Outfit Details:
Coat: Kids Section @ Sainsbury's (yes, really)
Bag: Missguided
Dress: Pinkoholic
Tights: River Island (possibly Primark though)
Shoes: Matalan

Firstly: apologies for the ghostly photographs: it was dark by the time they were taken but I love this dress so much it's reserved specifically for special occasions and I knew I wouldn't be wearing it again for a while, so dark photographs it was! 

Anyway: I actually bought this coat waaaayyyyy back in February thinking it would seen be brightening and warming up, oh how we can all laugh at that thought now. In the past few weeks I've finally been getting some wear out of it and I'm so happy to finally share it on the blog. I love this coat. I was in Sainsbury's, hunting down cheap black trousers and shoes for work when I saw the kids section: it was full of gorgeous little coats! Jokingly I said I bet I can fit into them and hey, what do you know, I could fit into them. I think mine is size 11-12 yrs but if I remember correctly they go up to 13+ so there could be one to fit you too! The first one I tried on was floral and waterproof and as I was putting it away again (I was meant to be on my February spending ban at the time...) this one caught my eye. Immediately I had thrown my own coat at my mum again and was trying this one on and promptly deciding my spending ban was over. I love it so much. It's perfect for those breezier spring and summer days and I do love a good long coat because it doesn't really matter what's underneath it. Although a huge lover of all things pink, I'd never actually had a pink coat and decided it was about time I did.

As much as I love my coat, I was a little annoyed it was so wet and miserable that I needed to use it and had to hide away my dress! I honestly feel like a princess when I wear this dress. Not like a Disney Princess with long flowing hair and huge dresses, more like a real life modern day princess. It's just so elegant with its long sleeve and lovely detailing. It's the kind of dress I want to wear all the time but once I put it on, I just know it's too special to be an every day dress. I loved it paired with my cream tights - I think adding cream tights rather than going for black or bare legs just added to the sophistication. 

I had originally planned to wear this dress for a lovely day out at one of the gorgeous places Yorkshire has to offer such as Lotherton Hall, but the weather thwarted that plan for me. Instead, we decided to head for the cinema and go for a meal afterwards. Cinema was great: we saw Fast and Furious which was absolutely fantastic although even Vin Diesel is looking older these days, what's going on there?! Sadly, the meal didn't happen as I gorged myself on sweets and Maltesers in the cinema but we did have takeaway afterwards instead once my stomach had settled down a bit!

Do you have a princess dress?