Hello everyone! I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted. Although I knew I was going to be busy last week what with a hectic work schedule and a visit from James, I had planned to schedule some posts for the week but, of course, things never go entirely to plan do they? As mentioned in my last post, The Glitter Vixen has had a makeover and so far everyone seems to be liking it as much as I do which is ever so pleasing.

Now, today is 1st July. All "oh my god, where did the rest of 2013" musings aside, this means I am now halfway through the challenge I set myself of a two month spending ban. My first post about this can be found here and today I just thought I'd update you all on my progress. I'm pleased to report that so far, so good! For June, I haven't bought any makeup, skincare, clothing or anything that really, deep down, I know is not necessary. Even though E.L.F have a 50% off offer on right now, even that hasn't managed to make me cave. The shoes I've been scouring eBay for the last few months popped up and yesterday, I let the end of the auction pass me by. I'm really quite amazed at myself and very proud.

Granted, there are still things I need to improve on. I haven't cancelled my LoveFilm subscription as I just love it too much, but £4.99 a month is hardly a bank breaker when I haven't been spending hundreds on fashion and beauty as well. My worst area is food. I still continue to spend and spend and spend money on food before,after and during work; a lot of which is chocolate, crisps and energy drinks rather than anything good for me. If I wasn't doing this I'd have a lot more money and I'd also probably be feeling a lot healthier. I'm positive that when I come to the end of my ban in July though I'll be able to say I've even improved in this area. Fingers crossed! New month, new start and all that.

Perhaps the best part of my forced two month shopping ban has been feeling a shift in my attitudes. Last time I attempted a spending ban, I was stressed and agitated - I wanted so much, I was so paranoid about "missing out" and this ultimately led to my failure. This time though, I'm seeing how important it is not to spend, spend, spend. I've been watching my savings account grow with delight and even my current account doesn't look too shabby - well, it's not in minus money anymore so yeah, definite improvement. I just feel more mature - while I still want more makeup than a girl could ever get through in a lifetime I can refrain from purchasing it all because I finally feel like it's more important to save up for a deposit so I can move out again. This will ultimately make me a lot happier in the long run than owning the entire Benefit catalogue of products and I'm glad I've finally clocked onto this. I've even found myself thinking of what I can buy when my ban is over - but don't worry, I'm not going to go back on all this. I've been wanting a juicer so I can make myself some healthy juices to get me started on the healthy eating and if I'm not buying makeup and clothes constantly, I'll actually be able to afford this.

However, I will never give up shopping entirely - I love it too much! Luckily for me, when my spending ban is over I've found a great way of saving money while still allowing myself a few treats here and there. Lovemyvouchers.co.uk is a fantastic website I've teamed up with* to bring you some excellent offers from all your favourite shops! I was delighted to see big names like Boots, The Body Shop, Miss Selfridge and many more. There's also lots of names on the website I don't recognise and I'm looking forward to trying out new brands with fantastic offers on. Why don't you take a look today? There's a great widget on the right in my sidebar to get you started. The best part is, you too can have this widget on your blog. Make sure you mention my blog URL as your referral if you do :)

Overall then, I'd say the financial habits side of my "Operation: Improved Lifestyle" are definitely headed in a direction of success. Sadly, my healthy eating isn't going so well and because my eating habits aren't fantastic, my exercise routine isn't what I'd like it to be either. I'm going to work harder though because I don't want to be this lazy lump who stays in bed all day every day unless she's in work forever. I have too many goals and plans for that!

* although I have not been paid for this post directly, I do receive commission on any purchases made through the voucher code widget in my sidebar.