Hello everyone. Today's post is slightly different from usual as I have decided to enter the FashionVouchers.com Fashion Bloggers Competition. For my entry I've put together a post telling you all about how I save money when it comes to fashion. I'm such a typical girl at times. I adore makeup and I love clothes, I'm always buying more even though I have plenty already. Now makeup is great, and at the moment, probably my favourite, but with makeup, particularly more high end brands, there seems to be little leeway in the price you pay. Clothing however is different, I find it's much easier to find better deals on clothing and you can find absolutely bargains if you just know where to look. So, how do I have a huge, versatile wardrobe without breaking the bank?

I'd love to have a nice little list of around five or six different websites to show you today but the truth is, I pretty much only have one secret weapon when it comes to affordable fashion. I say secret, but it will not come as a surprise that my weapon is: EBAY. My eBay Haul is my most popular video ever and currently in my top 3 most popular posts on this blog, and with good reason! eBay is an absolute gold mine. Although I'll be talking about fashion in this post, I use eBay for a number of things: beauty bits like nail accessories and makeup brushes, it's great for home ware and not to mention things like phone covers and accessories for my Kindle Fire HD. Over the past few years though, eBay has made a huge contribution to my wardrobe. When it comes to clothes shopping on eBay, I have two methods of doing things, which I shall now explain.

Buy It Now
I much prefer to buy clothes with a buy it now option rather than those that are up for auction. This is simply because it means I can save them for later and they'll still be there when I go back later, and they will still be the same price. Buy It Now shops are also great because they tend to have great copies of very popular items at a fraction of the price. Some of my favourite finds have been my 3d floral mesh jumper (similar to those found in American Apparel) eBay's answer to disco pants and my version of the Wildfox rose sweater.  Here I am wearing my favourite finds:

charcoal disco pants, pink rose jumpers, american apparel, wildfox, studded shoes

If you're interested in seeing some more of my ebay finds, searcing for "ebay" using the search box in my sidebar shows you every outfit post I've done with clothes from eBay in it :)

eBay shops are also a great way to save on workwear. Back when I was considering office jobs, I had a huge list of clothes that were both work appropriate but nice enough for me to want to spend my money on them and actually wear them. Here are some of my favourite work wear finds:

all available in different colours!
As an avid shopper, my wishlist nevers ends, here are some of my wants at the moment and you'll notice, much cheaper than things you find on the high street!:

Finally, eBay is great for shoes. For some reason I find it really difficult to find shoes in physical shops. I never seem to like any that are in affordable shops and I just can't justify paying the amounts that places like Topshop ask for. As I look at my collection of shoes, the majority of those I wear these days are indeed from eBay. See what I mean about the amazing selection though?

...Auctions Can Be Good Too!

When I do buy from auctions on eBay, it is for a very specific purpose. Topshop, Motel, Lipsy: these are some of my favourite brands but let's be honest, Topshop in particular recently, have rather high prices that aren't so budget friendly. When I want something from one of these shops, I always check eBay first to see if I can find it for any cheaper. Quite often, I do get very lucky! I recently found the Motel playsuit I was after and got it for a fraction of its original price. This method is also good for finding clothes that have sold out elsewhere. Remember that Primark pleated leather skirt everyone was going mad for last year? Well, mine came from eBay.

While I do love eBay and it tends to be my go to shopping site for everything online, not just fashion, I feel some other stores need a mention. For me though, these tend to be shops I much prefer to visit in person because online isn't as great. Primark is a fantastic place for bargains. They feature really key on trend pieces at great prices and their shoes are actually quite good too. My favourite thing to get from Primark is essentials, vests, leggings, underwear, socks, pyjamas etc. Although not widely available online (seriously SO gutting! Do they not realise they'd make a killing?!) it's pretty cool that ASOS has now started doing Primark.  I also think H+M is a fantastic brand for bargains and I think their clothing is of high quality too. I've never actually ordered online from H+M though and to be honest, I haven't heard anything positive about their online services but the store itself is well worth checking out.

So, fashion can be affordable and this is how I manage it. Do you have any tips to add to the list?