In the Summer

missguided, peacocks, h+m, miss selfridge, asymmetrical dress, top knot
missguided, peacocks, h+m, miss selfridge, asymmetrical dress, top knot

Another outfit shoot where the bright sunlight has affected my photos! I'd complain but I'm loving having an actual Summer too much. It means I get to wear dresses like this one more often and the sun generally puts me in a good mood. I'm even loving the rain because it's has brought thunderstorms which I love. Although I did wake up thinking I was in Vietnam the other morning as the thunder was so loud it shook the house and was very explosion like. Don't ask about the Vietnam thing - it's a lingering affect of my American Studies degree! Anyway - the outfit. I wore this for a lovely summer Sunday Outing with my dad and company. The plan was originally Nando's but it was such a beautiful day that we went to a pub called The Ruddy Duck instead so we could eat outside in the sunshine. The food wasn't as great as a Nando's would have been but the lovely environment totally made up for it. The pub is by a canal and we watched numerous boats go past and it also meant Robert and Florette could play in the play area too so it was probably a bit more exciting than Nando's for them.

This dress was bought from Missguided last year for my holiday. Of course, that holiday was in Cornwall and it rained the entire time so it only got one outing. I do love it though. I've always wanted to hop on board the maxi dress bandwagon but my short figure just isn't flattered by them so this asymmetrical style is a great compromise for me. I really like this style of dress. The cut out middle adds an extra pretty dimension to the dress and we all know lilac is my favourite colour after pink.

With it being so hot, it fell down to accessories to add interest to the outfit as tights or a jacket were completely out of the question! As I was going through a bit of a stage where I didn't have time to get my hair cut but it was too disgusting to have down anymore, I was rocking a bun daily. I was soooo happy to have finally mastered the style and it was a great excuse to crack out this little lacy bow headband from Miss Selfridge. I had to wear my pearls but I also wanted to wear the necklace my boyfriend brought back from Europe with him - I wear two necklaces a lot so wearing both just seemed obvious and I like the way it looks. Add my white bag and white shoes and the look was complete.

This is one of my favourite HOT day outfits. How do you dress when it's hot?