As I've been wearing the Revlon Balm Stain in Honey 6 out of 7 days recently, I thought now was as good a time as any to review it! Although the Revlon Lip Butters blew up the blogosphere, every time I went to buy myself one, I'd swatch it and decide it wasn't quite right. Then came my new job and almost daily access to a Revlon stand and the still highly talked about (but not quite as much as the Butters) balm stains caught my eyes. Initially it was the shade "Darling" with its lovely lilac packaging that caught my attention and I decided "Crush" too needed to make its way into my collection. Yet, when I went to purchase them, these two weren't in stock. I remembered admiring "Honey" on another blog so Honey became the One.

I love this lipstick so much. It's almost verging on perfect. It was not however, love at first sight. While I have   never disliked this product, I initially found that it didn't leave a stain. Funny really, seeing as stain is in its name! I've since decided though that to begin with, I just wasn't paying attention because there's definitely a stain. Sadly I don't think the stain colour is as nice as the colour on first application. However, it's still a nice pink and it's still there after a long shift at work so I'm not gonna complain as I like to have some colour there. It doesn't hold up too well after drinking or eating though so I'd recommend a top up afterwards.

So, pseudo-negative stuff about the product aside, I can now sing the praises of this product. The colour before the balm wears off is just beautiful. A delicate rose pink with a nice amount of shine to it. It's my perfect day colour and I turn to it day after day after day after day for work and well, any occasion. There is a very subtle minty taste to the product that I like and the balm is quite moisturising. Reapplication is needed to keep your lips feeling moisturised though. The packaging is fab too - it's twist up so no sharpener required (a new pet peeve of mine, although I loved Topshop Secret Party I'm now furious I can't use it as none of my four makeup pencil sharpeners fit it!) and I like how the colour of it is appropriate for the product inside. This is actually my first foray in the Revlon brand and I have not been disappointed.

Have you tried these balm/stain hybrids by Revlon? If not, I recommend it!