All images from Bourjois.

Every now and again, you get really intense crushes don't you? That hot boy in the coffee shop. A girl crush on a badass female musician. Or, if you're like me, you even find yourself falling for brands! You love them so much you want to create cheesy images for them and write them long love letters. Don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, awkward for me. But seriously, every now and again when I'm lusting after something, I get fixated on one particular brand and at the moment it seems to be Bourjois. I mourn the fact that when I moved to a different store to be team leader, I lost daily access to Bourjois at work as my store now is much smaller. When I am in Leeds, Bourjois is always the stand I float to first and come away with numerous swatches of absolutely everything covering my arms and hands.

While I'd love to own everything by Bourjois - I've heard so much about Healthy Mix and their nail polishes look fab - it wouldn't be practical, however I decided to post about some of the items which could very easily make their way into my collection one day. I think this eye trio in Rose Vintage is absolutely gorgeous. While most people opt for neutral brown type colours, I just can't get enough of soft pink shades for every day wear. I just know this would be my go to eye palette if I purchased it.

With the sunny weather being as it is, I suddenly have a fascination with being tanned. Although I do occasionally wear fake tan and I am obsessed with gradual moisturising tanners, I've never ventured into the tan for my face territory. Thing is, when your whole body is tanned and your face remains ghostly white, it doesn't exactly look right. When I first noticed the bronzing primer from Bourjois, I decided I needed it to solve this problem. I actually only own one bronzer and it's a mineral one so it's very messy and completely travel unfriendly so the adorable chocolate shaped (and chocolate smelling so I've heard) bronzer from Bourjois looks like a good addition to my collection if you ask me.

Bourjois are perhaps most famous for their incredible blushers. While I've wanted one for the longest time, I've just never got round to purchasing one! Rose D'or is probably going to be my shade of choice and is the one pictured above. It's very pigmented every time I swatch it and it has a lovely gold shimmer running through it. That being said, the brand now do cream blushers and Rose Tender looks so nice. I really like my E.L.F Cream Blushers although they are more of a mousse. It'd be interesting to see how this offering from Bourjois compares.

Finally, it wouldn't be a wishlist post on The Glitter Vixen without some lipsticks! Lipsticks I've realised are my vice. I adore blusher but lipstick really has stolen my heart and become my true makeup love. The two pictured above are Rose Neon and Rose Coquette and they're stunning pink shades. A colleague and I went to Boots on our lunch break the other day and we had a sneaky trip to Boots where they do stock Bourjois. She put Rose Neon on and it looked so great.

What about you? What do you think of Bourjois? Do you get fixated on brands like I do?