessons. It'd be a shame to let a mental disorder that I've largely managed to tackle this year prevent me from learning such a valuable skill.

2) Start My Own Business: this is something I've been contemplating since last year. I'm not talking a fully fledged business where I earn enough to live from because I enjoy my job so much and am hoping to progress up the ladder there - I just want a little extra income on the side and well, an extra hobby. My business ideas are perfect for giving me something to do offline and they'll also (hopefully) let me afford a little treat for myself every now and again too.

3) Learn a New Language: I've been saying for years that I'll learn a new language. I got quite far with my Japanese lessons in my second year of uni, only to get a job halfway through and no longer be able to attend my lessons. I talk about learning French because god only knows how much I'd love to go on holiday to France regularly and be able to talk to French pharmacists about my beauty needs. Spanish is the one I toy with most often though. It's one of the world's most spoken languages and seeing as I want to live in California one day, where a huge amount of the population speaks, you guessed it, Spanish, I figure this will actually be genuinely useful to me as well a nice addition to the old CV. My 22nd year of living is the the year I stop talking and start doing.

4) Learn to Sew: as someone who has been customising clothes recently ready to sell in her upcoming shop, I figure that learning to sew properly so I can actually make my own clothes from scratch is another skill I definitely want to have in my arsenal.

5) Roller Derby: another thing I've been talking about for years but somehow never actually get round to doing it. I'm ready to stop making excuses now though. Even if I don't have time to properly commit to learning to skate and then learning to play as part of a team (I'll go for Wakey Wheeled Cats or possibly Leeds Rollerdolls) I'm gonna at least check out a practice and visit any games that happen locally.

6) Complete my Team Leader Training at Work - as I want to progress within my company, completely my training as Team Leader is the first step to doing that. By the time I'm 23, I will have finished training and I hope I will also have a few successful days of running the store by myself under my belt as well. This will give my self confidence a boost and should also give me the experience and good reference I'll need to take my career further.

7) Move Out: this one doesn't need much explaining. I hate living at "home" and it's nothing personal towards my family, but now I've escaped once, I can't wait to do it again. Moving out in the next year could be a tad unrealistic but I'm going to work really hard for this one.

8) Get My Hair Cut and Coloured: last summer I saved an image on my phone of the hair cut I wanted and decided on a dramatic colour changed. Nearly a year on, my hair is even more damaged than it was when it was white, is now an interesting mix of my natural roots, blonde and random bits of ginger and in the same style is has been pretty much since forever, minus the fact I've grown my bob out. Stubborn little me doesn't want my perfect style cutting in until it's the perfect colour again. I've dropped serious £££ on hair care recently and have learnt to refrain from a daily blow dry so hopefully some day soon, I won't want to scribble my hair out on all pictures of myself.

9) Read Two Books a Month: on my 21 before 22 list, this was actually "read a book a week" but with my currently lifestyle of random shifts at work and the fact that I take pleasure in things like blogging, gaming, watch TV etc as well as reading now, I've realised two books a month is much more realistic. So far, I'm well on track as Kathy Reichs books as so easy to devour!

10) Bake One Cake a Month: I actually set this as a goal at the beginning of 2013 but have so far only baked one cake, a birthday cake for my mum. I got loads of cute little baking related things for Christmas and I want to have a baking related feature on this blog. Truth is, I'm seriously lazy but I know once I start baking again, I'll really get into it again.

11) Get 100+ Blog Followers: this a really shallow goal but it's something I would really be proud of. I had wanted to get to 100 before my birthday because I had a really awesome giveaway planned (I've put together a mystery beauty box!) but I didn't reach it by then unfortunately. My giveaway is going to wait until another blog milestone instead now - but what that milestone will be remains a mystery to everyone except myself ;)

12) Own Everything That is On My "High End Wishlist": seeing as I'm very likely to add to this in the next 12 months, I'm going to say by "everything" I mean everything that was already on it this day, 28th May 2013. Again, not exactly a goal for self improvement and when I think about it, it's seriously materialistic and selfish but hey, I'm a beauty blogger and look, we need things like NARS blushers and MAC lipsticks in our lives.

13) Go To a Theme Park and Actually GO On the Rides: another one from my 21 before 22 list that I still want to do!

14) Be Organised for Christmas: last year, I did all my shopping on Christmas Eve and failed to buy anyone any cards. This year, I am going to start planning presents in November, by them all in the first week of December and send out cards to people at work and various internet friends here and there. I refuse to be stressed this year and I want to make sure everyone I love is given a little something.

15) Successfully Execute a Two Month Spending Ban - I'm planning to undertake this one in June and July - expect a full blog post soon!

16) Visit My Brother in University: ok, ok, this more because I've actually never been to Scotland before and he's at Glasgow School of Art but I think it's about time I finally paid a visit to the land of the Loch Ness Monster!

17) Try and Go a DAY Without my Laptop and Internet on my Phone: the fact that even this feels too ambitious for me says just how bloody important it is for me to achieve this...

18) Try/Cook a Brand New Dish: lately I've fallen into habits with my eating and cannot remember the last time I tried anything new. I think I'll try and do this once a month starting from June!

19) Give up Coke for 40 Days and 40 Nights: last year I gave up Coke for lent. My skin has never been clearer. I tried to do the same again this year but I failed miserably as I was in the middle of what I refer to now as "the dark days". I'm way, way, way too dependent on Coke (err, Coca Cola that is...!!!) even though I know it's horrid for my skin and body. So, I will have Lent Take 2!

20) Get My Eyebrows Threaded: I have no idea where to go for waxing in Wakefield (I did this frequently when I lived in Aberyswtyth) and trying to maintain my eyebrows myself isn't proving fruitful at all. Thinks it's about time I faced up to the fear of how much it'll hurt and just did it.

21) Get a 3DS and Complete Luigi's Mansion: Luigi's Mansion was my favourite game for game cube (favourite game ever?!). Despite this, I never, ever, ever managed to complete it. I could never get past King Boo! :( Seeing a 3DS version had been brought out made me seriously excited and made me determined to get my hands on a console I'd previously had no interest in.

22) Remember, it's not end of the world if these goals change for me: I love making goals. I love To Do Lists. I love ticking things off. But a lot of the time, this leads me to feel guilty when I really, really shouldn't. So, my final item on my 22 Before 23 List is to accept my priorities will change over the next 12 months and I might not want to achieve these things anymore and that's not a bad thing.

Do you write this type of list?

PS: SO SORRY that this turned out SO LONG xo