So, those of you who follow me on other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook may be aware  that throughout May, I participated in a Photo Challenge. The challenge I participated in was #fmsphotoaday and was created and hosted by Fat Mum Slim. She's doing a June challenge as well, so if you missed May but would like to get involved, you absolutely can! Although I've tried to do a photo challenge before, I never actually completed it and I did it from a random Pinterest image I found rather than one that was current and had other people participating in it. Therefore I think this was my first real photo challenge and I'm proud to have got to the end with only a few days posted late. I'm definitely considering doing another one of these some time.

Day 1 - I Bought This! - The June issue of Elle with a free Benefit They're Real Mascara!

Day 2 - Morning Ritual - can't go a morning without my porridge, vitamins and skin care routine.

Day 3 - This is Really Good! - my PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette

Day 4 - In My Cup - rose wine of course!

Day 5 - Paper - my ticket to Insomnifest!

Day 6 - Broken - the playsuit I wore and broke at Insomnifest #embarrassing

Day 7 - Something Beginning With F - well, on this blog it's no surprise I chose a fox for this day

Day 8 - Shape - proper love hearts so this was a logical choice

Day 9 - Snack - absolutely obsessed with these Maltesers bars and as I was in Wilkos one day, this Oatso Simple Bar caught my eye and I just had to try it as I have the porridge for brekkie every morning

Day 10 - Stars - sadly I couldn't capture any actual stars so I found a picture and added some stars to it

Day 11 - A Smile - no makeup means, you aren't seeing my face but I didn't want to get behind on the challenge

Day 12 - Mother - pretty self explanatory, me and my mum!

Day 13 - Sunrise/Sunset - I chose a sunset photo I had knocking around on my phone and added a few filters to make it look cool

Day 14 - Need - a fox bag, that I later received for my birthday, YAY

Day 15 - 7' O Clock - a picture of my watch taken at 7pm

Day 16 - Mailbox - a picture of my letterbox at home

Day 17 - Season - it's Spring so i chose some flowers

Day 18 - Want - the Pixi Focus Fresh Palette as it looks incredible

Day 19 - My Favourite View - the view from the top of Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth

Day 20 - Light - I chose a picture of a very sunny day with light reflecting off the sea and added some bokeh

Day 21 - I Care About This... - my family (the picture is me, my sisters and our other halves)

Day 22 - Change - how I've changed over the course of a year (not too much)

Day 23 - PJs - my nightie and kimono!

Day 24 - Go - green is for go

Day 25 - Us - the boy and I

Day 26 - Fave Thing to do on Sunday - spend it with family!

Day 27 - Can't Live Without - good food (his is beef bourgignon when I was in Paris)

Day 28 - What You're Doing Now - I was reading magazines in my PJs as I always buy them and then never actually read them so I thought I'd give it a go

Day 29 - Kiss - me and the boy are always taking those soppy kiss photographs but this is the only one I've ever shared anywhere

Day 30 - Tool - my laptop, my greatest tool in the fight against boredom

Day 31 - Four Things - things that remind me of the person I miss most: my necklace, my ring, Paris and my fox ring

So there's all my photographs with some brief explanations. Did you participate in a May photo challenge? Link me up!