One of the lovely Benefit goodies I got for Christmas was this little kit called "Porefect Radiance". It contains three miniature Benefit products: It's Potent Eye Cream and the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion from the skin care range along with the very well know Porefessional Primer. Although I was delighted to have received a mini Porefessional as I had been desperate to try it, I was a tiny bit dubious about the other two. I've never believed in eye cream before and I hadn't heard much about Benefit Skincare and I always make the mistake of assuming something can't be that great if everyone's not blogging about it. Yet, as you know, I've called myself a lover of all things Benefit on this blog, so it's pretty obvious what comes next in this review!

It's Potent! Eye Cream
As I'd never used eye cream before, as I'd never really believed it could work and just didn't see the point in it at all, I purposely didn't read anything about this product before I used it, not even the information that came on the packet about it. My reasoning behind this was that I was scared if I read reviews of it I'd start seeing the things the reviewer spoke about whereas I wanted to know if this product was definitely working. I figured if I had no preconceptions and I saw a difference, I knew I'd really be seeing a difference. Imagine my surprise then, a day or two after I first used this cream, I noticed my dark circles were no longer as dark! Dark circles are a family trait for me, our family all have very deep set eyes which mean the bags under them are always rather pronounced. I'd decided a long time ago that concealer was the only way to deal with these. I'm not saying this is a miracle, my dark circles are indeed still there but they are nowhere near as noticeable as they used to be, I need less concealer, and I am much happier with them than I used to be. I'm genuinely considering repurchasing a full size of this when I run out of my sample (a tiny, tiny bit goes a very long way) but I think I'll end up trying a few cheaper eye creams first.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion
I wasn't so sure what to think of this. I wasn't sure if it is classed as a moisturiser or not and it's only recently that I've started believing in the true necessity of a moisturiser. Needless to say, I gave it a go. It's a lovely formula, very soft and not too thick but not too thin either. It blends into the skin very nicely and has no obvious scent about it. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Again, I'm umming and ahhing about maybe repurchasing a full size bottle of this but I must admit I am rather put off by the packaging. Although it looks so cool, like a little magic potion bottle, its functionality isn't great. It's a glass bottle and you simply have to tap the bottle onto your fingers to get the product out. It's difficult to get the right amount and it means product is inevitably wasted. For this reason, I'm not too sure I'd want to fork out for this. I do like it though.

The Porefessional 
This product has already featured in a Products of the Month video and I recently finally got round to buying myself a full sized tube. This primer is incredible. Previously to this, I'd only ever tried one facial primer before and I hated it so much it completely put me off primer altogether. Although I wanted to try the Porefessional as I'd heard good things about it, I really didn't want to risk buying it in case I hated this one too. Obviously I don't. I think the most important thing to say about it is don't go in expecting miracles, like no eye cream with make your dark circles vanish, no product will make your pores completely disappear. The Porefessional however, does seriously minimise the appearance of pores. Along with this, it really smooths out the skin giving you a lovely fresh canvas to apply the rest of your makeup to. I also find it increases the wear time of my foundation which I am really happy about it.

All together, these products create the perfect prep and prime routine for your skin before makeup. The eye cream means less makeup is needed, the emulsion feeds your skin and leaves it ready to receive the primer while the primer has become one of my absolutely must haves for flawless makeup. If you're curious about these Benefit products yet like me, the price is a little scary, or if you're into glowing, flawless skin, I wholeheartedly recommend checking this lovely little kit out.

What do you think of Benefit?