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Although I wanted to finish my Vixen Thinks mini series about feminism this week, I've decided that this topic is much more pressing and I just need to get it out of my system now. I'll go back to feminism next week!

This past week or so in Britain, the weather has been beautiful. We're talking bright sunshine, hot temperatures, a distinct lack of rain. You can't walk anywhere without smelling BBQ wafting from people's gardens and a huge amount of flesh has been on show. It has even seen me push the boundaries with how short a skirt I can get away with at work. Summer is here people! 

And yet, after what felt like the longest Winter ever, with people right, left and centre complaining about how cold it was, how horrible snow is and so on, people are now moaning about how hot it is. Err, what? Look, I know it's meant to be the "typical British thing" to complain. I know that it's practically expected of us to never be happy with the weather, BUT WHY IS THIS? Personally I am not proud to be British if we're a nation of hypocritical moaners. No way do I want to be associated with that. I'd much rather be perceived as a very positive person who can see the bright side of every situation. Definitely not an horrifically annoying person who complains vehemently about one thing, just to continue doing so when things finally change. 

This weather is beautiful. While I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions and preferences and Winter might very well be their favourite season (and that's fine, mine is Summer!) I'm just sick and tired of logging onto social networking sites to see a constant stream of negativity towards the weather. It is bringing me down being surrounded by so many miserable people. First of all, it's really not that hot. It just seems very hot in contrast with the rest of the year. If you think this is hot, please head closer to the equator and then tell me your opinions. Secondly: life still goes on. People still make it to work. Cars and public transport still operate. If anything quality of life has improved as we're more inclined to spend time outside in the fresh air, we're more inclined to socialise at things like barbecues and generally speaking, people are happier when the sun is out. So why are we complaining? I understand it can be unpleasant; my hay fever is shocking so I am running on minimum sleep at the moment and oh god does the bus stink on my commute! But I don't let my thoughts revolve around this. I think about all the things I love about Summer!

I will admit I don't like Winter and I do groan a bit when snow is mentioned, but again I don't let my negative thoughts about Winter consume me. Snow looks pretty. Christmas is coming. I can wear my fabulous collection of coats. I can wear my boots. See? It's not hard to turn a negative into a positive. Yet no doubt these people who claim to hate summer so much will no doubt be doing the same again when the weather turns cold again. It will snow and the country will grind to a halt and there will be complaints galore. I'm really not looking forward to it but hey, I'm gonna rise above it and continue trying to see the bright side of every situation. I'd hate to be as negative as you!

What about you? Are you as sick of seeing negativity everywhere?