So, I've had a week or so away from blogging to try relax and recharge my batteries. After my last Vixen Thinks post, I decided to absolve myself of any responsibility other than my job and just do things for myself for a bit which meant taking a tiny step away from blogging. Seeing as I had Friday-tomorrow off work, I decided it was as good a time as any. While I still feel a little bit like I could do with a holiday, I've had my birthday during my break as well so it's likely I'm just a bit tired from the excitement of the past few days! On my birthday, I went out to Chester Zoo for the day. I assumed it was something everyone has done before because I've been more times than I can count but no, it was my boyfriend's first visit to my huge surprise! So, just in case any of my readers haven't been before/need reminding what a great day out it is, I thought I'd  do a little blog post about my birthday.

As my boyfriend arrived Wednesday night and only left about an hour ago, we had actually planned to do a lot more than go to Chester Zoo! As I was working Thursday, we didn't have anything planned for then other than to chill out and enjoy each other's company but Friday, I'd wanted to go out. Sadly the weather was absolutely hideous so we ended up going to the cinema instead. We also wanted to go out for food but I ate so many sweets in the cinema I felt a bit too sick. Eventually though, my stomach settled itself enough ready for takeaway where I had my favourite things: cheesy chips, mozzarella sticks and a very garlicky pizza. As a result of all this, I was very worried about how Saturday, my birthday, was going to turn out. Luckily for me, I woke up well before my alarm on Saturday morning to see some bloody lovely blazing sunshine! Winner!

After everyone moaning that I take too long to get ready (rude! It was my birthday!) my boyfriend and I jumped into his car while my family jumped into my mum's boyfriend's car. During the journey there was a horrible moment where all the traffic came to standstill and I was terrified we'd be there for hours as people were getting out of their cars and switching their engines off. Thankfully, it actually cleared up pretty quickly. At the zoo, we met up with my auntie, uncle and two cousins along with my grandparents. Since we first got together, me and my boyfriend have always laughed about how well suited we are for each other as we approach things like zoos and museums etc from exactly the same angle - we look and we move on! Whereas our families will stand staring at one thing for hours...This meant I didn't actually see much of my family as me and the boy kept wandering off! Still, it was lovely to see people and I had an amazing day.

I decided to just let the pictures do some talking as I think they speak louder than any words I can write. In particular though, I loved the butterfly house, the bat cave and the orangutans. My boyfriend and I spent my 20th birthday together at a butterfly house and we tend to make a habit of visiting them so they're special to me. The bat cave is awesome at Chester Zoo, it really is a cave and all the bats are free flying. It's an amazing experience. The orangutans though - oh my god. Although I'm know for my love of elephants, and of course, foxes, I think orangutans are my real favourite animal. They are gorgeous creatures and I could watch them for hours. Other things of note were the terribly cute baby otters playfighting, the baby elephants, the baby rhino and seeing the spectacled bears for the first time ever!

In the evening, we watched a lot of Bones and had another cheeky takeaway - Domino's this time - yum! Sunday we were meant to go to a party but I wasn't feeling up to it and today we visited my dad and company where I ended up spending a little of my birthday money.

So, this has been my first post as a 22 year old! Scary stuff!

PS: I'll be doing a full What I Wore post in due time ;) xo