Concealer was something I never used to splurge on. I stuck to Rimmel's Hide the Blemish concealer mainly, occasionally used the Natural Collection ones and then discovered the famous Collection Lasting Perfection which quite frankly, is so good, I didn't see myself ever straying from it, as at £4.19 it's an absolute bargain. And then I had a Benefit makeover. In all honesty, I was quite horrified about going to see a professional makeup artist with my skin as horrific as it is. I was worried about how she'd work around that. Turns out I needn't have worried as she pulled out the Benefit Boi-ing concealer and well, it was love at first sight. As she only did half of my face to begin with, I was able to see the difference this concealer truly made and boy does it make a difference. I could believe how well it hid my blemishes and scarring, not mention the sleepless nights my life is so full of! So, naturally, one of these made their way into my bag after the makeover was finished.

Back home, I haven't been disappointed by this product at all. It's even better than my Collection concealer and I truly stand behind its description as an industrial strength concealer. The thing I like most about this concealer is that it is fine for both under my eyes and my blemishes - many concealers seem to work well at one or the other, but this one is great for both. Under the eyes it doesn't crease and it lasts all day there. On my blemishes, it did tend to wear off a bit quickly, but generally, the lasting power was great there too if my skin was being as well behaved as it ever gets. The main selling point of this Boi-ing Concealer over the Collection one however, is it comes in a little pot. This means I could use a clean brush to apply it every time I used it. This concealer is also antibacterial. These points are very important to me because there is nothing more comforting to me than using a product on my face and knowing it isn't going to make my skin any worse. My spots always lingered a little longer while using the Collection concealer - and I suspect its doe foot applicator was the culprit of this. Using a clean brush or finger to apply Boi-ing Concealer however, meant my spots seemed to disappear much quicker.

My one gripe with this Benefit concealer is the price point. While I have absolutely no qualms about dropping £18.50 on a product that I know works, the sad truth is I'm not the richest of girls and I go through concealer like no one's business - therefore, I can't really afford £18.50 every time I want a new concealer! For this reason, when I ran out of Boi-ing a few weeks ago, I did actually repurchase the Collection concealer instead. However, should my circumstances change/I stopped being horribly reckless with my money, this concealer is definitely going to come back into my life one day.

Have you tried this concealer?