I'm obsessed with my hair. If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you've probably already clocked onto this fact! My hair was my pride and joy for so long and then I wrecked it with copious amounts of bleach. I cut it all off into a bob and for a while, it was great, in fact I look at photos of me with my short blonde bob and I almost want it back now. But I get bored and I decided long hair was something I needed in my life. Enter this Lee Stafford Growth Treatment!

I ran out of this quite a while ago now and I must say, I miss it terribly. As soon as I stop buying naughty things and stop being so skint all the time, I'm picking another up because the difference between my hair now and the when I was using this is insane. First of all, this is a treatment you use after shampooing and before conditioning. It's recommended to use this every wash until your hair begins to feel better and then you can use it once a week. This is exactly how I used it.

This product smells divine. I seriously can't get enough of how it smells. Reason number one I want to repurchase. It's a lovely thick formula that coats your hair really nicely yet doesn't leave heavy residue in your hair. You leave the product on for five minutes before rinsing. Rinsed off, even wet, my hair would feel much softer - I almost felt like I didn't need conditioner although I could never bring myself to see what would happen if I skipped conditioner.

In a week or two, my hair was not only feeling much better but it was actually getting longer and it was beginning to thicken itself back up again. My hair felt so good that I got a bit reckless and started regularly abusing my hair with heat. When I ran out of this product - the effects of the heat started taking their toll! As a result, I'm now desperate to have this product back in my life so I can do some damage control and start regrowing the hair I've lost. This product does what it says it does and I love it. Just as long as you don't go in with unrealistic ideas that you'll wake up with Rapunzel hair the next day, I don't think you'd be disappointed by this product!