Hello everyone! Time seems to have flown since last Sunday. It really does feel like yesterday that I wrote my last Instavixen post. It's truly insane - life has always seem to pass more and more quickly as each year passes but I can't believe that I've already been in Wakefield for over a year now. The time since university might as well not have happened for how quickly I feel it went by. I've had a good week overall. I was off work on Monday and to my delight, it was gorgeously sunny. I spent the day in the garden reading books, playing DS games, playing Kindle games and putting the finishing touches to some of the items that will be for sale in my shop. As for the shop: I've decided to stop putting a date on when I want to open it. I've had about 4 dates I've said to myself THAT will be the day I open since January and each time, I've just watched it fly by. I've decided now that when it's time, it'll be time and to stop stressing myself out about it. This gorgeous weather has certainly motivated me to get more things done though! Especially anything that can be done outside...Oh, and just in case anyone expected me to open my shop last weekend (I noticed a lot of traffic to that page after I Tweeted about "opening the shop") that Tweet was actually about shop I work in haha. While I've cashed up more times than I can count now and will shortly be doing it without managerial supervision, it was the first time I'd opened up the store. I say this time and time again and I know most people just don't get why I'm so enthusiastic but I really do love my job and being in a managerial position just feels right.

That being said, work is stressful at times. I had a pretty horrid shift on Tuesday and while I was on the bus home fighting back tears, I realised my mum was in a pub that I adore going to and just so happens to be on my way home from work. So, off the bus I hopped a few stops early and went to meet my mum, her boyfriend, his daughter and her boyfriend with their so bloody adorable puppy Millie. We went for a lovely walk through the countryside and then headed to the pub for food and drinks. I wasn't feeling any of the main courses but I noticed they were doing garlic mushroom bruschetta was on the specials list so I opted for that. In all honesty, I could have cooked it better myself, but it was still very comforting after the day I'd had, especially washed down with a Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg! The rest of my week was pretty standard, I did my nails up all pretty just to end up breaking them all during promo change at work (that shift is LETHAL for nails I swear) and I received a few goodies in the post bought pre-shopping ban. I am absolutely head over heels (no pun intended, oops!) for my new creepers. They suits me a lot more than I thought they would and I like them even better in person. I've conveniently forgotten what I wanted to wear them with though, oops. I also received the beautiful necklace from my Birthday Wishlist from my boyfriend as a late birthday present. I was so excited when I realised that it was my boyfriend who had bought it, as only the day before, I'd noticed it had been sold on Etsy.

Now, a little Operation Improved Lifestyle Update. Amazingly, week one of my spending ban has been successful. I've decided that I am allowed to make a few exceptions. As magazines are only around for a month and I do really love reading Glamour and Company, I've decided I am still allowed to buy them. Wednesday 13 has also announced a new tour and seeing as there's only ONE UK date, as soon as I can afford to, I will be buying a ticket for that because I will be heartbroken if I miss out on him. I've also noticed my hair is very, very, very soft recently so if I get halfway through my ban without spending anything, I will finally treat myself to that hair cut and colour I'm so desperate for. I'm really hoping to use up a lot of my products during my ban so I can actually justify buying more and I've also realised a lot of my stuff just doesn't work for me anymore so I've added a blog sale to my "To Do List". This is a big step for me because normally I'm an absolute hoarder and I only ever give stuff to my sisters because I know if I only give it to them, I'm gonna see it again. By having a blog sale, I'm showing myself that stuff isn't so important.

On the healthier lifestyle side of things - I kept making excuses to not go to the doctors although I've been feeling pretty awful recently. I dunno, it seems kinda pointless going to a doctor when I'm 99% sure the problem is my diet. If I go a month with a healthy diet and still feel like I do, then I think I will talk to a doctor. That being said - my diet isn't fantastic yet although it has slightly improved. It's just hard when I'm not the one who does the food shopping for my house and I'm currently too skint to get my own stuff in. As you can see from the pictures above - chocolate was reduced down to 10p at work so I couldn't say no and I also had a cheeky Burger King today. However, instead of crisps I've been snacking on carrots and mange tout along with things from Graze. I also made sure I took in a full Graze box to work for my lunch one day and didn't buy any energy drinks or other horribly unhealthy stuff either. I've been having salad with a lot of my meals as well so it could be a lot, lot, lot worse. Still not enough change to make me feel any better though!

So yeah, that's my life at the minute. How about yours?