For as long as I can remember, I have bitten my nails. They have never, ever been in good condition. They have always been horrifically short, stubby and painful and because of this, up until last year I didn't even own any nail varnish. Year after year I'd make the New Year's Resolution: "quit biting my nails" and year after year I'd fail. Yet round about the time I hit my twenties, I felt a bit ridiculous having such childish nails. I'd started reading beauty blogs a lot more frequently and I became seriously envious of those bloggers who had such fab nails. Nail art has also enjoyed rising popularity these past few years, making me hate my horrible nails even more. Generally, I am a very lucky girl because I am hugely confident and very happy with my appearance - there are just two things that upset me a fair bit about the way I look - and one of them is my nails.

I think it was the beginning of 2012 where I started to enjoy success with not biting my nails. Now, in the present day, my nails are a lot better. Sadly I do still bite them but it is much less frequently now and it is very, very rare that I bite them all off right down. While I think willpower will be my biggest weapon in the fight for lovely nails, there's another player in the game who has seriously helped with my nail care this year, and that's OPI Nail Envy.

I have the matte version simply because I was buying this product from Amazon (way cheaper than somewhere like Boots!) and the Matte version was cheaper than the original. It turns out I much prefer the way the matte version looks anyway. I've tried various nail strengtheners before and not had much luck so it took me ages to finally part with the cash for Nail Envy. I'm so glad I did in the end. Not only does this product make a huge difference, it makes a difference fast. Within a day of my first use, I could tell something had changed and after my first week, well, I didn't recognise my own hands anymore. My nails are much stronger now and because of this, and I swear they grow faster these days as well. This is a product I now refuse to go without.

Of course, it's not a miracle product. My nails still break at work and a determined nibble still does damage - but I'm no longer self conscious about my hands. I'm much happier to see my hands. There is difference in my nails which makes this product worth every bit of money.