Today I have another offering from the B. Makeup Range to share with you. This time it is one of there Colour Intense Lipsticks in the Shade Cupcake. Cupcake is a lovely, bright blue toned baby pink and it's simply gorgeous. Although one I reserve for special occasions rather than every day, I still think it's a daring yet wearable colour and I think it would look great on a range of skin tones.

The packaging of this lipstick is different to any other lipsticks I've got in that it clicks into place and is nigh on impossible for it to fall off accidentally. While with most lipsticks you just pull the top off to use it, with this you press the bottom of the lipstick until it clicks and then you are able to slide the stick out. Useful for those of us who are scared about losing a lipstick lid in our bag but I actually don't like the packaging so much - I find it's a little plain and also the tip of lipstick always gets smushed even when you wind it down and I think this is because of the clicking mechanism.

The lipstick itself is great though. I adore the colour and it does feel quite moisturising on the lips. While it isn't as great as balm, it's definitely one of the least drying lipsticks I've ever used. It's a shiny formula and looks almost like a gloss but with absolutely no stickiness. It's also very pigmented and reasonably long wearing, I can get a few hours wear out of it before reapplication is needed although I've found it doesn't stand up to eating or drinking so well and more reapplication is needed if you're doing a lot of this.

The B. range is on promotion at the minute so now is the perfect time to check it out, I really recommend it!