As if April is already over and we're into May. My birthday month already! As if I'm turning 22, but we'll talk about that later because we're here today to talk about my favourites during April. As always if you enjoy my videos, please like and subscribe and for full details of everything you could possibly imagine, please click through to view on YouTube.

My favourite perfume this month has been Kate Moss Lilabelle Truly Adorable. A delicate floral scent absolutely perfect for day time wear. My shower gel of choice has been the I Love...Coconuts and Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Creme although I've yet to use it in the bath and have now used it up. I'm not a bath person alright! Face wise, I've been needing some heavy duty products to do a little damage control as my skin has had a major tantrum this month and broken out terribly. To give me the best base possible and minimise my pores, I've turned to Benefit The Porefessional the greatest primer to enter my life so far! Sadly it was only a sample size and I'm all out now but as soon as I'm feeling more financially affluent again I will be repurchasing. My next trusty face product is the B. Flawless Complete Coverage Foundation as this provides the coverage I so desperately need at the minute. My face is a bumpy mess so no, it doesn't hide my horrid skin completely but it makes it a much more even colour and a lot less terrifying to look at, so I'm smitten with this foundation right now. Moving on to products for my cheeks, surprise surprise, we have two E.L.F products here. Firstly, the E.L.F Cream Blusher in Heartbreaker an almost coral but more pink cream blush I've learnt to adore this product. At first I struggled with the application of these blushers but now I've realised it's best to just dip my stipple brush into the pot and then dab onto my cheeks from there, I've realised just how amazing this blush is. I love the colour and I love the powdery finish. The E.L.F Baked Blush in Pinktastic is a real game changer though. It might just be my favourite highlighter so far! While I love the Studio Blusher in Gotta Glow, Pinktastic is even better. Much more finely milled, very long lasting and gives a gorgeous pinky yet silvery yet goldy glow to my skin. It's amazing. My favourite lip colour this month is a weird one as it's the Rimmel Apocalips in Luna. I say weird, because I actually hate the formula of these products, I think it tastes bizarre and it isn't long lasting in the slightest. However, they are so pigmented and I adore the shade range so much that Luna just had to make its way into my favourites.

The final product I feature in this video deserves a paragraph of its own. I've never, ever been into eye creams. Benefit It's Potent! is actually my first ever one. Had I not received it as a gift as part of a gift set, I would never have ever thought about using one. I just assumed they were a myth. Nothing would work on dark circles and as for leaving eyes looking less puffy and more awake - ha! Yet, I had to give it a go because I hate things to go to waste. Before using it, I decided not to read any reviews of it at all because if I did see a difference, I wanted to know I was definitely seeing a difference and not being influenced by outside opinions. So imagine my shock a few days after I started using it when I noticed my dark circles were a lot, lot, lot lighter. Yes, they're still there but the colour difference is insane and I need a lot less concealer now. You only need the tiniest amount of this product so it's going to last me ages and I know it's one I will be debating when it eventually runs out - I'm leaning towards repurchase at the minute but I am also curious to see how well other eye creams work now!

What were your April Products of the Month?