In the Summer

missguided, peacocks, h+m, miss selfridge, asymmetrical dress, top knot
missguided, peacocks, h+m, miss selfridge, asymmetrical dress, top knot

Another outfit shoot where the bright sunlight has affected my photos! I'd complain but I'm loving having an actual Summer too much. It means I get to wear dresses like this one more often and the sun generally puts me in a good mood. I'm even loving the rain because it's has brought thunderstorms which I love. Although I did wake up thinking I was in Vietnam the other morning as the thunder was so loud it shook the house and was very explosion like. Don't ask about the Vietnam thing - it's a lingering affect of my American Studies degree! Anyway - the outfit. I wore this for a lovely summer Sunday Outing with my dad and company. The plan was originally Nando's but it was such a beautiful day that we went to a pub called The Ruddy Duck instead so we could eat outside in the sunshine. The food wasn't as great as a Nando's would have been but the lovely environment totally made up for it. The pub is by a canal and we watched numerous boats go past and it also meant Robert and Florette could play in the play area too so it was probably a bit more exciting than Nando's for them.

This dress was bought from Missguided last year for my holiday. Of course, that holiday was in Cornwall and it rained the entire time so it only got one outing. I do love it though. I've always wanted to hop on board the maxi dress bandwagon but my short figure just isn't flattered by them so this asymmetrical style is a great compromise for me. I really like this style of dress. The cut out middle adds an extra pretty dimension to the dress and we all know lilac is my favourite colour after pink.

With it being so hot, it fell down to accessories to add interest to the outfit as tights or a jacket were completely out of the question! As I was going through a bit of a stage where I didn't have time to get my hair cut but it was too disgusting to have down anymore, I was rocking a bun daily. I was soooo happy to have finally mastered the style and it was a great excuse to crack out this little lacy bow headband from Miss Selfridge. I had to wear my pearls but I also wanted to wear the necklace my boyfriend brought back from Europe with him - I wear two necklaces a lot so wearing both just seemed obvious and I like the way it looks. Add my white bag and white shoes and the look was complete.

This is one of my favourite HOT day outfits. How do you dress when it's hot?

Operation Improved Lifestyle: Feeling Lost, Aching for Change

So, I've had a bad day today. In fact, I've had a bad day everyday for the past fortnight or so. Not only have I been plagued by constant headaches, sickness and a tiredness that is beyond any exhaustion I have ever known, my mood has been the lowest it has been in ages. While I normally strive to keep this reality off the internet, it has been managing to seep through into my social media while I've been trying to ignore it rather than dealing with the problem(s) head on. At first, I was angry at myself, how dare I be so pathetic when people out there have it so much worse than me. Then I got defensive. Surely I'm allowed to be miserable every now and again? Now I just don't care: I'm not apologising for the way I feel and neither should you. 

What's up with me then? Besides feeling ill I'm increasingly exasperated by certain aspects of my life. I hate living 200 miles away from my boyfriend. Embarrassingly, I'm being bratty at the minute because I'm jealous that not only did he do a 2 week road trip round Europe this year, but he is now in Florida. I'm annoyed at myself because I've committed to my current job and I love it. Yet I know I'm planning to move 200 miles away as soon as I can afford to, leaving the people who've given me the best chances and opportunities I've had since I graduated in the dust. I need a holiday. I'm really, really bored of feeling too ill to do anything other than go to work. And so on and so forth.

It's times like this that I start to dream. I imagine fantastic trips around the world in my head. I make up a fabulous group of friends who are always ready for whatever it is I want to do, whether that's partying until the sun comes up or joining every night for fantastic meals at fantastic restaurants. I make up a world where work isn't constantly on my mind. A life where James is already there or I'm having so much fun that I don't notice he's gone so much.

Except, sitting there, feeling lost, aching for change, isn't going to help. What I need to do is take action. I've posted about operation improved lifestyle before but other than my spending ban successes, I haven't really taken much action. Guess what though? I've had enough. I've decided yeah, I can moan about everything as much as I please, but it's also time to start doing something about it. Wednesday I've finally got that much needed doctors appointment, and I've been looking over my 22 before 23 list working out what I can take action on. I've already started my own personal lent and given up coke! So, I think the message I'm trying to convey here is: it's ok not to be ok. It's ok to be fed up and miserable, and it's ok to moan about that too. But don't lose sight of the most important thing: you can change your life. Only you can change your life. And if you're at the point I am, it's time to make that change. 

The Vixen Thinks: A Love/Hate Relationship With Feminism (Part 3)

The Vixen Thinks is an almost weekly feature on this blog. Posts vary in topic, I'll talk about anything I have an opinion on! From blogging to relationships to feminism and anything beyond. If there's anything you'd like me to write about, feel free to get in touch: theglittervixen(at)gmail(dot)com! Thank you!

So, here we are, at the end of my mini Vixen Thinks series about me and my attitude towards feminism. Part one can be found here and part two can be found here. In these previous posts, I've spoken about why I have a problem with associating myself with the word feminist. I've spoken about "Tumblr Activists" who end up alienating more people rather than furthering any good cause. I've spoken about how I think people are focusing on the wrong issues. Yet, I began this series talking about how I am a feminist. So far, I've seemed a little anti-feminist. Today I want to talk about why, despite all my issues I've previously discussed, I still feel feminism is absolutely relevant in today's world.

First of all, it's hard to be proud of how far women in England, where I live, have come over the years when I'm fully aware that there are women all over the world who don't enjoy anywhere near as many rights as I do. You can't truly want equality if you're only bothered about you yourself - the plights of other women around the world must bother you. Saudi Arabia is one of the more well known examples of this. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no law against women driving in the country but it is such a strong social taboo that women have ended up in prison for it. This is just one example of how women in other countries are still very much second class citizens and sadly I'd say this is one of the lesser extremes to which women are discriminated against around the world. While I definitely don't believe these countries need us Westerners to jump in and solve all their problems as these women are perfectly capable of creating change for themselves, I still support these women in their efforts to achieve equal rights and because I want women all round to world to be on equal standing with men, I call myself a feminist.

Of course, there are still issues closer to home that cause me to stand by the label feminist. I touched briefly upon this in part two when I spoke about rape culture. To me, this is one of the biggest problems both women and men face in this country today. The patriarchy hurts everyone: I am not anti men, I want everyone to be considered equal regardless of gender and this means I recognise the way in which men are harmed by narrow views of sex and gender, not just women. There are people out there who can explain rape culture and victim blaming far better than I can, and Google should point you in the right direction. To summarise though, rape culture is a culture which excuses rape, it blames the victims, it is a culture which sees victims of a horrible and violent crime have to endure endless "jokes" about the things they went through. I shouldn't even have to write about why this is so problematic. A victim is not to blame for the crime that happened to them. People who commit a crime should be punished for their crime; whereas the majority of rapists aren't.

As I said though, rape culture doesn't just hurt women. Rape culture assumes all men are potential rapists. If I were a man, I'd be insulted by the idea that I am incapable of controlling my sexual urges yet this is exactly what rape culture assumes. The person who is raped is to be blamed because they dressed provocatively enough that the rapist just couldn't control themselves. Nah, it's not right is it? Just as women have stereotypes to fight against, so do men and therefore feminism still has a purpose in this world.

Last year I wrote an extended article on why feminism is still relevant today, you can find that by clicking here.

E.L.F Essential Lipstick in Classy and Seductive [Product Review]

e.l.f lipsticks, classy, seductive, e.l.f essential lipsticks, review
e.l.f lipsticks, classy, seductive, e.l.f essential lipsticks, review
Classy, Seductive
e.l.f lipsticks, classy, seductive, e.l.f essential lipsticks, review
Classy, Seductive
e.l.f lipsticks, classy, seductive, e.l.f essential lipsticks, review
Left: Seductive
Right: Classy
e.l.f lipsticks, classy, seductive, e.l.f essential lipsticks, review
Left: Classy
Right: Seductive
e.l.f lipsticks, classy, seductive, e.l.f essential lipsticks, review
e.l.f lipsticks, classy, seductive, e.l.f essential lipsticks, review
It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the brand E.L.F. Type E.L.F into the little search bar on the right there and you'll see a fair few reviews about the brand and even a video of what has to be one of my most embarrassing hauls ever. This review today marks the start of my E.L.F reviews of products I bought during that haul. As lipstick is my favourite and I wanted to write about something positive today so I chose to talk about the E.L.F Essential Lipsticks which I bought in two shades: Seductive and Classy.

Classy is a lovely soft baby pink shade that creates lovely girly pink lips. In the tube it seems much darker so I was pleasantly surprised to see how it translated into my swatches and then onto my lips. I really, really love this shade. Seductive too surprised me. I'm not so sure what I was expecting but I was a bit dismayed when it arrived to see that it looked reddish in the tube. Swatched some of red disappears and on the lips you can see this is definitely a pink lipstick. It's quite a deep yet loud pink but not so loud that it isn't one you can get away with for every day wear. Overall then, I'm really, really pleased with the shades I picked.

How do they actually perform then? Well, these lipsticks only cost £1.50 each so honestly, I really wasn't expecting much. Imagine my surprise then when I realised they're among the best lipsticks I own! Seductive in particular was really impressive, it lasts for around four hours with very little fading. Classy too is very long lasting although it fades more quickly than Seductive. I like the formula too. It's a nice natural looking finish, not quite glossy but not matte either. It's not drying on the lips. The packaging too is better than I expected. No, it's not the prettiest out there but it's functional and more sturdy than I expected.

All in all, I will be ordering more of these as I love them. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to start wearing lipstick as they don't break the bank so you can play around with a number of different shades. Also, the quality of these is much, much higher than the tiny price tag suggests.

Do you like E.L.F Lipsticks as much as me?

Crazy Cat Lady

bowler hat with ears, cat print shirt, black skinny jeans, fox jewelry
bowler hat with ears, cat print shirt, satchel
cat print shirt, skinny jeans, bowler hat with ears

Makeup Details:
Benefit The Porefessional
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
B. Glowing Shimmer Block in Blush
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Smog and Suspect
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette

Although I've titled this post "crazy cat lady" there seems to be quite the mismatch is animal themes going on here! Obviously my shirt has a lovely siamese cat print on it, and my little bowler hat has cat ears on it, two of my three rings feature foxes! Animals tend to be a theme in my clothing and accessories - I love leopard print, I love foxes and cats are pretty cool too. I've got a selection of rings with tiny woodland animals on them. It means different animals are bound to clash in my outfits from time to time. 

These photos were taken about a fortnight ago before the Summer weather really hit us; hence my need for a jacket and jeans. Despite this, I'm really pleased with this out and for the first time in ages I'm pleased with my batch of outfit photos as well. I've been after a pair of high waisted black jeans for a long time and initially had my eye on the Topshop Joni jeans. However, a little look in the smaller sizes section on Boohoo led me to these beauties and at £25 only, I decided these were the ones for me. As seems to be typical with Boohoo clothing, the sizing of these is a little off but other than that, I'm really pleased with them. They really are high waisted and I like that they give me a bit of shape. They're very black but still look like denim which is what I was after. I bought them to wear with shirts tucked into them and tucking my Topshop cat shirt into them has had pleasing results for me. The cats on the shirt meant the bowler hat was an obvious addition. The rings were chosen because I thought the colours matched nicely and I've taken to wearing my silver one on a daily basis. Bag wise I thought my rucksack would work but I went for my satchel instead. These pictures have sadly highlighted to me that it has seen better days.

This was a Sunday outfit for me. Therefore I didn't do much in it as I spend Sundays with my family. They're my favourite day of the week though!

Brand Crush: Bourjois

All images from Bourjois.

Every now and again, you get really intense crushes don't you? That hot boy in the coffee shop. A girl crush on a badass female musician. Or, if you're like me, you even find yourself falling for brands! You love them so much you want to create cheesy images for them and write them long love letters. Don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, awkward for me. But seriously, every now and again when I'm lusting after something, I get fixated on one particular brand and at the moment it seems to be Bourjois. I mourn the fact that when I moved to a different store to be team leader, I lost daily access to Bourjois at work as my store now is much smaller. When I am in Leeds, Bourjois is always the stand I float to first and come away with numerous swatches of absolutely everything covering my arms and hands.

While I'd love to own everything by Bourjois - I've heard so much about Healthy Mix and their nail polishes look fab - it wouldn't be practical, however I decided to post about some of the items which could very easily make their way into my collection one day. I think this eye trio in Rose Vintage is absolutely gorgeous. While most people opt for neutral brown type colours, I just can't get enough of soft pink shades for every day wear. I just know this would be my go to eye palette if I purchased it.

With the sunny weather being as it is, I suddenly have a fascination with being tanned. Although I do occasionally wear fake tan and I am obsessed with gradual moisturising tanners, I've never ventured into the tan for my face territory. Thing is, when your whole body is tanned and your face remains ghostly white, it doesn't exactly look right. When I first noticed the bronzing primer from Bourjois, I decided I needed it to solve this problem. I actually only own one bronzer and it's a mineral one so it's very messy and completely travel unfriendly so the adorable chocolate shaped (and chocolate smelling so I've heard) bronzer from Bourjois looks like a good addition to my collection if you ask me.

Bourjois are perhaps most famous for their incredible blushers. While I've wanted one for the longest time, I've just never got round to purchasing one! Rose D'or is probably going to be my shade of choice and is the one pictured above. It's very pigmented every time I swatch it and it has a lovely gold shimmer running through it. That being said, the brand now do cream blushers and Rose Tender looks so nice. I really like my E.L.F Cream Blushers although they are more of a mousse. It'd be interesting to see how this offering from Bourjois compares.

Finally, it wouldn't be a wishlist post on The Glitter Vixen without some lipsticks! Lipsticks I've realised are my vice. I adore blusher but lipstick really has stolen my heart and become my true makeup love. The two pictured above are Rose Neon and Rose Coquette and they're stunning pink shades. A colleague and I went to Boots on our lunch break the other day and we had a sneaky trip to Boots where they do stock Bourjois. She put Rose Neon on and it looked so great.

What about you? What do you think of Bourjois? Do you get fixated on brands like I do?

The Vixen Thinks: STOP Complaining About the Weather!

The Vixen Thinks is an almost weekly feature on this blog. Posts vary in topic, I'll talk about anything I have an opinion on! From blogging to relationships and anything beyond. If there's anything you'd like me to write about, feel free to get in touch: theglittervixen(at)gmail(dot)com! Thank you!

Although I wanted to finish my Vixen Thinks mini series about feminism this week, I've decided that this topic is much more pressing and I just need to get it out of my system now. I'll go back to feminism next week!

This past week or so in Britain, the weather has been beautiful. We're talking bright sunshine, hot temperatures, a distinct lack of rain. You can't walk anywhere without smelling BBQ wafting from people's gardens and a huge amount of flesh has been on show. It has even seen me push the boundaries with how short a skirt I can get away with at work. Summer is here people! 

And yet, after what felt like the longest Winter ever, with people right, left and centre complaining about how cold it was, how horrible snow is and so on, people are now moaning about how hot it is. Err, what? Look, I know it's meant to be the "typical British thing" to complain. I know that it's practically expected of us to never be happy with the weather, BUT WHY IS THIS? Personally I am not proud to be British if we're a nation of hypocritical moaners. No way do I want to be associated with that. I'd much rather be perceived as a very positive person who can see the bright side of every situation. Definitely not an horrifically annoying person who complains vehemently about one thing, just to continue doing so when things finally change. 

This weather is beautiful. While I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions and preferences and Winter might very well be their favourite season (and that's fine, mine is Summer!) I'm just sick and tired of logging onto social networking sites to see a constant stream of negativity towards the weather. It is bringing me down being surrounded by so many miserable people. First of all, it's really not that hot. It just seems very hot in contrast with the rest of the year. If you think this is hot, please head closer to the equator and then tell me your opinions. Secondly: life still goes on. People still make it to work. Cars and public transport still operate. If anything quality of life has improved as we're more inclined to spend time outside in the fresh air, we're more inclined to socialise at things like barbecues and generally speaking, people are happier when the sun is out. So why are we complaining? I understand it can be unpleasant; my hay fever is shocking so I am running on minimum sleep at the moment and oh god does the bus stink on my commute! But I don't let my thoughts revolve around this. I think about all the things I love about Summer!

I will admit I don't like Winter and I do groan a bit when snow is mentioned, but again I don't let my negative thoughts about Winter consume me. Snow looks pretty. Christmas is coming. I can wear my fabulous collection of coats. I can wear my boots. See? It's not hard to turn a negative into a positive. Yet no doubt these people who claim to hate summer so much will no doubt be doing the same again when the weather turns cold again. It will snow and the country will grind to a halt and there will be complaints galore. I'm really not looking forward to it but hey, I'm gonna rise above it and continue trying to see the bright side of every situation. I'd hate to be as negative as you!

What about you? Are you as sick of seeing negativity everywhere?

B. Glowing Shimmer Block in Blush [Product Review]

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Today I'm talking about one of my favourite products and something that is on daily rotation in my makeup collection at the moment. The B. Shimmer Blocks are fantastic little products, so far there's three shades in the range and I do hope they will bring out more. These lovely blushers come in a cute little compact with a nice sized mirror in side and they are even multipurpose: acting as blush/highlighter/bronzer and even eyeshadows! I have the B. Glowing Shimmer Block in the shade Blush and the photograph of my face above demonstrates the product in use both on my eyes and my cheeks.

In all honesty, I don't really have any criticisms for this product. The shade is absolutely perfect for me, I really love the colours as a blush and it's tones translate beautifully onto the eyes as well. It's very pigmented so only the tiniest bit is needed but colour can easily be built up too without it looking horrible, it just depends on how obvious you like your blush! It's quite long lasting. On my face, it seems to last around 4-6 hours which is fantastic wear for me as for a long time, I struggled to find products that would last more than 2 hours on my face. There's not a lot of fallout when you sweep your brush over this product and it's very easy to use it all in one as a blush but then use the single colours as eyeshadows as the colours have stayed separate from each other very well, there's been no merging of the colours whatsoever.

This is a product I would really recommend to people in the market for a new blusher and/or multipurpose product. As it can be used on both eyes and cheeks, it's fab for travel purposes. Blush is a lovely shade that will suit a lot of skin tones and I think I shall be purchasing the shade Peachy one day.

Have you tried the B. makeup range?

Pink Sparkly Roses

pink, sparkly, roses, outfit, wildfox, rose jumper, paris necklace
pink, sparkly, roses, wildfox, ebay, rose jumper, fox jewelry, paris jewlery, skull bracelets, pink skinny jeans, vivienne westwood shoes

Benefit Porefessional
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Perfection Lasting Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
B. Shimmer Block in Blush
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Midnight Cowboy Rides Again and Snatch
E.L.F Shimmer Palette
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
Revlon Balm Stain in Honey

Wow! Can you believe this weather we've been having recently?! It has been so hot and so sunny, I've been absolutely loving it. Although these pictures are way too bright and my lovely pink jeans actually appear to be white and I actually appear to be a ghost, I refuse to complain because there's nothing like sunshine to put me in an excellent mood. In fact, the only thing threatening to spoil my mood right now is people who are complaining about the weather; this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Just you wait until it's snowing and again the country grinds to a halt...I really think people ought to lighten up. Anyway, moving on now because I prefer to be positive on this blog!

Now, if any of you are like my family you're probably raising your eyebrows at my jumper. Yes, yes, yes, it is essentially the same one as I wore in my last outfit post but if you ask me, it has some very key differences. First of all the roses are actually pink as I originally wanted them to be. Secondly, when it arrived I was delighted to find this one has gorgeous little silver threads through it making it slightly sparkly and very desirable in my eyes. It's also eeeeeever so slightly smaller than my yellow version meaning I'm a little more comfortable in it. Because of the colour differences, I can wear it with very different things to my yellow version too. My pink jeans being today's example of that. Although I've not managed to capture it in these photos, the two go together really well and this outfit is already turning into a staple of mine. I also think it would go great with my pink skater skirt and I've got a pink denim mini skirt I plan on pairing it with in the future as well.

I really loved going overboard with accessories for this out. Of course I used my pink bag but I also went to town on my jewelry. Not pictured as my pink rose earrings, but you can see my Paris necklace with pink detail, my new skull bracelets and a portion of my ring collection. Accessories are my favourite thing at the moment!

Can Fashion Be Affordable? (Yes!)

Hello everyone. Today's post is slightly different from usual as I have decided to enter the Fashion Bloggers Competition. For my entry I've put together a post telling you all about how I save money when it comes to fashion. I'm such a typical girl at times. I adore makeup and I love clothes, I'm always buying more even though I have plenty already. Now makeup is great, and at the moment, probably my favourite, but with makeup, particularly more high end brands, there seems to be little leeway in the price you pay. Clothing however is different, I find it's much easier to find better deals on clothing and you can find absolutely bargains if you just know where to look. So, how do I have a huge, versatile wardrobe without breaking the bank?

I'd love to have a nice little list of around five or six different websites to show you today but the truth is, I pretty much only have one secret weapon when it comes to affordable fashion. I say secret, but it will not come as a surprise that my weapon is: EBAY. My eBay Haul is my most popular video ever and currently in my top 3 most popular posts on this blog, and with good reason! eBay is an absolute gold mine. Although I'll be talking about fashion in this post, I use eBay for a number of things: beauty bits like nail accessories and makeup brushes, it's great for home ware and not to mention things like phone covers and accessories for my Kindle Fire HD. Over the past few years though, eBay has made a huge contribution to my wardrobe. When it comes to clothes shopping on eBay, I have two methods of doing things, which I shall now explain.

Buy It Now
I much prefer to buy clothes with a buy it now option rather than those that are up for auction. This is simply because it means I can save them for later and they'll still be there when I go back later, and they will still be the same price. Buy It Now shops are also great because they tend to have great copies of very popular items at a fraction of the price. Some of my favourite finds have been my 3d floral mesh jumper (similar to those found in American Apparel) eBay's answer to disco pants and my version of the Wildfox rose sweater.  Here I am wearing my favourite finds:

charcoal disco pants, pink rose jumpers, american apparel, wildfox, studded shoes

If you're interested in seeing some more of my ebay finds, searcing for "ebay" using the search box in my sidebar shows you every outfit post I've done with clothes from eBay in it :)

eBay shops are also a great way to save on workwear. Back when I was considering office jobs, I had a huge list of clothes that were both work appropriate but nice enough for me to want to spend my money on them and actually wear them. Here are some of my favourite work wear finds:

all available in different colours!
As an avid shopper, my wishlist nevers ends, here are some of my wants at the moment and you'll notice, much cheaper than things you find on the high street!:

Finally, eBay is great for shoes. For some reason I find it really difficult to find shoes in physical shops. I never seem to like any that are in affordable shops and I just can't justify paying the amounts that places like Topshop ask for. As I look at my collection of shoes, the majority of those I wear these days are indeed from eBay. See what I mean about the amazing selection though?

...Auctions Can Be Good Too!

When I do buy from auctions on eBay, it is for a very specific purpose. Topshop, Motel, Lipsy: these are some of my favourite brands but let's be honest, Topshop in particular recently, have rather high prices that aren't so budget friendly. When I want something from one of these shops, I always check eBay first to see if I can find it for any cheaper. Quite often, I do get very lucky! I recently found the Motel playsuit I was after and got it for a fraction of its original price. This method is also good for finding clothes that have sold out elsewhere. Remember that Primark pleated leather skirt everyone was going mad for last year? Well, mine came from eBay.

While I do love eBay and it tends to be my go to shopping site for everything online, not just fashion, I feel some other stores need a mention. For me though, these tend to be shops I much prefer to visit in person because online isn't as great. Primark is a fantastic place for bargains. They feature really key on trend pieces at great prices and their shoes are actually quite good too. My favourite thing to get from Primark is essentials, vests, leggings, underwear, socks, pyjamas etc. Although not widely available online (seriously SO gutting! Do they not realise they'd make a killing?!) it's pretty cool that ASOS has now started doing Primark.  I also think H+M is a fantastic brand for bargains and I think their clothing is of high quality too. I've never actually ordered online from H+M though and to be honest, I haven't heard anything positive about their online services but the store itself is well worth checking out.

So, fashion can be affordable and this is how I manage it. Do you have any tips to add to the list?

The Vixen Thinks: A Love/Hate Relationship With Feminism (Part 2)

The Vixen Thinks is an almost weekly feature on this blog. Posts vary in topic, I'll talk about anything I have an opinion on! From blogging to relationships and anything beyond. If there's anything you'd like me to write about, feel free to get in touch: theglittervixen(at)gmail(dot)com! Thank you!

So today I'm finally getting round to writing the second part of my Love/Hate Relationship with Feminism Vixen Thinks series, you can read part one here and I've decided there will be three parts to this particular Vixen Thinks series in all. To summarise my last post on the topic, I stated that although I identify as a feminist and always will do, I have some issues with the way modern feminism is going. The main issue is "Tumblr Activism" which I feel is completely alienating and counterproductive to the feminist movement and many other movements which aspire to equality in some way.

Today, I want to talk about something that's a little closer to home. In England particularly, women have come a very long way. We're allowed to vote, we have careers, we can wear what we want and so on. Perhaps more importantly, we have access to things like abortion and contraception. Obviously there are still discrepancies between the genders and these need to be focused on, but I think in many ways, we're focusing on completely the wrong issues and it's this that makes modern feminists a bit of a laughing stock. For example, I think rape culture is one of the biggest problems this country faces and I admire people who speak out against this and try and educate people in an effort to change this culture. Yet I feel the attention of a lot of feminists is entirely in the wrong place.

I'm probably going to cause a little stir saying this, but it's how I really feel. I don't care about page 3. I think campaigning against it is a waste of time. All arguments about it objectifying women etc, why don't men do it etc aside: at the end of the day we don't live somewhere where women are forced to appear topless on page three, they choose to do this. Telling women they can't do this because XYZ reason, is actually pretty anti-feminists because I thought feminism was all about freedom choice? As for no men doing it - is there a demand for it? Are there men willing to do it? Maybe there is, in which case do something about getting a male version of page three up instead of trying to abolish the page three we have now. Of course, there's always the issue that children can buy a newspaper and be confronted by the image of a naked woman but really, why is this a problem? To me this stinks of the fear that comes along with female sexuality. A topless man is fine, but a topless woman? Oh no! Our bodies are completely sexualised and trying to ban page 3 just reinforces the idea that a woman's body is to be hidden away. As well as this, most children now have access to the internet where there are far worse things than a naked woman readily available at the click of a button. I'm not even talking about just hardcore porn, think about the horrific violent images and videos that can be found online. These are much more of a threat if you ask me than a page in a newspaper.

Page Three is probably my biggest issue with our generation of feminism in terms of campaigning against the wrong stuff, but there are other things that grind my gears. I see a lot of people getting wound up about certain Facebook pages. While some of these are indeed absolutely vile and deserve reporting, the most I see that get complained about are in reality quite harmless. I really don't care if someone makes a joke about women belonging in the kitchen. It just shows how poor their sense of humour is, but it's not something that's going to set us back in our fight for equality. Those pages about rules for girls or rules for boys, I hope you know the type of thing I mean, they get a lot of attention before. It's just another case of a rubbish sense of humour, it's ISN'T an attack on our rights! As for pages like one I saw a few weeks ago which was called something like Men Against Misandry - maybe the reason you don't like pages like this is because these men are making an issue out of nothing and you recognise that quality in yourself an don't like it. Again, I don't agree with what these men are saying and I think the small privileges women do have over men are not enough, nowhere near enough to say men are oppressed, they're not actively campaigning for us to get back in the kitchen and become baby making machines. They aren't a threat so why focus so much time and energy and protesting against them when you could be making actual positive changes elsewhere? Bitching about women like Samantha Brick or Liz Jones isn't going to get us anywhere either - although I do admit their abysmal "journalism" is certainly an interesting talking point. But again: they are not a genuine threat.

What is a genuine threat then? Like I said, rape culture is. Rather than telling women to not get raped, we need to start telling men to not rape. We need to educate people about consent, the fact that consent or non-consent isn't always verbal. We need to address a culture of victim blaming. We need to work out a way to solve the disproportion in numbers of women who are sexually assaulted and the number of convictions that happen. We need to STOP assuming that the police never believe us - speaking from experience, there are some caring, understanding officers out there who do everything in their power to help you and these police members need praising so that others follow suit. We need to get abortion available in Northern Ireland because currently different laws apply there than they do here in England. While I like the Everyday Sexism Project, I think it seems to just call attention to the harassment women face on a daily basis - drawing attention to something is very different from fighting against it.

Despite all this though, I am a feminist. I wholeheartedly believe feminism still is needed. I'll talk about the positives of feminism in part 3!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey [Product Review]

As I've been wearing the Revlon Balm Stain in Honey 6 out of 7 days recently, I thought now was as good a time as any to review it! Although the Revlon Lip Butters blew up the blogosphere, every time I went to buy myself one, I'd swatch it and decide it wasn't quite right. Then came my new job and almost daily access to a Revlon stand and the still highly talked about (but not quite as much as the Butters) balm stains caught my eyes. Initially it was the shade "Darling" with its lovely lilac packaging that caught my attention and I decided "Crush" too needed to make its way into my collection. Yet, when I went to purchase them, these two weren't in stock. I remembered admiring "Honey" on another blog so Honey became the One.

I love this lipstick so much. It's almost verging on perfect. It was not however, love at first sight. While I have   never disliked this product, I initially found that it didn't leave a stain. Funny really, seeing as stain is in its name! I've since decided though that to begin with, I just wasn't paying attention because there's definitely a stain. Sadly I don't think the stain colour is as nice as the colour on first application. However, it's still a nice pink and it's still there after a long shift at work so I'm not gonna complain as I like to have some colour there. It doesn't hold up too well after drinking or eating though so I'd recommend a top up afterwards.

So, pseudo-negative stuff about the product aside, I can now sing the praises of this product. The colour before the balm wears off is just beautiful. A delicate rose pink with a nice amount of shine to it. It's my perfect day colour and I turn to it day after day after day after day for work and well, any occasion. There is a very subtle minty taste to the product that I like and the balm is quite moisturising. Reapplication is needed to keep your lips feeling moisturised though. The packaging is fab too - it's twist up so no sharpener required (a new pet peeve of mine, although I loved Topshop Secret Party I'm now furious I can't use it as none of my four makeup pencil sharpeners fit it!) and I like how the colour of it is appropriate for the product inside. This is actually my first foray in the Revlon brand and I have not been disappointed.

Have you tried these balm/stain hybrids by Revlon? If not, I recommend it!

Sunshine and Roses

ebay jumper, roses jumper, sunshine, yellow, denim shorts, levis
roses, sunshine, jumper, ebay, denim shorts, levis

I'm really enjoying the odd days of Summer we keep getting. Although I would much prefer a solid block of Summer, you know, like an actual season, these rare sunny days just make them even more appreciated in my books. I don't actually have a lot of clothes that I feel like "me" in that are suitable for hot weather really, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise that it's been cool enough to hide under the types of clothes I'm comfortable in. Although, as I write this, it's absolutely tipping it down and I can't quite believe it's July.

That being said, there's always exceptions to the rules and today's outfit is one of them. For some reason, I have an aversion to wearing shorts, opting for full on trousers, a skirt or dresses instead is much more common for me. Yet, whenever I put these on, I find myself vowing to wear them more often. Although not the most comfortable things in the world, I do really like the way these sit on me and I can get quite a few good outfits out of them. However, pairing my Levi's with this eBay jumper has definitely become my new favourite way of styling them!

It seems strange describing a jumper as Summer appropriate wear, but this one really is. It's very, very loosely stitched meaning it doesn't really feel like a layer at all. It's very breezy and the oversized fit of it helps with the breeziness. I'm glad I kept this jumper even though it's not what I actually ordered, it's something a bit different from my usual pink or purple or black attire and it goes really well with the E.L.F Lip Balm in Rose. I imagine it'd also look good with E.L.F Mineral Lip Tint in Cherry, which I shall try next time I wear it!

This was an outfit intended to be worn on a dinner date in town with a friend but sadly she couldn't make it in the end. Glad I was already out and about though when I realised this as it meant the outfit didn't go entirely to waste ;) I had actually planned to wear lots of jewelry with this but in typical Emily fashion, I forgot to put that on but I think it looks nice without it anyway.

What are your Summer staples? What are your feelings towards this non-Summer we're having here in Britain?

Operation Improved Lifestyle: Halfway Spending Ban Update!

Hello everyone! I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted. Although I knew I was going to be busy last week what with a hectic work schedule and a visit from James, I had planned to schedule some posts for the week but, of course, things never go entirely to plan do they? As mentioned in my last post, The Glitter Vixen has had a makeover and so far everyone seems to be liking it as much as I do which is ever so pleasing.

Now, today is 1st July. All "oh my god, where did the rest of 2013" musings aside, this means I am now halfway through the challenge I set myself of a two month spending ban. My first post about this can be found here and today I just thought I'd update you all on my progress. I'm pleased to report that so far, so good! For June, I haven't bought any makeup, skincare, clothing or anything that really, deep down, I know is not necessary. Even though E.L.F have a 50% off offer on right now, even that hasn't managed to make me cave. The shoes I've been scouring eBay for the last few months popped up and yesterday, I let the end of the auction pass me by. I'm really quite amazed at myself and very proud.

Granted, there are still things I need to improve on. I haven't cancelled my LoveFilm subscription as I just love it too much, but £4.99 a month is hardly a bank breaker when I haven't been spending hundreds on fashion and beauty as well. My worst area is food. I still continue to spend and spend and spend money on food before,after and during work; a lot of which is chocolate, crisps and energy drinks rather than anything good for me. If I wasn't doing this I'd have a lot more money and I'd also probably be feeling a lot healthier. I'm positive that when I come to the end of my ban in July though I'll be able to say I've even improved in this area. Fingers crossed! New month, new start and all that.

Perhaps the best part of my forced two month shopping ban has been feeling a shift in my attitudes. Last time I attempted a spending ban, I was stressed and agitated - I wanted so much, I was so paranoid about "missing out" and this ultimately led to my failure. This time though, I'm seeing how important it is not to spend, spend, spend. I've been watching my savings account grow with delight and even my current account doesn't look too shabby - well, it's not in minus money anymore so yeah, definite improvement. I just feel more mature - while I still want more makeup than a girl could ever get through in a lifetime I can refrain from purchasing it all because I finally feel like it's more important to save up for a deposit so I can move out again. This will ultimately make me a lot happier in the long run than owning the entire Benefit catalogue of products and I'm glad I've finally clocked onto this. I've even found myself thinking of what I can buy when my ban is over - but don't worry, I'm not going to go back on all this. I've been wanting a juicer so I can make myself some healthy juices to get me started on the healthy eating and if I'm not buying makeup and clothes constantly, I'll actually be able to afford this.

However, I will never give up shopping entirely - I love it too much! Luckily for me, when my spending ban is over I've found a great way of saving money while still allowing myself a few treats here and there. is a fantastic website I've teamed up with* to bring you some excellent offers from all your favourite shops! I was delighted to see big names like Boots, The Body Shop, Miss Selfridge and many more. There's also lots of names on the website I don't recognise and I'm looking forward to trying out new brands with fantastic offers on. Why don't you take a look today? There's a great widget on the right in my sidebar to get you started. The best part is, you too can have this widget on your blog. Make sure you mention my blog URL as your referral if you do :)

Overall then, I'd say the financial habits side of my "Operation: Improved Lifestyle" are definitely headed in a direction of success. Sadly, my healthy eating isn't going so well and because my eating habits aren't fantastic, my exercise routine isn't what I'd like it to be either. I'm going to work harder though because I don't want to be this lazy lump who stays in bed all day every day unless she's in work forever. I have too many goals and plans for that!

* although I have not been paid for this post directly, I do receive commission on any purchases made through the voucher code widget in my sidebar.