Ok, ok, so maybe this collection was released for Christmas so maybe it's a bit out of date now! But hey, these polishes are still available, and although quite Christmassy in nature, they're absolutely gorgeous polishes and talk about them I will! If you're a big lover of glitter nail polish, as I am, this collection needs to be in your life. Featuring 5 different glitter polishes, it has been a must have on my list since it was first announced. There isn't a single one I dislike and unlike most of my polishes, I have worn every polish in this collection on more than one occasion. Of course, being quite different glitters and textures, it polish varies in how it applies etc, so I will talk about them all individually!

Northern Lights
I'm talking about Northern Lights first because it is my absolute favourite polish ever, not just in this collection. It's a lovely iridescent pink glitter shade that has silver and gold and a whole multitude of colours in it when it catches the light. Simply: it's beautiful. It's also the best glitter I've got in terms of application, it's pretty much opaque in one coat, definitely in two coats. While it takes forever to dry, I can deal with this for the finished results!

Southern Lights
This is a colder, blue/grey version of Northern Lights. While the colour doesn't quite live up to pink for me, it's still a beautiful glitter polish and applies much the same as Northern Lights does. You only need one or two coats for it to look incredible.

Jack Frost
In terms of application, this is my least favourite in the collection although one of the prettiest! It looks gorgeous, but sadly it's such a pain to apply. It requires lots of dabbing rather than brushing and lots of waiting around in between layers to be able to apply enough so that it looks good. Yet, once you've applied enough to see just pretty it is, it just refuses to dry. Because of this, it always ends up smudged and not so dazzling.

I'm really not bothered about owning any more silver glitter polishes now, this one is just perfect for me. It's got a few different sized silver particles in it and is super sparkly. Application varies; sometimes you get loads of glitter in one go, other times it takes a lot of dabbing and a few coats. The end result is totally worth it though and it's super long lasting on the nails; it probably lasts the longest out of the whole collection.

In terms of how it looks, Snowflake is my least favourite in the collection but don't worry, it's still super pretty! I just prefer the others. This is another one that is very fiddly to apply but it lasts such a long time without chipping that I don't mind.

Overall then, I really like this collection and totally recommend it to glitter fiends! It was released at the same time as the Mirrorball collection, and I definitely like this one better.