loreal, loreal lumi magique, primer, foundation, highlighting pen, review
loreal, loreal lumi magique, primer, review
loreal, loreal lumi magique, loreal foundation, review
loreal, loreal concealer, loreal highlighting pen, review

The Loreal Lumi Magique Collection is one I have been using for a while now. I vaguely remember playing with the foundation at work and suddenly wanting everything in the range, so the whole range I bought. They're not the best products I've ever used and which one I like best varies from time to time, but they are of a very high quality and they are amazing when my skin is actually behaving. (Which is sadly NEVER these days.)

I've fallen a little out of love with the primer at the moment. My skin is a horrible oily mess of spots and blemishes so this primer really doesn't work very well for me at the moment. That aside, before my skin decided to be the worst it has ever been, I really adored this primer and for a while, my favourite face base consisted of this primer and the No7 BB Cream. I suppose the thing to keep in mind as I write this review is: nothing works very well on my skin right now. So just because I don't like the primer at the minute, please don't let that put you off. I never used to be much of a primer fan. The first face primer I tried was absolutely awful and put me off buying them for a loooooong time. However, like everyone else in the blogosphere, I soon decided I wanted to ditch matte skin and go for a much more glowing look and I decided this was the product to achieve it with. Also though ever so slightly oily, I love the finish this primer gives. It glides over skin nicely and completely wakes up your skin. Underneath a BB cream it made my skin just look really healthy. Because it's a brightening primer, I didn't expect this primer to enhance the wear time of my foundation, however I believe it does manage to add and extra hour or so.

I'm currently using this foundation on a daily basis as I've got a backlog of foundations and I want to either use them all up or sell them off because I desperately want need to go back to wearing mineral foundation again. Despite the fact that I am trying to get rid of it as quickly as possibly, this is actually a really good foundation. I haven't actually tried that many foundations in all honesty but this is certainly a far cry from the foundations I used to use in my teens. Again, I'm used to matte foundations and was a little concerned that a foundation designed to give radiance might not give me the coverage I like (medium to high) but this foundation gives good medium coverage that I'm very happy with. It doesn't suffocate my skin and it's a very light formula. My only criticism of it is I like quite thick foundations whereas as this one feels very watery. It's quite runny and for this reason, I struggle a little with blending each morning. It lasts a good few hours depending on how oily my skin is that day.

Highlighting Pen
Of the trio, this is probably the product in the range that is most consistently my favourite. I seriously cannot be coping without this product. For a few weeks, I actually lost it behind my drawers and had to go without for a while. In those few weeks, way too many people commented on how tired I was looking. I see this as a testament to how well this product works! Since I've been using it on a daily basis again, no one has commented on me looking tired. I used this product to brighten the dark circles under my eyes. The tiniest bit of this goes a very long way. I add a little dot under my eye then blend and voila: I look a lot more awake. Like the foundation, this has a good few hours lasting power in it - if anything, it lasts longer than my foundation because I use it in a relatively problem free area!

So, to summarise, the Loreal Lumi Magique range isn't the best out there but it's far from the worst! Have you tried it?