Ah V05, they manage to win me over with their lovely pink packaging every time! Although they've been pink for quite a while now, I remember the day where I walked into Superdrug looking for my trusty red bottle just to notice it had been updated to my favourite colour! While at first I wasn't too happy with the "great new smell" claims, I've now grown used to the new smell, cannot remember what the old one was like and still use V05 products religiously. While it's their heat protection spray that gets repurchased over and over again by me, I do like to venture out into new products every now and again.

My hair doesn't differ much. Most days I blow dry it, straighten it and that's that. I love curling it but I always need help and it's just a bit too damaging for my fragile hair at the moment. So what do I do when I go out? Obviously for nights out I want to look like I've put more effort in than usual - with my makeup that means more eyeliner and a set of false lashes, but what can I possibly do with my hair? I don't like tying it up and only ever do that for work so when I go out - I aim for lots of texture and lots of volume! Me being me though, I hate backcombing my hair these days as well as I'm so scared of anything that can cause damage to my hair. That's why I decided to give this powder a go!

Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. Upon first feeling this powder, I was terrified it was going to leave my hair a greasy mess but once applied, I realised this wasn't the case. You apply this directly to your roots and then fluff up your hair. It gives hair an amazing textured look and an instant boost of volume. Although my hair would fall flat after a bit, I'd simply just puff it back up when this occurred and it'd be back to being massive. I love the way this makes me hair look and it just makes my hair look a little bit different without too much effort.

The one thing I don't like about this product is its matte finish. I much prefer having super shiny hair! That being said, I feel like maybe if this product was intended to give shine then it would actually make my hair look greasy. So although not my personal preference, I think the matte finish is a bonus really.

What do you think of texturising powders?