Life has been pretty eventful since my last Instavixen! I've actually been having something resembling a life, although granted a lot of my life is my job now but hey, aren't most adults lives all about work?! So, one thing I've been trying to do is eat more healthily. While I've definitely upped my intake of fruit and vegetables,  as you can see from the pictures my diet still can't be classed as healthy! The highlight being my waking up too late to have breakfast this morning and going straight out for pub lunch and ordering some of the worst things on the menu. Gotta be said though, enchiladas are some of my favourites and I've been obsessed with melt in the middle chocolate pudding for a good while now, and this one was huge! What I do wish is that I could afford more Graze boxes. While I know they're highly overpriced, they do make it a little bit easier and a little bit nicer for me to have something instead of crisps or chocolate. I currently receive one box a month as I was given three half price boxes, but my June one will be the last of these, sob!

So, the reason I didn't get round to do an Instavixen post last Sunday is because I decided to say "yes" and go out with a good friend who I haven't been seeing as much as I'd like to recently. We went out on Sunday night as it was a bank holiday and we went to something called Insomnifest. Full of chavs and names of people like Tom Zanetti that I recognise but don't really have a clue about, I was a little bit terrified of paying £20 for a ticket for this as I was pretty sure I was going to hate it. Truth be told, I actually had suuuuuuch a good time. The music wasn't *so* bad and it felt really good to be out in warehouse in Leeds rather than doing the same old Wakefield pubs. I also felt a lot safer in Leeds because it meant less chance of seeing any unwanted faces. Sadly, disaster struck. My brand new playsuit broke on me! Luckily I have the best dad EVER and he drove all the way to Leeds to come get me, take me home, let me get changed, and then drove me all the way back to Leeds. But when I got back to Leeds, the girls I was out with were heading into a taxi back to Wakefield! Me and my friend really weren't happy about this but we couldn't be bothered fighting it and it would be too expensive to get taxis home if the two of us stayed in Leeds so off to Wakefield we went. After some cheesy chips, I perked up and Wakefield wasn't so bad. I met some nice people which is always cool, and unexpected in Wakefield.

Unsurprisingly, I've been doing a fair bit of shopping recently and that's what a lot of my pictures this week focus on. I've also had a sleepover with the same friend I went out with on Sunday and besides that I've just been at work. At the minute I'm really, really exhausted all the time so I've just been saving all my energy for work. After that, I really can't manage anything else. It's a good job I'm really enjoying my new role at work! Oh, and although I've been buying clothes, jewelry and hair care products, I've actually been resisting the 3 for 2 offer on ALL makeup at work, so that's one thing to be proud of!

What's your week been like?