Hello! Today I thought I'd share just a handful of items I've been lusting after for a while now. As my birthday is coming up rather soon, I thought I'd title it "Birthday Wishlist" although I already know full well that my mum's side of the family don't buy you presents after your 21st so the emphasis really is on the wish part of wishlist. Even if I was getting any presents this year, I still wouldn't expect all this. In all reality, it's more a list of things I will buy for myself at some point this year...All links to buy these products can be found in the caption underneath the photo.

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette: I love Too Faced. I have no idea why I currently don't own any of their products. For a while I was in love with the Naked Eye palette but I accidentally lost it to the hands of my sister. Since then, I haven't really had any more but I want to rectify this! The Boudoir Eyes palette looks like a great night time palette for me. At the moment, there's not really much difference between my day makeup and evening makeup and I'd quite like for there to be a difference again. This palette is so pretty though, I'd probably just end up wearing it on a daily basis.

Crown and Glory Tea Rose Headband - gah, I love Crown and Glory. When I first discovered them I had such short hair that any head gear just looked appalling on me but now that Spring is trying to arrive and my hair is shoulder length, I really, really want some pretty floral crowns to wear. While I love the Whole Lotta Rosie headbands, my head is tiny and I fear they would look too big on me but this Tea Rose Headband just seems like the perfect colour and size for me.

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup - yeah, just had to sneak another Too Faced item in there! I'm obsessed with the idea of this palette: it's got a few concealers, blushers and bronzers in there for creating a natural makeup look. It's so compact and has a few products in one so it'd be great for going to see my long distance lover. Not to mention it's just so pretty looking!

Etsy Floral Necklace - can you tell I like florals when the sun starts shining? I love pastel colours too so this necklace is a dream. I was actually searching for Marie Antoinette necklaces when I found this but stumbled on this instead. It was promptly added to my Etsy favourites! I think this would look great with my range of sheer collared shirts.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Little Angels Collection - this gorgeous little set features two lip and cheek tints and two liquid highlighters. One tint looks incredibly similar to my much loved Benetint while one highlighter looks a bit like Benefit's High Beam highlighter. I'd love to try out some cheaper alternatives and MeMeMe is a brand that is starting to really appeal to me.

Tresemme Volume Curling Wand - I'm rubbish at doing my hair. Having it big and curly or wavy is my favourite thing to do but I am absolutely hopeless at creating this style without the help of my trusty sister. I saw a handful of reviews of this wand online and I think it could be the solution to my problems. I have the Volume Styler from this particular Tresemme range and I adore what it does for my hair so I'm quite fond of the idea of owning the curling wand too.

Wreck This Journal - creativity is so hugely important to me, and outside of blogging, I so rarely exercise my ability to be creative. I've known about Wreck This Journal for ages and I don't know why it's taking me so long to get hold of one as it would bring the creativity I love so much bank into my life.

Real Technique Core Collection - this brush set needs no introduction in the world of beauty bloggers! I have a brush in my collection that looks incredibly similar to the Buffing Brush from this kit but it was part of a 32 piece kit from eBay that cost a tenner so as you can imagine, it sheds like crazy. That being said, I love the way my foundation applies with it and now I've decided I need this high quality yet affordable set in my life.

Silver Fox Ring - ok, yeah, I already have 9408604393773 fox rings but they're all gold/bronzey colours! This is silly because the jewelry I primarily wear is all silver! Once again I was on Etsy searching for something completely different when I stumbled across this. It was love at first sight. Like serious love. There's also a rose gold one I'm eyeing up...

So, yeah, a limited list of things I want! What do you think of my taste?